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Pastor Anselm Madubuko Weds Kenyan Emmy Kosgei. Happy Married Life

Traditional Wedding Pics
God bless their marriage with many fruitful and happy years. See more

He Does Not Want A Career Woman, No Female Friends,Male Friends Or Family

Hello Eya, please do not display my name.have been a follower of your blog wives connections.before I go into details, I was in a relationship with a man who was nice, supportive and caring at the earlier stage of our relationship,during the period of our courtship I got admission into the university which he paid and sponsored me cos am from a humble background.

My parents

Should I Leave Him Or Still Hang On?

Good day aunt Eya, pls kindly post this cos I really need advice from your readers e.g mama ijebu and co.*wink*...                               Am a 25yrs old graduate,and have been dating this guy since my first year at the University,while he was in his final year.

He's a wondeful man,martured,God fearing,humble,caring just name it,but the point is,he graduated like 5yrs ago,he's now 37 bt yet to get a decent job,he's just hustling from one minial job to another,n he's saying we shld get married in our own little way bt I don't also av a job cos I jst finished my nysc and everything just look hopeless.


A Caring Husband Or Woman Wrapper?

I saw this on Agnes Riola's blog and couldn't help sharing.
I think he is such a caring African husband. Madam Enjoy your drink abeg.

Potato, Prawn And Vegetable Stir Fry By Lizzy Obaze

Hello Sis,

Here is the recipe as promised. Like I mentioned earlier there is no step by step guide/pictures. The ingredients and cooking direction is detailed enough to help anyone reproduce this.

Ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, king prawns, new potatoes, onion, garlic, ginger, red and green peppers, scotch bonnet pepper, carrots, cabbage, peas and sweetcorn.
Seasoning: salt, curry powder, dry thyme and flavour enhancer.


* I washed and parboiled the

Thinking Of Skill Acquisition But Confused

Hello Eya,

I had earlier sent a mail that was published on your blog and that's why am not introducing myself again. Pls don't link it with the previous post.

I have been searching for a job for a while now but it has not yielded any result. I went into buying and selling costumes and baby things. Am tired of debt and even insults from small girls while going from office to office looking for buyers.


RE: My Husband And My House Girl. Thank You

Good evening aunty Eya, hope you are fine. Please help me n post this .I  really want to  thank WC Fam for their advice. 

 I was d lady that posted the issue about my husband n my house girl, on July 30th. I later sent her packing, it was really getting out of hand I

Tired Of Ma Wife's Nagging Ways

AnonymousAugust27, 2013 at 6:21 PM I am a blackman tired of ma wife's nagging ways. Bought her a home, two luxury cars and went against Ma beliefs did IVF now am stuck with her and have a son.  Divorce is the only

Now He Wants To Travel Abroad To Go And Hustle

Good evening aunty Eya how is the family? Am sure the girls are preparing to go back to school! It is me .......... again o, after posting my sister'sstory here last week, I invited her over the weekend and told her that she should apply for her annual leave and take a break from it all.

 But she told me she has already started  processing her transfer to the east(where my parents are) and didn't tell me because she knows I won't approve, that she intends leaving her husband in Lagos alone and see is he won't fend for himself. 

You know I told WC fam that hubby said

He Still Likes Me But I Can Be With Another Man?

Dear madam Eya, I'm a regular on your blog, I read stories  and comments from your readers,plz I need serious advice from them also. 

I'm a student and my bf is also a student in d same school. we were living together in school before some of my friends advised me 2 move out because of several quarrels and fights we usually had. He is in his final level now,I ve have been dating him for over 5yrs, even b4 we got admission into d university,he loved me so much,and I love him too,I used "loved"because am not sure he does anymore,I just feel he's using me now.

 We've had a series of quarrels that made him beats me in the past, he couldn't

Can I Revenge Just This Once?

Hello Aunty Eya and WC, my husband has done some nasty things to me in the past and I never for once tried to revenge. He doesn't even bother to say sorry tor. If I like let me be angry and frown for a whole week, he will behave like nothing is wrong until I get over my anger and just carry on with life.

This one, now if I don't revenge, I won't be happy. Hubby and I work in the same office. We come home in the evening, he

They Are All Still Very Much Around Except One

Good day!
 Hope this mail meets you well. Though you might not be conversant with me, I am a regular on your blog.
 Plus, I am not sending this mail for you to publish or for it to generate arguments of any kind. I just wish to know some things.

