A Stingy Man Always Has Projects At Hand

I read this on my dashboard from a search that landed on wives connection. To me, all men always have projects all year round every year. Men can be very very busy in life and workaholics who hardly get satisfied with their achievements.

 They tell you "this is
the last, after this project, I'll get some rest" but while that one is on completion, they are starting another or thinking what next?

I don't believe a stingy man always has projects, rather he leaves that money stashed up somewhere so no one will know he has.
How true is the title of this post? Do you believe it?
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  1. Yes I agree!!! A stingy man hates to part with money cos he always has excuses of one project or the other.

  2. Anonymous10/23/2013


  3. Anonymous10/23/2013

    So true.

  4. Not true... A man with a seen project at hand is not stingy..

  5. Anonymous10/24/2013

    It means a stingy man always gives excuses of having a project at hand but he may necessarily not have one at hand. Whenever u ask him for money, he would say he has a project!


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