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Bitterlef Soup Cooked With Segga Cocoyam Flour By Luchi

Ingredients SeggaCocoyam flour soup thickener Palm Kernel or Palm oil

Because My 54 Year Old Mother Scratched His Car?

Hello aunty eya, My name is *******.please don't show my name and number.I'm married with kids and I'm very young.My dad is a medical doctor while my mother is a teacher.

the problem is that my father still beats up my 54yr old mother at the slightest opportunity.The last one was last week when he hit and broke a rechargeable lamp on her head because while

My Husband Always Accuses Me Of Cheating

Hi, irily love ur blog. And i know its not good to cheat on one's
husband. But in my own case, iveneva cheat on my husband but he
alwaysacusing me of doing so.(He said i am beautiful and knows many
men will always run after me) And recently my neighbor dat used to
take my kids to school

Which Is The Best Method For Serving Swalloow With Soup

Hello Aunty Eya and WC peeps, kindly help a sister out. I am a Cameroonian married to a Nigerian man who loves to swallow with soup a lot. He has not complained about my serving

How To Cook Egusi Soup With Sweet Bitterleaf And Cow Head

Egusi soup with sweet bitterleaf is one Nigerian soup that gets better with age. This soup tastes better after a few days and it

Check Your Weaves: Worm Infested Hair In The Market

Irene Myangoh, a personal assistant working at a law firm in Nairobi went to an upmarket hair salon along Kenyatta Avenue, and spent more than N5,500 on a human hair weave. Two weeks later she started suffering from severe headache that would not go away. She would wake up with severe headache at night.
She went to a private

The Height Of My Patience, Did I Decide Wrongly?

Aunty Eya good morning...I've not been able to sleep  cos of this issue on my do you cope with a step sister who is just out to spite you? step sister came to live with us 11yrs ago..she is 27 and I am 21.I've tried to exist wit her cos we share the same room.

The problem is that she can hardly stay up to one month in peace with me....she may just come back one evening and start putting up an attitude. When I greet her, she murmurs back..or not answer at all, starts throwing things around just to make you angry..I took to ignoring her whenever she starts..but she will still wait for me to initiate  peace.. I don't know why she is always angry at me.

There was a time it

My Sister Just Moved In With My Family, Her Dressing Is My Fear

Hi Aunty Eya, my name is...... I am a regular on your blog. I comment
as 28 year old mother of four or sometimes anonymously. Please I would
like to remain anonymous. I need urgent advise before I mistakenly do
something stupid.

My sister who I am very close to moved to my house. To look for a job
and help me out with the kids while at it cos finally after years of
searching I am


Dear readers, both Ladies and Gentlemen, please stop and read this before moving on to the next post. I got this link from pinks last week but could not open it. I just did this morning and am sharing in a hurry. For images, you have to visit the site jaw breakers.

***As I type this, my skin crawls and there are goose bumps all over me. I don't know now if I regret opening and reading but the information is worth .

My Sister"s Religious Practice Is Beginning To Create Problems Between Us

Hello Eya and WC visitors. Pls your useful advice is needed in this situation.

I'm a 28yr old working class lady and live in my parents' house due to family ties(mum is late). I share the same room with my 21yr old younger sister who's yet to get a job.

I understand it's not easy for my younger sister who is presently

Information On Aliexpress Online Shopping Delivery To Nigeria

ALIEXPRESS ONLINE SHOPPING TO NIGERIAGood day Madam Eya. Please could you help me post this kinda urgent. 
I want to find out from WC readers if they have shopped from this online seller "Aliexpress" and if they actually deliver to the home of the buyer.
I saw great stuffs from them and they are affordable but am afraid

Should I Accept This Baby?

Hello Eya and WC, thank you all for everything I have learnt through this wonderful blog and that is the reason I chose to bring this matter here. 

