Let Tonto Dikeh Be: Judge Not

I visited The Superwoman blog this morning and read this. It made me sober and I felt it won't be a bad idea to share with you guys. Read on:

read with great distress tonight, a story by blogger Linda Ikeji in which she stated that Nollywood actress/musician Tonto Dike had attempted to commit suicide some weeks ago. She stated that the picture (shown above) was Tonto's way of sharing what happened with her fans on instagram. I read this with great distress because like many other Nigerians i have always found it easy to diss and laugh at Tonto mainly because i have been led to believe that she really doesn't care. 
When i read this story tonight, i thought to myself 'Tonto is human after-all'.

I lay no claims to knowing the exact thing that may have happened to push her over the edge so much so as to attempt suicide, but i must admit that i realised tonight how tough it must be to be Tonto.

In her own way she struggles just like anyone else to be successful at what she does, she tries to lay her hands on new ventures and gives it her best shot regardless of what anyone says. Isn't that what we tell ourselves all the time? If at first you don't succeed, try again, and even when you fall pick yourself up and try yet again? Objectively speaking this is who she tries to be, that woman who sets goals and tries to achieve them regardless of what any body thinks, that woman who tries to

define her brand in new ways that just do not conform to our standards of normalcy. Do this actions in any way make her less human?

It must really be tough to be Tonto Dikeh, a woman heavily criticised by fans as well as colleagues, probably largely unsupported by friends and of course majorly harrassed by disapproving family members. I can imagine her wanting to go a day without reading or hearing some negative comment about her person, while knowing that to achieve the goals she has set for herself this negativity is the cross she must bear. 

How long can we go on laughing at and criticising one person just to make our days a little more interesting? How many of us can honestly say that we have achieved in our chosen fields what she has been able to achieve in hers thus far?

I have no intention of going on and on with this, I have been guilty of hating on Tonto and there's... READ MORE ON HER BLOG.

Tonto Dikeh is a strong woman afterall. Whether we approve of her ways oir not is ot my cuppa tea right now but the fact that she keeps her head up high and just does her thing whether people like her or not is worth commendable. For a woman to be this strong? While we keep saying she doesn't give a damn, she doesn't care care about what anyone says, let us not forget that she is human after all and deep inside f us, EVERYONE wants to be loved and accepted.


  1. I do not bliv dt rubbish. Tonto? Suicide? Tori of life. Tonto is an attention seeker doing wht she knws hw 2 do best.

    1. My thoughts too. Tonto Is a fire-spitting woman who doesn't care what anyone has to say about her. So where did the suicide attempt come from?

  2. Anonymous8/12/2013

    Yes I dnt believe it too. She was probably high wen she attempted to take her life. Besides from everythin dt has happend to her, I don't tink it shud make her want to take her life. And the attention and heat hasn't been on her recently so y wud she attempt to kill herself. If she had done dis after she released her first two singles 'hi' and 'its ova' maybe and jux mayb I will believe dt she tried to take her life cos d heat was too much on her. She is jux a drama queen.

  3. I feel bad for her, she must have felt really low to think suicide was the only way out... The sad thing is that even if this had ended tragically (thank God it didn't) people would feel bad for a day or 2 and continue with the insults and hurling of abuses online for no reason.
    I personally don't like her lifestyle but I respect her hustle and have never insulted her online. People need to draw the line between a person's life and their work. Yes, she's an attention seeker but It never killed anyone to keep a rude comment to himself and keep it moving.

  4. @ Ivy it might be true o. That's the problem most of us have. When someone cries for help directly or indirectly, we dismiss it. To me this is a cry for help from Tonto. Whether it is for attention seeking or is a cry for help. No normal person admits to attempting suicide when it is not either way, she needs help.

    Unfortunately, the bullying aint about to stop. It's just part of life. A lot of people attack Tonto cos they find her ways offensive and think she is happy with her life and lifestyle irrespective of what they say, so they add more hate and venom to their words to see if she will break.

    I personally am indiffernt to Tonto. I dnt break a sweat when I see a post about her. I just dnt feel anything particularly towards her. However I feel she is a very good 'performer' stage wise and I like her songs 'Jeje' and 'Musically fit' (with Terry G...not sure of the song's real name.)

    Pls she needs Jesus in her life.. I still believe it's demons that cause one to want to commit suicide. They take people's offensive words and actions and put it on ur replay in ur mind...while they amplify the 'merits' of dying to you. They make it seem a lot less painful than it actually is. They also make you feel guaranteed to go to heaven. Too bad. Most people after they hang from the noose, or are falling from that window...or stab themselves or have taken poison...realize in the minutes they start to die what a stupid mistake they had made...#true story

  5. That's her earthly business!

  6. She shd just go and see a shrink(mental health professional).

  7. We all av critics, some people will not just like you no matter what you do. Its part of life. But she always cussing and abusing people even her colleagues. She emits rough and crazy attitude which generates most of d hateful things people say about her. Even people are that are reserved av haters.

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