Suggestions Please: Working From Home

Hi Eya,
The response from my previous post was tremendous. We now have so many
options in Igbo names to choose from but we're praying on it for GOD'S
choice. I thank you all so much.

Eya, like the proverbial Oliver twist, I've another request. You
see, I would love my wife to

have something doing once she's done with
With this pregnancy. We are kind of lost on what kind of business she could
do from the home front that wouldn't tie her down considering the fact
that we have a baby to bring up.

 Even if it means her spending some time
on apprenticeship,we don't mind. Please could you post this on your wonderful blog
for some positive suggestions from the house. May I add that she has a
passion for buying and selling women stuffs.


  1. Hi Poster, I had a friend who during her maternity leave would go wound the various offices selling corporate dresses for the staff there. If you guys have one car you can leave the car for her or she can drop and pick you off so that during her free time she can be making the rounds. She just needs time to go to the local market to select nice corporate attire like shirts, skirts, office dresses ect and then sell it for a profit.
    Another suggestion is that she can enroll in a baking school and learn how to make pastries like meat pie,sausage rolls, rock buns etc so she can be selling from the house. Infact she doesn't even have to go to a baking school she can learn from the internet and practice a lot she will be perfect
    Visit to read my experiences as an African living in the US

  2. Anonymous9/25/2013

    At this stage, it'll be difficult for ur wife to learn a handwork considering the baby n coupled with the fact that she'll b learning under a boss that might not allow her to attend to ur child when she needs to. It'll slow things down for them n babies need all the time in d world. I'll suggest u set up something for her no matter how small if u can n it should be close to ur house. I think its best 4 everybody.

  3. Garri business is serious business now oooo...

    Have you considered that?

    1. Anonymous9/26/2013

      Lol...Ace u smoke dry shit? O'meme

  4. As for me, I already perceive(for now) that my career(coz of it's nature) will be on hold till am done with childbearing if I must fulfill my dream of giving my family especially kids the best of my time, so am dumping my helmet, boots, structural plans etc and embracing a more subtle/convenient money-making route. I registered with FMGroup (I market from home to my family,friends and church members). Good thing is, even as am not marketing properly now, am still making money from commission coz its MLM. I also hand/machine knit baby things and sell. I taught myself handknitting using free online tutorials. Baby stuffs are fast to knit, for instance I just knitted a fine set of mustard booties for my son today under two hours of knitting and watching movies.
    I like sewing(got a machine) but learning now seems like a whirlwind coz of breastfeeding.
    She can do FM and clothing as someone suggested

  5. Anonymous9/26/2013

    Please Debbie what is FMGroup, and what is it about

  6. Anonymous9/26/2013

    Debbie pls throw more light on the FMGroup.

  7. Anonymous9/26/2013

    Am not Debbie, but am also an FM distributor based in Lagos. It's a short form for Fedorico Mahora, a company that produces beauty products like perfumes, make up, home care products and car care products. To become a member, you register with a certain amount and you get the catalogues of all the companies products and a bottle of classic perfume and of course a kit that contain 20samples or 150 samples of their perfume depending on ur plan. So, after registration, u are automatically a distributor. The company gives u a commission on each product you buy and also on each person u introduce to the business. Their products are nice. Just browse Hola at me if u wanna register. Small kit for #6815 and big kit for 14800. 1500 for delivery if u live outside lagos or ph. Smell good and get paid. FM. Ignore any typo pls.

  8. Anonymous9/26/2013

    Contd... The 1500 is for waybill to any part of the country apart from lagos and ph as these towns have FM offices. The company is in poland. You have a lot of incentives to get from the business.

  9. Hmm! am loving this FM thing. is it a kind of network marketing. can I have their contact.

  10. Anonymous9/26/2013

    Emmanuel, where are u residing? If you are in Lagos, go to shop D11 shoprite mall, surulere, if you are in ph, go to plot 200 Rumuogba Estate off Aba road. However, you need a sponsor to be able to register. A sponsor is a person who will send ur request to the company. One good thing about this is that, even if u can't afford to buy any of the kits, u can decide to be a recipient. You just pay 1500 and get all the catalogues and you start buying their products at a discount like any other distributor, but the downside is that, you can't be a sponsor, dat means the company won't pay you commissions and you can't register anybody under you. You just make your profit from selling the products, shikena. But, as a fully registered distributor, you get ur profit from selling and also your commission from buying each product. Other incentives accrue to you as your level grows. Incentives like cars, Ipads, an all expense paid trip to polland and any other part of the world the company wishes to take u. Log on to and check the variety of products. If u need me to be your sponsor, I would be glad. Am just an unemployed gal trying to make ends meet. See you at the top. (phew! Wat an epistle). Sorry pple. Forgive any typo plssS.

  11. Anonymous9/26/2013

    How can one reach u 4 sponsorship? #fmchic

  12. Anonymous9/26/2013

    how can one become a sponsor? pls

  13. Anonymous9/26/2013

    You can reach me on 08189937933. To become a sponsor, you have to first of all register and become a distributor. Then, you can start introducing and registering people under you.

  14. The Anon has done great justice to it.
    Believe me when I say FM is the in-thing. Nothing comes easy but if you put your mind to it, you won't regret it.
    You can reach me on or 22EE8FD8 for further details and follow up.
    If you'd like me to sponsor you which I'd love, my I'd is 195019498

  15. Anonymous9/26/2013

    Debbie sharp girl! A beg throw everything in the open before the Anon will chance you. Hehehehe. After all you said it first. hehehehehe

    1. Anonymous10/04/2013

      I dey feel Debbie jare! Lol


  16. Anonymous9/27/2013

    Lol. Anon 11:36pm, you are funny. We are one honey. The most important thing is that we are creating awareness about our business and company. *winks*. Debbie, how is it going? Hope you will go for the FM independence party? #fmchic.

    1. Can't make it. Just had a baby last month and am doing exclusive plus other things. Next one hopefully.
      Biz has been good, I just need to step up coz I moved to a new place

    2. Anonymous9/27/2013

      Oh, Congratulations on your new bundle of joy Debbie. I wish you all the best too. I will be going sha, cos I need to get some things that pple ordered. It ain't easy, but we keep pushing. Congratulations once more.

  17. Anonymous9/27/2013

    debbi hi. am really intrested o. how so I go about it.

    1. You can text or call me 08184248402

  18. Hi Debbi, im adding you right away, thanks for this info cos I've been looking for a business to do alongside my job and this sure sounds like what I can sell. hurray!

  19. Hi Debbi, im adding you right away, thanks for this info cos I've been looking for a business to do alongside my job and this sure sounds like what I can sell. hurray!

  20. For the FM, check out
    Call 08184248402


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