My family is relocating to Lagos from Abuja, we have two kids, boys and the Doctor has advised against another pregnancy. Like a miracle or I don't know what to call it but just  yesterday, neighbors became aware we are relocating to Lagos and just behind our compound is an uncompleted building. We always knew

My Fiance Refused To Go For A Genotype Test

hi aunty eya
Please kindly post this for me
I will like to be anonymous, I met this guy seven years ago, although we started as friends, after six months of friendship we started dating, I'm As genotype, which I told my guy, and I asked about his when I agreed to date him,
he simply reply he is AA. 

After about three years into the relationship, he told me that his friend who

My Struggle With Alcohol Addiction, What Else Can I Do?

Hello Aunt Eya,
I honestly didn't want to send this but I figure there maybe people out there who are struggling with what I'm about to share with you.
I'd prefer to remain anonymous- many thanks for your discretion.

I realised this morning that its been 8 years since I've struggled with alcohol addiction.
What begun as a douse to a heartbreak I suffered in the University (a 3 year relationship that crashed rather brutally when I realised my cheating

How To Cook Tasty Afang Vegetable Soup With Fried Crayfish

This is not the first Afang soup post on the blog, there are so many vegetable soup posts already. I decided to add this because I like the sharp taste of fried crayfish in vegetable soups. This method of cooking vegetable soup gives a unique rich taste.

Some people boil Waterleaf or squeeze out the green juice before
adding to soup, well, I don't and it has never hurt us nor changed the taste of my soups. I wash and add waterleaf at the same time with other vegetables cos I can't afford to let my veggies over cook or lose their nutrients. 

Like I always say here, after adding veggies, it is best not to allow the pot boil for long cos that will make your soup watery as the vegetables will bring out all their juices while boiling. 
Serve vegetable soups fresh, green and a bit crunchy.

Ingredients For This Afang Soup:


How Do I Combine Hubby Staying In Nigeria And Education For Two Years In The UK With A Child?

Gudday aunt Eya...I'd lyk to remain ANONYMOUS.
God bless you and WC members for all I learned on this blog. Please I need Godly counsel...I'd like to have a 2nd degree in the UK or Canada. 

...due to the nature of the course( Radiography) I studied in school. It's new and only 5 universities offer it in Nigeria.
Reality is I don't have enough funds yet and unfailingly by Gods grace I'd b getting married next year. BTW hubby to be is in support.

I need counsel on how to bring this dream to a reality knowing that there's gonna be a child as soon as possible.

A Happy Marriage/Relationship Is Just GoodLuck

So many good women and even men find themselves in sour marriages while those you think should never get married are seen flourishing and living the "happily ever after" Who says getting a good husband or wife is all about being good? Vigilant, being a virgin or being overtly submissive? Luck is involved in the happenings of events and situations in this life. Haven't you seen very good girls who read all the great books on marriage while still single, get all the counselling that is needed, even teach other singles what to do to get good husbands, however, when their time comes, they make the gravest mistakes. Or have you not seen very rough runz girls who sleep with every lecturer at college, jump from one guy to the other, visit all the night clubs in town and live like there is no tomorrow having the best and sweetest marriages? Good children and comfort all round?

Luck is one ingredient that is necessary in life. Without it, all your hard work may just yield very p…

Why Women Are Abused

Good evening Aunt Eya, please help me to post this, I found it difficult to reply on your blog especially on the topic about God hating divorce. I noticed that a lot of people seemed to have something to say about divorce being the way out of an abusive marriage. In as much as I would not tell anyone in such a situation what to do, I want to say this for the benefit of the unmarried people. There is no such thing as out of the blue, neither is there smoke without fire. Before you get married to a man who is abusive, he Most Definitely would have showed signs that hint at it, but most at times women are blinded by the so called love, or feel they have to grab their copy now cause men are scarce. This is wrong, when a man shows signs that undermine the women, make reference to their superiority as males, even down to the way they treat their mothers and sisters is enough to tell if a man has abusive traits. 
This is something I got from