 For some weeks now, I have noticed some particular persons' absence on your blog (wivestownhallconnection), people like ace bentley, ahdaisyjayde, some great anonymous and of late my personal person- Deborah Bala. I want to know if they have ported to your new blog( I have forgotten the name of that one).

 I will also want to know why ( I know it's none of my business) but some of us learn a lot from these people and always look forward to their take on issues. I understand why you had to open a new blog but can you @ least advise these persons to still grace your old blog with their presence or let me know the new blog so that myself and my friends will stop visiting the old blog.
I look forward to your response.
An admirer!!!!

REPLY: These…

I Am Confused: Should I Tell Him Or Not?

Goodd afternoon Anty Eya, 
I'm a fan of ur blog.I'm scared of loosing him,if I tell him.
 I'm a student,in my finals and am 20+.

I met this guy last year and he asked me out but I dint Accept his proposal because I was once raped by his friend's cousin some years back (thou I

Recipe For Nigerian Garden Egg Stew By Shayor

Raw Garden egg in a kitchen bowl.   I cooked garden egg sauce and thought to share with the Wives connection family. Garden egg stew is the cheapest and yet most nutritious plus delicious stew to cook in this economy. With just a few coins in your purse, the pot of stew is ready and served. Sometimes I remove the skin after boiling, at other times I pound with the skin on.
Ingredients:1 small basket Garden Eggs
a handful Red Peppers
1 large Titus Fish
4 cups Palm Oil or more
1 medium sized Onion
Salt to taste
2 Seasoning cubes
1 cup ground crayfish StepsWash and Boil garden eggs in a cooking pot  (I prefer to boil mine with the yam or unripe plantain)
When garden eggs are soft (the skin would start to peel off), remove and place in a bowl of cold water then start

Application Form To Marry My Daughter

Got this On Facebook and tot to share,  pls don't include my Id.
I _______________ hereby apply to marry your daughter sir.
I am _____ years old
Please answer the following questions honestly
1. Do you go to church?
2. Do you have a degree or diploma?
3. Are you still a virgin?
4. Are you working?
5. Do you have a car?

If your answer to any of the above questions was NO
Do not continue
Leave my house and don't look back

If all your answers were YES
Then continue

1. In 50 words or more
Describe the disadvantages of cheating in marriage

2. With the aid of

I Was So Hurt I Withdrew

AnonymousAugust24, 2013 at 9:50 AM Sorry to hijack this post pls, but I would like ur input on this. situation. I am married for a few yrs now. Initially I did everytin to get close to my inlaws, visiting , gifts etc. But my in-law and his wife didn't send me. No calls, no effort to know me better, the wife, no attempt to draw me close and be friends. I was so hurt so I withdrew.  Now

What Are The Things Intending Couples Should Discuss Before Saying I DO?

Good morning Eya,

Hope your night was fine. I just want to suggest a topic for discussion you should put up on your blog which is

Is Her Husband Insecure? Should She Obey Him At This Time?

Hi aunty Eya,  pls a friend needs my advice soonest on this issue.

She lives in Owerri with her husband of four months. They are married traditionally but not yet in the church. The husband works & for 3years she has not worked.

 Her husband told her to resign from her former work due to stress 3yrs ago. Now she

Are These Gestures Official? Should I Believe My Husband?

Good morning aunty Eya.

Am so worried that I can't even sleep.

I got married on 26th Nov. 2011, to a man I loved so much, I have sacrificed a lot for him before we married to the extends of leaving my sweet job in Abuja just to be with my husband.

Before we got married we dated for 5 years I knew him well. I also knew he cheated on me. But he always apologized on his knees. I loved him and will always forgive.

After our wedding less than 2 years now, he brought home a gift

Cooking Macaroni With Fish Stew And Baked Beans

This macaroni came in when I needed to do emergency cooking. For normal cooking, you can add sauteed vegetables, minced meat or even cook with more fish than this cos if you cook one whole pack of macaroni with this quantity of fish, some will taste fish while others will go without.
Do not cook with too much


Royallux Cleansing Astringent has been reformulated and repackaged for a more radiant, flawless and perfect skin. It unclogs, tightens skin pores, draws out facial dirt, oil and removes make-up easily. This new process leaves the

Can My Bow Legs Be Corrected At My Age And Where In Nigeria?

