Fish Casserole By Chizzy

A serving of fish casserole with rice
Hi,everyone,I'm Chizzy,a silent reader of WC,I really love variety and when I saw the post on
fish casserole by Deborah's Friend I decided to try It out.

2 Ginger
2 cloves Garlic
5 medium sized Tomatoes
5 small Pepper (ata rodo)
1 large onion
1 medium sized Catfish
1/2kg Beef
1 teaspoon Curry

 a pinch of thyme
3 Cabbage leaves
1 medium Green pepper
3 small Carrots
5 to 6 Runner beans
Vegetable oil.

Cut all your veggies. Then I boiled hot water to wash the catfish,reason I did this was because of its usually slimy. After that I boiled it with the beef which I already diced. I added curry and thyme and seasoning,I'm not trying to promote any brand but maggi chicken cubes does wonders for me. I blended the tomatoes,pepper,with ginger and garlic and one bulb of onion. when the meat and fish got boiled I noticed

that my fish was a little bit overcooked **can't watch** this was as a result of the fact that the water I used to wash the fish was too hot.
   I put oil on in a dry pot,when it got hot,I put in my diced onion and fried it.then added the blended paste. after it was fried for about 10 minutes,I now added seasoning. then added the stock from the meat and the beef.I didn't add my fish so it won't scatter.  after the stock had blended well into the stew,I added all my veggies (green pepper,carrot,cabbage,runner beans) this shouldn't get over cooked o!cos vegetables are best eaten fresh and that's how u retain the vitamins.
 I boiled rice,and then....yummy!lol,this actually tastes better than it looks. I didn't have time to take professional pics. pardon me please.

Blending tomatoes, pepper, ginger and garlic

Blended vegetables

Catfish in hot water

Boiling beef

Boiling catfish with curry,thyme and seasoning

Green pepper, carrot, runner beans

Cabbage and onions

Vegetables for fish casserole

Frying onions in oil

Adding blended paste to seasoning


Cooking the blended paste and seasoning

Adding catfish to the pot

Adding veggies 

Adding cabbage

Cooking fish casserole

Vegetables cook in the pot

Cooked fish casserole

A plate of fish casserole with boiled rice


  1. Anonymous8/10/2013

    Omalicha baby! Nice but I don't eat catfish. Amaka

    1. Anonymous8/10/2013

      Don't worry amaka,I will make you turkey and gizzard casserole,how bout that? -chizzy.

    2. Yayyy! Don't forget to send it oh. Hehe

  2. Anonymous8/10/2013

    Hottwater on catfish?? Its wrong o cuz d fish is rili soft so d boiling hotwater wld scald the fish. Use lukewarm water nxt time pls Chizzy. Good attempt all d same. Presentation was good

    1. Anonymous8/11/2013

      Yes,thank u time it has to be lukewarm water.

  3. Anonymous8/10/2013

    Nice one girl! But next next boil the meat for sometime before adding the fish cos fish cooks faster than meat.

  4. Wooow! Chizzy thanks for reminding me oo, have been saying I will try it since oo! Nice work, neat, simple and detailed. Thumbs up.

  5. Anonymous8/10/2013

    Nice one chizzy

  6. Nice...I'll try this with chicken.

  7. Very nice. U really tried wella.
    This ur pics are as professional as eva dear so dnt downgrade urself.
    Thanks for sharing. I have bookmarked this.

  8. sarafina8/11/2013

    Can't wait to try this. Now carrot is scarce in the market. Been on d search since yday. Aunt Eya, can I make fried rice without carrot?

  9. Yes Sarafina, use cabbage and other fried R veggies

  10. Yummie! Bookmarked already.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  11. Nice one chizzy. Thanks

  12. sarince8/11/2013

    I think its best to use hot water for d cat fish( not ice fish)it doesn't scatter d fish at all and removes all d slime on d fish skin. Lukewarm water can't do dat.

  13. Samantha8/11/2013

    Niceeeeeeeeeeee. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Anonymous8/11/2013

    I'm loving this blog every day.learning so much.nice 1 Chizzy

  15. Nice but next time less oil

  16. Anonymous8/11/2013

    What is runner beans

    1. Anonymous8/11/2013

      Some people call it green peas.its usually long and green in colour and has like beans inside the pod.I think its completly different from peas.but u shld know what I'm talking about.

    2. Its green beans not green peas dear

  17. loveth8/11/2013

    What is runner beans

  18. Anonymous8/13/2013

    Chizzy, Ʊ can use salt to wash away the slim, just soak ur fish in salty water...after a while, use ur hands 2 remove the slime....ur fish would cum out clean...



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