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How To Make Doughnuts At Home, Recipe By Moji

These pictures make it look so easy to make and for those of us whose kids love doughnuts, now we can save. Just like her pizza recipe. Moji really took

My Husband's High Blood Pressure Plus Attitude Towards Me, I Need Hep

Please I want to remain Anonymous. I find it difficult to post on ur blog, pls help put me through.
Pls post this for me.

I am a married woman, and my husband was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, we don't know what to trace it to, though about two years ago he adopted a habit of drinking and smoking which he was not doing as at the time we got married about 6yrs ago. After the diagnosis, he stopped and adjusted his life style which includes low salt intake Regular exercise, rest etc. 

He complains that he does not sleep well at night, cos


AnonymousSeptember 27, 2013 at 2:51 PM Aunty Eya, kindly make this a post for me. Can't get thru to your email.
I was dating a guy a while ago and we havnt seen for close to two years and all of a sudden he comes into the country this week and insisted on introducing himself to my mum last night. I was a bit hesitant but I had to allow him.I think he is going to propose to me. Infact I'm sure of it. I am 28yrs old and I belivits time to get married. People have started being on my case about it too.
The problem now is that while I lost contact with

Homemade Pizza From Scratch, My Second Attempt

This pizza was made during the holidays using moji's pizza recipe. The kids enjoyed it so much that even with the large size, it didn't last till evening. I didn't eat not even a bite but

Independence Giveaway Sponsored By Zophra

This Independence Day is going to be fabulously celebrated with our necks and hands beautifully dressed by the World Class Zophra. 
About Zophra:
A ladies fashion accessory company based in

My Husband Is Considering A Divorce

Hi aunty Eya,help me post this as anonymous, I'm a mother of three and expecting the fourth,this fourth pregnancy is disturbing me a lot and always makes me feel  tired and stressed up but hubby will only say sorry standing.

  Now, he is saying that he is considering a divorce since I'm not happy with the marriage. Honestly,he makes sure I don't

Which Network Is The Best/Worst Telecom Service Provider In Nigeria?

Hello Madam Eya, good morning. I know that you bloggers make use of all these networks and can tell which is performing and which is not. If you can help me, you don't need to publish this on the blog. 

I am

Why DSTV Nigeria Always Searching For Signal? Can't It Be Upgraded ?

Hi Eya, first of all I have to thank the wives connection family for all I have learnt on this blog. I have been on leave for the past three weeks and just decided to chill at home this time around, read blogs and watch all my favourite movies and series.

The rains have been on and on and with the number of years multichoice has been in this country and the zillions of Naira made, how come we lose signal whenever it rains? Even with just a little cloud, one cannot watch TV again, the whole channels start searching for signals and this leaves one bored and frustrated. 

I live in Nigeria and do not know if that is how it is all over the world that when it rains, televisions start searching for signals and

What Items Do Women Love As Birthday Presents?

Hi Eya,
My wife's birthday is coming up on the 14th of October and she's been
singing it to my ears on a daily basis. Really I want to sweep her off
her feet with unimaginable surprises but

Should We Believe In Love At First Sight?

Good evening Madam Eya  A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊  the wives connection family. Just throwing this question to the house. 
Do you

Suggestions Please: Working From Home

Hi Eya,
The response from my previous post was tremendous. We now have so many
options in Igbo names to choose from but we're praying on it for GOD'S
choice. I thank you all so much.

Eya, like the proverbial Oliver twist, I've another request. You
see, I would love my wife to

Post Natal Care And The Nigerian Cold Water Story

Aunty Eya&my fellow WC readers gud evening o! Please I wld like to know the reason behind why it is compulsory in Nigeria to stay away frm anything cold. 

You are being advised by our mothers, friends & family to stick to only hot/warm water. Some even go as far as telling u that it congeals d blood thereby leading to the death of d person. 

Whilst abroad, you are allowed to

Am I Gaining Too Much Weight?

Good morning,Eye I'm lindadaniels,a friend of mine is 26weeks pregnant,and was weighing 55kg(before pregnancy) now she's weighing 70kg.

She doesn't eat

Can I Sleep On My Stomach While Pregnant?

Hello WC, I know this a question for my Doctor but I haven't yet done antenatal registration cos I'm only eight weeks pregnant. I intend to talk with my Doc when I go to the hospital. For now please, I know there are Doctors and health personnels and even more experienced mothers on wives connection that's why am bringing my issue here. 

My mother forbids me

Do Women With Irregular Periods Have Difficulties Having Children?

Good day anutyEya! Pls hide my detail n publish my mail!I am a regular reader of your blog, and have gained so much from it. May God bless you and ur blog readers! 

Pls I have  this

Sapele Kpomo Sellers Pumping Kpomo Fat With Embalming Fluid?