Good morning ma Thanks for accepting my friend request. Am 25 yrs old and married, beautiful but not confident!
I will like to know if my bow legs can still be corrected at my age It doesn't make me wear what I want to wear And makes me lose confidence in the

Justified Reasons For Pregnancy Termination?

Hi aunt Eya, it's me again (that's if you can still see the old mails I've sent you) please hide my details, and WC readers, no, I'm not planning on terminating a pregnancy, just want to see what people think on this issue.

So I was

I Had A Fall, Tips On How To Use The Escalator Please

Good morning Aunty Eya, I need help from WC  blog.  am a reader  of wives connection who has learnt so much from your blog due to all the advice and food recipes. I need tips on how to use the escalator. I once had a fall and told myself that I won't use that again. It was so embarrassing. Last weekend I gave

I Need Help With Foods That Boost Breast Milk Production

Good evening madam,pls I need suggestion from other women in new boy sucks a lot unlike his senior sister. Any

My Immediate Younger Sister Is Giving Me Cause For Concern

Dear Aunty Eya,
 I'm a silent reader of your blog. I don't normally ask strangers for help but my immediate younger sister is giving me cause for concern. She is just 13 btw. 

I've been away from home for quite some time due to school and when I returned my sister became different. She tells me most things especially about boys and I told her not to have a boyfriend till she graduates from secondary school to which she agreed but she always has airtime on her phone and sends me some ( I know they are not 4rm my parents) . 

I asked her the

I'm Confused About Househelps But I Have A Job Plus 3 Kids

AnonymousAugust 21, 2013 at 12:53 PM Gud day aunty Eya. Pls help me post dis on WC blog. I am a working mum with 3 children. Am trying 2 get a help bt am being frustrated. I've had househelpdatwas 13years but d girl was always making me to talk too much.
I now went 4 d elderly dat was between 50 nd 55,d woman was living with me,@ first she was very helpful but all of a sudden, somebodydat told me she wakes up by 4am will be on d bed till to 7am.I wanted 2 make bitter leaf soup nd she told me she does not know how to pound yam. D onedat really touched me was wen I asked her on my way 2 d office to help me use vaccum cleaner 2 clean my room since there is light then,she jst murmured something suggesting she is not doing it.  Dat was my first time of

WARNING: If You Take Pictures With Your Cell Phone

Technology is good, and while we enjoy, there is a need to think about our own safety. “Warning” If you, your kids or grand kids take pics from your phone—WATCH THIS! This is truly alarming – please take the time to watch. At the end they’ll tell you how to set your phone so you don’t run this risk! PLEASE PASS

I Want A Divorce But My Parents Are Not Happy

I have been married for 1yr 2mths. My husband is a microbiologist, initially read medicine but didn't make it. 

Said he read pharmacy but yet to see the certificate. I knew this before I married him but though

Confused On Colours To Choose

Dear Aunty Eya, Good day. my name is obianuju. i am getting married in Nov by God's Grace. But i am kinda confused on colours to choose for my Big Day. Right now the wedding decor,

Make Pounded Yam In A Food Processor By Onome

Hi Aunty Eya,came across an old post of someone asking for pictorials on how to make  pounded yam with a food processor.Had an old one that I seldom use so I decided to give it a try.this is what I came out with.

NOTE:Yam should be cut in average chunks and let to boil very soft.Food Processor should be set at the highest and left to run .
Water should be added in tablespoons to

How Do I Advise My Cousin And What Do I Tell The Guy In Question?

Aunty Eya, my name is xxxxxxxx and my phone no is xxxxxxxxx but plssssss do not publish any of my information.    Am a silent and an addicted  reader who has learnt so much from wives connection and am grateful for everything. I need advice please and not insults from readers of wives connection. plslets all remember that no one is perfect. sometime last year in November  i met a guy on Facebook, we got chatting and from there it led to a long distance relationship. we were doing good with the chats and every other means of communication, he was really a nice guy and later he started talking about marriage which he told me to wait until he comes back this year august. but before the month of august

He Reports Me To His Mother, What Can I Do?

Good day Eya. I have a problem & am hoping this family can help. I dread travelling wit my husband 2 d village cos every time we do, he becomes another person. No matter how much fun we have, a day b4 we go, he will bring me b4 his mum & tell her  things abt me.