The Bitter Sweetness Of Motherhood

I got a text message on Sunday right out of church that a colleague of mine had put to bed. The text read ‘thank God, our little angel has arrived’. To say I was elated was an understatement as I was relieved (on her behalf), that the journey of nine months had come to a beautiful and productive end. Pardon me! Did I just refer to the journey like that? It was the journey of nine long, inexplicable, incomparable, joyful, painful, unbearable months. I called her immediately to congratulate her, I quickly said a prayer or two for the baby and that was it, I hung up. I can imagine she would have gotten more calls, visits, gifts, prayers, words of advice from the experienced and also the not so experienced mothers. On getting home, I started out preparing for the week and it struck me that ‘really, with my colleague, that was it, a call, text, thought, prayer, and gift’. No one can really prepare you for motherhood, no one will tell you about all the sleepless nights, no one can really mak…

How Do I Get My Ex To Leave Me Alone?

Dear Aunty Eya
                I dated my ex boyfriend for 3 yrs and during that time, we loved each other so much that it was so painful when he accused me of cheating on him just because a friend of his told him a rumour he heard about me.

 (This was the same guy that has once told him that he resents our relationship because he couldn't find that type of love). He didn't even let me defend myself and I was so heartbroken. By the time he reasoned with himself and did some investigation on the issue, I have already lost interest in the relationship. 

He begged and did everything possible to get me back, but I couldn't stand to look at him anymore and so it ended. Not more than 3 months after I left him, I met this wonderful man who I am now married to.
Everyday I look at

A Stingy Man Always Has Projects At Hand

I read this on my dashboard from a search that landed on wives connection. To me, all men always have projects all year round every year. Men can be very very busy in life and workaholics who hardly get satisfied with their achievements.

 They tell you "this is

Introducing Our Volunteer Contributor, Human Rights Lawyer Fisayo Aransiola

Fisayo Aransiola is a Human Rights lawyer and development worker.  Her main focus is in the rights of women, children and other vulnerable groups. She firmly believes in the worth of womanhood and is an indefatigable instrument of empowering the African woman. 
She is stoutly influenced by

Nigerian Unripe Plantain Porridge With Meat And Fish

Unripe plantain porridge is the best for those trying to reduce sugar consumption and it's very healthy for everyone. Some people can't eat unripe plantain cos it's not sugary but Healthwise it is what our bodies need. If prepared with the right ingredients, it is very tasty and if we can eat yam and irish potatoes then eating unripe plantain shouldn't be a problem. 

It can be mashed and served to
babies being introduced to solid foods.

5 cups peeled and chopped unripe plantain pieces
1kg dried bush meat
2 medium sized dried cat fish
5 cups of water to start with, you can add more while cooking and stirring
Salt to taste
2 knorr cubes
1/2 cup palm oil
1 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup locust beans (Dadawa)

I added vegetables to the plantain porridge recipes published before but didn't add to this. This meal, when cooked with goat meat gives a very yummy aroma. Adding scent leaves makes it best for women who have just given birth as they eat and drink the porridge sauce. …

Tips For Families Trying To Conceive

Good day Aunty Eya. Want to appreciate you for the good work you are doing here, especially with food recipes and procedures, my hubby looks forward to coming home to a new mealeveryday. 
I know it's not easy, God will reward you beyond your comprehension. 

Can you please make a post

How Many Kids Are Ideal For A Modern Nigerian Family?

Hello Aunty Eya and WC please I need you to help me make my mind. I am 24, got married in August and contrary to what hubby and I agreed upon during courtship, I think I want more than two kids but he doesn't want to change his mind. I actually saw it as very classy having just a boy and girl to show around but now that I'm married and after our last Reunion with my siblings, I don't know

My Ex Shattered Me Emotionally, Now I Am Scared. I Need Advice

Dear Aunty Eya, 

My name is T.......... and my number is 0*************. How are you and family? Thank you for giving people like me this avenue to share our thoughts. I'm 22 and just got into a relationship with the best man ever. I mean so far, he's everything and more I asked God for. 