Hello Aunty Eya, please inform your Sapele readers that some kpomo sellers were arrested for injecting their kpomo with embalming fluid before soaking in water to make the kpomo look

So Heartbroken About Hubby's Infertility Issues, What Do I Do Now?

Please I need you to publish my story as soon as you can before I lose my sanity.

I've been married for two years without even one pregnancy; not even a miscarriage. We found out last year that DH has very low count/motility and the Dr said there's no hope for natural conception. 

To cut the long story short, DH has been on several drugs but our Dr asked him to stop smoking and alcohol which

A Sad Housewife Needs Advice

Good morning Aunty Eya, pls help me publish this mail on your blog so i could get as much advice as possible. It's a long one but I will try to cut it short and p-ls hide my details alot of my friends and family come on this blog too lol I am 26yrs old and I have been married for 4yrs now with a daughter who is 3yrs old. My husband and I always have misunderstandings for obvious reasons, he is a chronic womanizer, very insecure and hot tempered. 
I really want to get done with child bearing as we both intend to have 3kids but our sex life is nothing to write home about, he is

How Much Fruit Is Good For Daily Consumption

Hello Aunty Eya,
                    Please,I need to be enlightened on the intake of fruits,I keep hearing it everyhere and there that fruits make one stay healthy,I really do not like eating fruits that much,but I want to be forcing

He Said They Said

Of course, I don come again… I’ve been trying to keep my weight under check as each visit to the stores reveal the obvious I really don’t like, to me. I know it’s just lack of discipline as I’ve been working on that theoretically for a while now. There is this new gym in my estate and the funny thing is that

10 Essential Baby Items For New Moms

Good morning Aunty Eya, Hello WC, please I need help ASAP. I am due in two weeks and I just realized that the list from the hospital has only items that would be needed before and soon after delivery. 

Baby Items the hospital will make use of. This is my first and am not sure what the must-have items are for a new mom. I don't want to make the same mistake as my cousin who out of excitement bought so many unnecessary baby items that she never got to use. I

Interesting Bridal Shower Ideas

Hello Aunt Eya,

Please help me post this.

My friends and I have been trying to plan a bridal shower in Lagos for our friend. We seem

Discoveries After Traditional Marriage, Is It Too Late To Call Off Church Wedding?

RoseSeptember17, 2013 at 4:28 AM Dear Aunty Eya, pls help me to publish this so I can get advice from people.
I have written before but it was not published.

My name is Rose, I am 30 yrs old. I got married to a man I dated for only 3 months this January. The bride price was paid by Jan and we are planning for our traditional and church wedding by Dec and we have been living together since then because of my job.

The problem now is that I have found out that we don,t have so much in common. We argue almost everyday because he always has this feeling that I want to show him that I am a graduate. He rejects any suggestion I bring and tells me that he may not have gone to school but he knows he is better than me. I try all I can to let him know that it dosen,t matter if I am more educated than him but he already has this believe that educated women are full of themselves and will always want to control their husband so he has decided to turn down any suggestion I bring so that he will be in c…

Is Shea Butter Good For Baby Skin?

Hello Eya and my able Wives Connection, please I need help. I had no problem with my first baby's skin. My second is barely one month but developing rash already even with the


Good day Eya and trust You are good! 
Here's another I saw on FB. Can't find the source either!

"A couple was watching a Premier League match together. After five minutes:

Wife: Is that Saint Obi?
Husband: No. He is Michel Obi. Saint Obi is a Nollywood Actor.
Wife: Michel Obi is smart. He should be in Nollywood movies like his brother.
Husband: He

Mum Would Not Allow Me Complain About My Husband To Her

Eya, Do you mind sharing this? Saw it somewhere and thought to share with WC.

My husband and I disagreed about something. I did

He Wants My Friend To Come Visit, What Should She Do?

Hello Aunty Eya and wives connection,Happy Sunday. A friend of mine wants to go and meet a guy she has been talking with for weeks now,she said one of  our friend's hubby introduced her to the guy and the guy says he really wants them to meet because the person that introduced her to him has said a lot about her and he wants to see for himself. 

He has been

Wife beater: How Do I Tell Mum To Leave Him Now? I Need Advice Please

MY HORRIBLE LIFEGood evening aunty eya,my story is a very sad one and it has taken a while to post this. I am 19 years old and since the day I Knew little things, I have seen my dad beat up my mum,he is a fighter,everywhere he goes he fights and embarrasses us and comes home to he claimed he prayed and promised God not to touch my mum but the witchcraft shifted to my aunt(he beat her every time till she left)and when we try to help he beats us as well.
My life is a horrible one and whenever I'm not home,I'm the happiest.he is a self righteous man...thanks to him we all are loners and can't have friends not even my mum.
He pretends to church members and paints the perfect picture but starts to

I Use The Toilet Once In Two Weeks, Is This OK?

