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Good evening.How is the family? May God continue to bless the works of your hands(AMEN).Just help me post as anonymous,thanks.
This post is about a friend of mine.She's about 32 or there about but she's not dating anyone presently.She's been working with this Chinese company for the past two years and mind you,her salary is not up to 52,000 naira per month with no benefit and ever since she's been working,she has never gone on leave.

She even goes to work when she's not feeling fine because
anytime she's absent from work,no pay for that day no matter what happens to her.I have advised her to leave the job that it's more like a slave job but she's thinking about how she will survive the aftermath of no job or sitting at home syndrome because she doesn't want to go back to her parents place.

Moreso,this job is inside the bush because its a construction site.And if you ask me her job responsibilities at the place of work,it's just making photocopies and she's sent on errands (just like a secretary's job per say) and she studied geology.

The issue right now is that where she's working hasn't added any value to her CV and even to her life because most people have told her that she can't find a spouse in such a place because she only comes to Lagos(her parents abode) twice a month,during the weekend,starting Friday and she leaves Sunday to her work place.

I even advised her to go for deliverance because she's never been in a relationship and anytime anybody promises her job,they will just stop helping her for no reason.She even recently told me that she had a dream where she's told that there's a mark on her forehead and she should go for deliverance,in the dream oo.Pls your candid advice shall be appreciated.I informed her before posting and she gave me the go ahead! One love WC!


  1. Well obviously she nids 2 go 4 deliverance. N I inderstand y she won't wana leav D job she has @ hand witout alrdy havin an offer. She shld turn 2 God 4 ha personal issues.

  2. Anonymous9/14/2013

    My candid advice let ur friend move more closer to God cos his a God of mercy ,pray and fast like neva b4 and she can find and go to a good church like CAC,MFM etc for delivrance during d weekend or rather let her discuss dis issue wit her mom u knw mother dont jokes wit tins like dis it is well wit her in jesus name. Hallyshally

  3. Anonymous9/14/2013

    How can you advice her to leave her job as if you hav a better offer for her. Do you even know how difficult it is to get a job in the first place?. Pls let's talk reality abeg. No matter how bad your job is, Never leave unless u have another better offer. So u advice her to leave and sit at home while ghosts pay her bills abi? Na wa for you and your friendship.

  4. Anonymous9/14/2013

    As a friend, help her out, get her CV and distribute for her.. You can also match make her with a good guy you know... Help her out poster.. What are friends for #wink#
    I miss Adhaisy shall


  5. My advice may sound strange! While there are very few Ideal job in Nigeria, there shld still be some sort of Job satisfaction. Ill advise ur friend to quit her job, after considering many factors.

    1. If u are frustrated and genuinely unhappy at ur place of work, it adversely affects u. Ur output, emotions, social life, psychology etc. U become easily irritable even in relating wt pple. You are still young to become a stranger to urself.

    2. If u've saved fairly enough, start another job hunting. U may not get a better paying job, it cld even be slightly lesser than the current one, but like the popular saying 'if one door shuts, another opens'. Sometimes, we become too comfortable in a particular place, we become monotonous and less versatile and a change is all u need. Truth is that, the amount of energy ull put into looking for another job wld be more when u are out of a job.

    3. Some circumstances can push one to become myopic and limit ur self esteem and capabilities. Even if she mustnt work as a Geologist, being under employed like ur friend is(judging by job functions, not salary) is traumatic. She shld start aiming higher and believing in herself.

    Above all, she shld commit evrything to God in prayers. Her fears, her wishes her pains and re-evaluate her situation. If she gets the conviction to leave, she shldnt be afraid to take the step. Change is good for her at this stage. Who knows if her miracle awaits her at her next location. Cheers

    1. Anonymous9/14/2013

      Tanks evrione for d advice.The problem again is dat they were give a quarters where they can b staying becos d job is inside d bush,but the problem is that the lady she has been staying with has not been givin her peace of mind because she was d first to be allocated the room and she's like a boss in the company.The lady has tried to no avail to b given anoda room but the lady alwaz use her power so as not 2b given a room.if she wants to enter the room 20tyms,she must not 20tyms or even more,she also said d lady doesn't switch off d TV till about 12 or 1 midnight dat in short,she doesn't have peace of mind there.I tink I can reason with JO and mind u,am not a bad friend dats y I brought the case here to seek for advice.Tanks. POSTER

    2. Anonymous9/14/2013

      I meant to say the woman my friend is staying with is wicked becos if my friend wants to enter the room,she must alwaz knock even if its 10tyms per day.My friend has been trying for anoda room,but the woman makes sure she blocks my friend so as not to b given anoda room,expecting her 2leave d work out of frustration!.she fights her and even slapped this my friend recently.I told her its spiritual becos nobody wants to help her 4job and @her place of work again,d woman dislikes her lyk mad. *sorry 4d typo* POSTER

  6. Johnson9/14/2013

    Apart from God, the help you need in getting a job is to persevere and don’t have the ‘no one is willing to help me’ mindset. The jinks of joblessness, over your friend, is already broken as she’s already working - though it’s not what she wants. Most of us are asking for more... Something better is available if you keep trying…
    On Deliverance – the 1st step is to get born-again (2Cor5:17). With this, she has the legal grounds to break every hold of the enemy, renouncing ungodly vows, breaking soul ties, renouncing word curses, breaking generational curses, etc…

  7. Anonymous9/14/2013

    As 4deleverance she shld go n then draw closer to God. She shld also start setting money aside so she can start a small biz fr there a gd job might come up. Cheers.

  8. This shouldn't be a blog matter... If all of us post our persona tori... Space no go dey hia again.

    BTW, who says getting married is still so fashionable, not every1 will, & it doesn't make her or her life less normal.

    As per the job, she studied geology and earns 52'k... There are petro-chemical engineers earning 25'k in this current rule -and-loot naija!

    God's time is the best... Stop the search for miracle, you call it deliverance but at the end na miracle worker una go dey search for.

    don't make ur life google search or ultimate search?


    1. Anonymous9/16/2013

      Hmmm Ace! i like ur comment

  9. Anonymous9/16/2013

    Any work is better than no work, and if she is in the bush as you say then her expenses should be low, so she should be able to save more. 32 is still very young. All she has to do is stay healthy spiritually, mentally and physically and save her money. How you know that the same job in the bush is not where God plans to send her a husband? Does she not have any ally in the company who can help to push her forward so that she can make better use of her degree? If I was her, I would work on forming one influential ally in the company, so that even if she left she can be assured of a good recommendation.

  10. Anonymous9/16/2013

    God speaks to us in diverse ways and one of the ways is through dreams. Let her go for deliverance as instructed in the dream so she can remove the evil mark on her head. But first she must draw near to God, be born again. All other things will follow.
    After this she can tell God what she wants for herself and he will bring her out of her bad situation. Those troubling her will amount to nothing.

    Miracles do exist, if you believe and expect, it will happen to even you. Believe and expect!

  11. Ace I missed u so much,welcome back...


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