The problem is

10 Steps To Getting Your Child To Stay In His Own Bed

Families who are transitioning away from co-sleeping or even those who are new to dealing with a child who won’t stay in his own bed after moving to a toddler bed that’s easy to escape are no stranger to the challenge that is mastering the full night’s sleep. There are as many reasons why kids won’t stay in their beds as there are kids themselves, and as many motivations for coming to find a parent after waking abruptly as there are sleepless nights. Finding a method that works for your family may require a bit of trial and error, but with a bit of dedication, you’ll find your child sleeping the night away in his own bed before you know it. Find the Root of the Problem – The first step to getting your child to successfully spend the night in his own bed is to find out why he’s having trouble doing so in the first place. Some kids will get out of bed at night because they’re afraid of imaginary monsters, other because they’re simply awakened by something and aren’t able to self-soothe …

Handy Tips For Every Marriage And Relationship

I'm a reader of this blog and I love what is goin on here. Below are some tips that will come in handy in every marriage/relationship. as you read through,you will even discover that you already practice some of them without even knowing it! The amazing things about love and all the wonderful things that are associated with it is that,we really want to

How To Cook Beans And Corn Meal With Fresh Corn, Help

Beans and corn meal can be very filling. I posted one before, cooked with sweet corn. This time I wanted the real thing with fresh corn but .... I refused to take
pics of the cooked and served meal cos while beans was overcooked and all broken and soft, the corn was not very well cooked and I don't know what went wrong.

The fresh


I got this from Eniee and just have to share:
*A store that sells husbands has just opened in Zimbabwe, where women may go to choose husbands. 
Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates.

"You can ONLY visit this store JUST ONCE!"

There are six floors and the attributes of the men increase as the shopper ascends the flights. There is, however, a catch .. You may choose any man from a particular floor, or you may choose to go up a floor, but you cannot go back down except to exit the building! So, a woman goes to the Husband Store to find a husband .

On the first floor the sign on the door reads:

Floor 1 - These

A Must Read - What Does The Stay At Home Wife/Mother Do All Day?

I I saw this at Romance Meets Life, laughed until I said to myself ... WC readers need to share in this laughter abeg:
 A man came home from work and found his 5 children outside, still in their pyjamas, playing in the mud, with empty food boxes and wrappers strewn around garden. The door of his wife's car was open, as was the front door to the house and no sign of the dog, walking in the door, he

I Have A Friend From The United States, A Woman Of God...

Hello Eya, I have a  question for you, can I ask?
Well i will go on, i have a friend from the US, a woman of God and we love ourselves and I believe we will engage soon, she is by age older than me about a difference of

Congratulations To Wives Connection Warri Chapter (:

Wow, this is good news. WC  readers in Warri have moved a step further. I am so happy for you guys, you beat us all to it o. You are already checking up on yourselves and Debbie is so appreciative of how you guys are beginning to care for yourselves there at Warri, God bless you real good and I have to say that you guys are an inspiration.

Thanks for

The Relationship Between Domestic servants and Their Employers, I Need Tips For A Seminar

Hello Eya, I just found your blog on Google and read some past posts and comments. The advice on the blog is so on point. Your commenters are truly awesome and real. I also checked on Google for what I need but couldn't get the exact tips I wanted.

A church in Lagos has just invited me to come teach on the relationship between househelps and their madams. I need your readers to

It Takes Faith

I don’t know how to say this, came the trembling voice at the other end of the phone, then it followed with silence. During those split seconds, I was reminded of how the mind works and how 5 seconds could seem like forever. I was made to think about several things; asked myself several questions and it seemed like I travelled back in time to correct a particular wrong. The scream of ‘hello, are you still there’ jolted me back to reality. I eventually managed to say the words, ‘please tell me exactly what the results are; it can’t be that

Happy Eid To All Our Muslim Friends

Have Fun Celebrating this day and please remember to take pics while cooking and frying the Ram Meat o. Some of us like mua ...need

How To Cook Fresh Catfish Stew

FRESH CATFISH STEW RECIPEFresh fish stew is very easy to cook if one knows how to avoid stirring the fish while it cooks. The best way I do this is cook the washed fish in a different pot, cook the tomato stew in another pot before pouring into the cooked fish and leaving to simmer until yummy. Even those who

Is It This Hard To Bring Up Kids?

