Interesting Bridal Shower Ideas

Hello Aunt Eya,

Please help me post this.

My friends and I have been trying to plan a bridal shower in Lagos for our friend. We seem

not to have arrived at anything conclusive. I decided to ask the wonderful WC peeps, who seem to be good with wonderful ideas.

Please share your ideas/venues (most likely on the island), with names (where applicable), websites (where applicable too) etc. Thanks dearest peoples. JaY


  1. Jazmyn9/18/2013

    Me I have a question. When people bring presents for a bridal shower, do they still have to buy wedding presents for the wedding day?

    1. Interesting question. BS gifts are for the bride only athink. Wedding gifts are the couple. So..

  2. Anonymous9/18/2013

    Just look for a nice hotel and use their bar as venue.

  3. Anonymous9/18/2013

    same here

  4. I think u can use a hotel, or hotel apartment. Because it will be inside and u can relax be free, play games and all then later on decide to go to the bar or something to dance and unwind. You can check benin apartments, its close to law school, adjacent ice cream factory.

  5. I guess it depends on the feel you want, if you use someone's house, the event will be more 'homely' and you could all make a list of what you'd need, like food, drinks, etc. with each person choosing what to bring.
    If you choose a venue, the guests would just pay for food and drinks for themselves and you'd contribute towards general things like the bride's food, games and cake if you want.
    Either way, a nice venue is Yinyang and the staff is really nice and helpful.. Not sure the exact add but I know its on Omega Bank Avenue, Off Adeola Hopewell, VI

  6. Thanks guys for all your ideas. Loving the hotel apartment idea. Will check out the Yinyang and Benin (opp ice cream factory)places. They shouldn't be far apart at all. Thanks y'all.

    1. Anonymous9/18/2013

      Seems uv gotten venues, but u still need fun stuff u can do, rite? I suggest evryone talks about d bride,hw she met her,what she thnks of her and stuff, maybe u seatin in a roundtable, start frm d 1st person n go round. Then d bride can talk about hw. She met her hubby n hw he proposed n ppl can ask her questns. Its fun.

      And note, dr must be a moderator, someone to designate duties(like tell smone to pray) manage time,etc. Anyone of d girls can do it, probably smone dat knws d bride more. Phew!


  7. Anonymous9/18/2013

    Also have some fun games you guys can ask the groom questions about himself and answers and then ask the bride the same questions to see how well she knows her groom. There are so many games just google bridal shower on youtube to see some vlogs from people and get ideas of fun stuff to do.

  8. little suggestion is this,know how mAny of are frds are planing the BS with you then list the stuffs u will nid like cake,bridal crown and cape,little horns for her frds,drinks,snacks,standing ballon to decorate the venue a little.when u find out how much this will cost then u gals can tax urselves .for my frd's BS we use the place on the island,they gave us their bar/club area and we bought drinks from them then poured roses on the was really fun with the truth and dare game .Note whoever wants to eat can buy their food from there and pay.

  9. Thanks for the ideas guys. Y'all are the bestest!

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