Does This Have To Do With Trust Issues?

Good evening Madam Eya and the wives connection family. I just want the opinion of the house on this please. I have a boyfriend that loves  M̶̲̅ε̲̣  and I love him too. 

We get along pretty well, hardly have quarrels and when we do, it doesn't take long for us to settle things. 

The problem now is that whenever he picks
up my phone, he goes to my chats with other guys and reads them. I don't complain but isn't it somehow considering the fact that I get to tell him everything??? Please, I need your views on this issue.


  1. Maybe you should be having this discussion with him

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    2. Anonymous9/11/2013

      Hi @ That African Chick, please can you do a rewind to the post "Not All closed Doors are..." and show a sister some love by offering a little advice.
      I posted within the comments section because my emails are all really dysfunctional, can't say whether someone hacked in and changed my password or what.
      Also, @ Mama Ijebu, pls show some love to a sis, thanks and God bless you all.
      Love your blog @ That African Chick. :)
      Definitely a devoted reader.

    3. Anonymous9/13/2013

      Pls what's ur blog called, tried searching but only ur profile came up.
      Mrs A

    4. Hi Mrs A, sorry I didn't see this earlier. The link is

  2. I always wish post as this bears the ages of parties involved. Ill risk an advice. It cld just be a harmless act. Curiosity, fun or lack of security. Funny though, its usually the other way round I.e girls who are most guilty of this. Ur friend may have no harmful motive for this although it cld lead to unnecessary suspicion in future. Let him know ur fears, except he goes thru all ur chats not just those from male friends

  3. Anonymous9/11/2013

    I do not see anything wrong with that, except u're hiding something. But then, if you're not comfy with it, do let him know. Air ur views in a manner that will not seem disrespectful...#waiting 4 mama ijebu#


    1. Anonymous9/12/2013

      You know, Omalicha, no offense but your comments always has a subtle, underlying sting.
      You should watch that, makes me feel you maybe a provocative person in person or just plain bitter.

  4. Anonymous9/11/2013

    I don't see anything wrong with that, except u're hiding something. However, if u don't feel comfy with it, air ur views (in a manner that will not seem disrespectful)...#waiting4mamaijebu#


  5. Anonymous9/11/2013

    Exactly, tell him you need ur privacy. If its not often, then it's ok... Have the discussion with him plss


  6. Eya dear, ur blog is on auto delete of comments o. I've posted twice and can't find them again after seeing them initially#vexing

  7. Post as this, I always wish the ages of the parties involved are mentioned. Ill risk my comment though. Ur friend cld be doing it for fun, insecurity but its usually common wt females not males. The only danger I see is that it cld probably lead to lack of trust or misunderstanding some text. It cld be just idle curiosity for him but then I wonder why he doesn't read all chats but just those from guys. Discuss ur fears wt him. Like I said, it cld be nothing.

  8. Anonymous9/11/2013

    Hi Everyone!
    Please, I hope you don't mind doind a rewind to the post "Not All Closed Doors...." and giving a sis a lil advice- I posted within the column section- Email isn't functioning so I sought a way out, hope you do not mind.
    Do have a great day ladies and God bless you all and all yours!!!!!

  9. Anonymous9/11/2013

    Aunty eya!

  10. Anonymous9/11/2013

    poster dnt worry. Focus on buildn d relashp pls. Dnt mk it an issue pls. If no skeleton in d cupbod why worry?


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