Goodevening Aunty,trust your well.pls do you mind posting this for me.
Am a lady,in my early twenties,have a problem with my digestion.I eat healthiy,stay off from a lots of carb,I only indulge myself with rice and that's becuause it's my favourite meal.

I usually defecate after a week or two weeks at times.

Kindly Suggest Igbo Names For Baby Boy

Hi Eya Ayambem, 
Just browsed through your blog and am wondering if you could suggest some Godly Igbo names to me and

Electronic Devices Replacing Hardcover Bible In Church.

Hi Anty, pls I will like people's opinion on your blog about Ipad and other electronic devices replacing The Hardcover Paper Bible in the church. Do we call

Hubby Tried To Sleep With My Help, Now Refused To Eat My Food, Should I Be Worried?

Hello Aunty Eya. I beg to be anonymous. I ve been married for 5yrs now wit 2 daughters. My mum gave me her best help ever who loves my kids like her own sisters, treats me and my hubby with a lot of respect. 

She has even stuck her neck out and took all d blame for sometin I did in anger in order to save my marriage(not cheating thou). She is indeed a nice Christian too. 

Just last Saturday, she told me that her family was coming to take her away. That was when I discovered that my hubby has been asking her for sex, touching her etc. 

The one that happened on

Thank God It's ...

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I couldn't check my mails till this morning. So sorry.

TGIF Its official let your hair down day for a lot of us who don’t work weekends. What are your plans? I have a ‘swaggerlicious’ wedding to attend tomorrow but can’t

Please Help My Friend With Advice

Good evening.How is the family? May God continue to bless the works of your hands(AMEN).Just help me post as anonymous,thanks.
This post is about a friend of mine.She's about 32 or there about but she's not dating anyone presently.She's been working with this Chinese company for the past two years and mind you,her salary is not up to 52,000 naira per month with no benefit and ever since she's been working,she has never gone on leave.

She even goes to work when she's not feeling fine because

Should Yam Be Boiled With Salt, Sugar Or Both?

Hello Aunty Eya and Wives Connection Fam. I boil yams with salt but now that new yams are

Do You Think Khloe And Lamar Odom Should Get A Divorce?

Oh Well, as a fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians #YesAmFan. I became a fan when I realized that THIS SHOW is more real than most reality shows we watch. I don't like fake, for me, If it's reality then let it be real.

Now to

Where Did We Lose It?

Hello Eya and WC visitors. Pls ill like mature analysis of this mail. No teen aged reply(not just by age,even from adults). Forgive me if my tone may sound harsh cos I'm  practically livid by an incident and I'm usually a calm person. Here goes:
My neighbour and friend is off for Omugwo at her first daughters house in another state, so she begs me to pop into her house once in awhile to be sure everything is ok. She has four more kids aged 21, 17/17 and 15.(Boy, boy/girl(twin) and girl). My neighbour and I are very good friends and have mutual respect for each other. I'm also not the type to judge people, I have her consent to publish this cos she's also a WC visitor.

Now one day, I go over to her house by late noon and after asking welfare and all, I'm surprised to learn that the kids are yet to have lunch by 4pm. What's the reason? Shock: the 15yr old daughter whose is supposed to cook is

Can Hepatitis B Be Treated Completely?

Please help me put this on your blog (will like to remain anonymous) a very close relation has just been diagnosed with hepatitis B virus and it's like his whole world is torn apart; 

He is a Doctor, married; so I'm

Does This Have To Do With Trust Issues?

Good evening Madam Eya and the wives connection family. I just want the opinion of the house on this please. I have a boyfriend that loves  M̶̲̅ε̲̣  and I love him too. 

We get along pretty well, hardly have quarrels and when we do, it doesn't take long for us to settle things. 

The problem now is that whenever he picks

I Need Help With My Baby

Good day anty Eya, hello WC family,u guys have been fantastic and I have learnt a lot fromdisu guys. please I need help with my baby.

My 4mth old son is always putting his

Not All Closed Doors Are Bad

Have you ever wanted something so bad but met a closed door? Sure you prayed about it really hard, even had to fast about it so much but the door remained locked shut. Well, welcome to my world. I’d like to share a story with you as regards closed doors. “I had my life planned out before me and the next step in my books after my BSc. was Masters in the UK. In my books, I had to work for a while to raise at least half of the tuition and I worked rather hard for a young girl and raised the required £4000 in about a year. By June, I had paid the initial

Child Marriage: An 8 Year Old Bride Dies Following Internal Injuries

He who has ears, let him hear now.  When I saw this, what came to mind was #childbride.

An 8-year-old girl identified only as “Rawan,” died following internal injuries she sustained on her wedding night. The young girl was forced into married to a groom who is reportedly about 40 years old.