Hi Aunty Eya pls help me post this before I run mad oh,thanks for the previous Lunchbox but only find Rice as food there,my son don't like any of others,thought I will find more food cos they stay at school longer. 

Pls my fellow Mothers, is it this difficulties I face that others face to bring up children reason is cos I have TWO children,age 2+ and 1+ and expecting the third by God grace next year but the type of headache this two gives me oh lord my God,I'm always sick, shouting from morning to night,the worse part is that they climb

I Need Advice To Accept A Marriage Proposal From My Muslim Partner

Please hide my identity dear Eya.  A friend of mine told me about this blog and I have read some of the posts and find it entertaining. I am a young woman of  31 years and have had several disappointments with relationships .

 I recently met a guy that is so gentle, loving but a very religious Muslim, he just proposed to me and needs my response ASAP. I love him, like his person but don't know if I can marry a Muslim .

 I don't think the marriage will work cos of our different religious background. But he said he will allow me to go to church when we get married but

Kim Kardashian's Mom Separates From Hubby, It's All Her Fault

Long before this news broke out, I had suspected that Kris and Bruce Jenner were really struggling in that marriage, especially Bruce. It was so obvious. If you watch "Keeping Up With The Kardashians", you will see it clearly. Bruce is the one that has been taking it all from his wife, the one that has been down trying to see that this marriage works.

I started feeling long ago that Kris lost respect for Bruce her husband and wanted to continue having her way all of the time never caring about her husband's feelings. 

She wants the youngest girls Kylie and Kendall to be home schooled because of the show and money deals while he wants his girls to go to college and it's always what she wants that stands, WHY?

Imagine the man of the house being pushed until the only space he used freely in that big mansion was the garage. She complains when he

How Do I Advise Her Please? I Need Tips

Hello, Aunty Eya good morning and WC. Please help. There is this my uncle’s daughter living with me that is giving me a headache. She doesn’t know how to organize anything. Even her own room is as dirty as a mad woman’s room. After eating, she will leave the dirty plates and start playing. Even to sweep in the morning when she wakes up no way. The worst thing is that when she is having  her menses, she soaks her underpants and everything in the bathroom with the blood till the following morning and the whole place will start smelling. 
She urinates and leaves the toilet without flushing  and when asked, she will say she forgot. She is just too dirty. And this is somebody that has started having boyfriends. 
She doesn’t have a personal

Where In Lagos Can I Do This Test Please?

Hello Wives Connection,

I am  a male reader from Lagos and I need help from others who live in Lagos too.
 Please I want to know where I can do the test for

All My Ladies Are AS Genotype Like Me, Can Sickle Cell Be Managed Abroad?

AnonymousOctober7, 2013 at 12:25 PM Please I want to know if taking care of sicklers is demanding even in the western world. All the ladies I get attracted to for marriange are AS like me and I feel really frustrated as I should be settled down since 8 years now.  The recent one happened just last week when

Find 10 Words That Begin With "Ann" And Mean Yearly Or Per Year

Hi Anty, pls help me post this asap! A little boy has this homework to do and am to help, I need 10 words that start with ann and means yearly or per year. 

We have found only annually, and


Hello Eya,
My name is kay, I just stumbled on this blog a couple of weeks ago and find it very interesting, informative and entertaining. However I need advice from this great community. More grease to your elbow. I am married with lovely  twin daughters barely one year old. I have a good marriage and my husband is God’s gift to me, God’s way of saying “my daughter, you don suffer for men hand, take this one as compensation”. He is very nice,loving, neat,God fearing, patient and understanding. However, he is veryBORING. I’m someone that loves to

I Caught My Husband Bathing Naked With My Younger Sister

AnonymousSeptember25, 2013 at 2:29 PM Aunty eyaplease I need an advice. I caught my husband bathing naked with my my younger sister. And he refused to