Made In Nigeria Apple Computa


Any Remedy To Salty Soup?

Please what is the remedy to a salty soup?
please I need an answer urgently. Thank you very much.

Can I Move In With My Husband After The Traditional Wedding?

Hello Aunty Eya, please help me ask WC a question that has been bothering me ever since my elder sister's traditional marriage.
Six months after their marriage she still lives with our parents because her church doesn't believe she is married until after the church wedding. 

They keep postponing the church wedding cos of funds. I advised her to

Before You Say I Do

Hi guys decided to share a few of my thoughts on this issue this is owing to the fact that so many people get it wrong and eventually end up sad. Lemme give a short analogy to explain the entire point I want to make. Imagine two daughters have the same father daughter A holds her fathers hand and asks  him to help her when its time to cross the gutter, he does exactly that and she crosses it safely, daughter B decides to cross on her own, as she crosses it she falls down she cries out to her father and he will certainly come to her aid. But will coming to her aid change the consequences of the fall? NO Well it's the same with marriage no matter what you need Gods direction to enable you sail through. Marriage is so important that the devil is never happy for you to get it right. The ultimate key is seeking Gods face, find out his plan for you first, single ladies pls single hood is not the time to be desperate but the time to develop capacity, for marriage. 
Ladies you are so preci…

Kitchen Tips For Treatment Of Bad Palm Oil

Bad palm oil can change the taste of any kind of dish. No matter the ingredients used in cooking, once bad palm oil goes into a pot of soup. That soup is gone. I bought a gallon of palm oil yesterday, when I got home and opened, it tasted very bad. I sent it back, it was changed but the second gallon still smelled and tasted bad. I got tired of sending back and tried my old trick and like magic it worked perfectly.

Palm oil on its own doesn't go bad just like that. What causes the bad smell and taste is

If Given A Chance To Choose Your Parents

Hello Aunty Eya, good evening and how are you? I am a reader and strong blog commentator  that would love to remain anon for now.I saw a question somewhere and really wanted to know what readers responses would be but was surprised no one left a comment. Can you please put it up let's see what others have to say.

 For me I

Excessive Farting After Giving Birth To Baby

Good day Aunty Eya. 
Please I have a little  problem. Ever since I gave birth, I'vebeen having this excessive farting problem. Messing, gassing all over the place. I pass smelly

The Black Woman, Our Hair Isn't Good Enough?

Good evening Aunty Eya, how is your family and WC doing? I am a reader of your blog who leaves comments anonymously. I can't give out my ID because of the type of job I do. There is an issue I have kept inside me for so long but would want to table on this platform. There is something about hair weaves; Brazilian hair, Indian Hair, Moroccan Hair and so on. They are easy to style and maintain. They give  a posh kind of look to any woman that wears them. Women look good on them.

I have done everything I

I Just Found Out She Is Into Drugs, Can I Change Her?

Hello Eya, please I need advice from your blog. There are times as a man I take decisions without having to think twice, there are other times I just can't think of the right thing to do.

 I need both men and women on the blog to help me take an urgent decision. Please put up my question for readers.

What would you do if after two years into a relationship

Ofe Ukpom Recipe (Garden Egg Leaf Soup) By Zinny

Hello Eya! Trust u are good. I'm a crazy cook, can spend the whole day cooking and experimenting new recipe when I have the time. I've learnt some new dishes on WC and have always wanted to contribute but I'm constrained by

How To Make Yoghurt At Home, Tired Of Buying Funny Tasting Yoghurt

Hello Eya how are you? Thanks to you and other readers for the ice cream recipes on the blog. Please can you ask my fellow wives connection
readers to

Can Ugu Leaf Induce Abortion?

Good day Aunty Joy Ojay, please ma I will like to know if Ugu leaf is
Good for women trying to conceive. Because

Leaving This Company, Is It A Betrayal?

Good day Eya,
Please I need advice from you & your readers.
I have been working for a company that is so good to me (though I have been with them for just 3 months). They got me a good apartment of up to N250,000 did the furnishing & the pay is good. I love this apartment & I never knew work could be stress-free until I joined them. Honestly, I have had peace of mind since I joined them. Everyone is just nice & it's a happy family I see here.

The problem now is that I

Mosa And Dodo Gizzard By Mrs Morgan

Good afternoon,have learnt so much from Wc so I deem it fit to share this Mosa and dodogizzard recipe with the house,it's one of the small chops we long for@occasions.

Recipe for Mosa
Very ripe plaintain
Ground pepper
Maggi cube
Shredded fish[optional]
You blend d plaintain to smooth,add your flour and other ingredients mix till smooth leave for 10min to stand after which u deep fry.
Dodo gizzard Recipe
Ripe plaintain
Green pepper