 Things like, ididnt give him breakfast on time, he saw a cockroach in

I'm Still Here

Yes, I have a lot of unachieved goals, dreams and a lot of unattended functions.
I have had my fair share of life with its ups and downs. I have cried, been hurt, been talked down, being crushed, been dealt with several blows, failed, lost loved ones, yet! I have excelled, been loved, been celebrated and been cherished; above all, I have survived. I have hoped after

Should I Advise My Sister To Leave?

My sister has been married for 9 years with 3 kids. Her husband lost his job about three years ago and she has been the one paying their bills. He is so  relaxed now that according to my sister he is no longer looking for a job.
 My sister is fed up and is always threatening to leave him. Recently they started fighting and even went physical. My sister came with her children to my home on friday night with swollen eyes and cut in her lips. 

Yesterday morning her hubby came begging and in trying to settle them I discovered they were fighting over fuel. The husband spent all the fuel watching television during the

Spaghettini With Vegetable Chicken Sauce And Peas In Tomato Sauce

A serving of spaghettini with chicken sauce and peas in tomato sauce. The reason I cook more of spaghettini than spaghetti is because this cooks in five minutes just like noodles. It saves time in the kitchen. This meal was absolutely yummy, plates were cleared and I like that.  No ingredients in the peas because the tomato sauce that came with the baked beans added enough taste to the beans.
For the chicken sauce, I made it exactly like the shredded chicken gravy, only that here I used large chicken parts, cooked the

Something That Would Boost My Baby's Weight

Hi aunty ehya, my name is yvonne and I have a 15 months old toddler who is very picky wit his meals. He literally doesn't like to eat, right now he is taking indomie and egg with nutriben baby cereal and enfamil toddler milk. But I feel he is under weight, can the mothers on the blog please recommend good meals for him?! 
Even if I have to cook it, he doesn't really like cereals. Please what can I introduce to him?

Shawarma In Anambra And Enugu Who Knows

Good evening aunty Eya how are your wonderful family this wonderful weekend?
Please I need your help on where to buy already prepared

He Finds It Difficult To Sleep Due To Breathing Problems

Hi Aunty Eya, good evening. My kid brother finds it difficult to breathe at night and during the day, this has resulted to him opening his mouth all the time plus he finds it difficult to sleep at night due to this problem. 

Please kindly help me ask

I Am Worried About My 3 Year Old

Aunty Eya, my name is ********** and my phone no is *********** but plssssss do not publish that information. I am worried abt my 3yrs 6 mnthsold daughter. She is extremely stubborn. She

This Temptation is Too Strong For Me, I need help

Hello Aunty Eya and Wives connection readers, the temptation is very strong, please help me. I have thought over it again and again. Have prayed and even fasted. What is there that I still need to do? When a husband treats you like trash, doesn't care about your feelings and feels like he is ashamed of you in public cos you are not  yet a University graduate? (My Nursing Certificate has given me a job!)

Then the old love that adored you but

Should I Tell My husband Or Continue To Deceive My Boss?

Good morning Aunty Eya, my name is **********, my husband lost his job two years ago and we have been managing on my little salary. I work in a private firm and we were very happy when last year my boss trippled my salary. This increment made life better for my family. 

Now I know there is a

How To Ignore My Nagging Wife

Hello Madam Eya, I am one male reader who has learnt so much from wives connection and am grateful for everything. I need help from readers of wives connection. I need tips on how to

BreastFeeding My Son While Pregnant

Good day aunty Eya, am a silent reader of your blog which has helped me tremendously. Please I need help from Wives Connection. 

My son is 1yr+ still

Should I Attend His Wedding?

Good morning Aunty Eya, My name is ************ and my number is *************. Pls do not include my details not even the first digits of my number.

Something has been bothering me for a while now. My ex is getting married next month and he said he doesn't want to look for me at his wedding.

Our break up wasn't bad @ all so we remained friends afterwards. We talk on the phone once in a while and he said one time and I quote 'by God's grace when you and my wife start talking.......'.

I still have

How To Make Corn Moi Moi With Corn Flour

A pot of moi moi
This corn moi moi tasted good but wasn't as soft as the one I made with fresh corn. It was hard and I think that's because corn flour is made from dry corn. When next I try, I'll soak the corn flour over night before cooking my moi moi cos I like corn moi moi. There is one on the blog posted by Mrs Sykes.
To get soft moi moi from corn flour, please

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension. Please Help Wunmi Alo

Hello aunty Eya,my name is Abimbola Oyindamola Adelowo and my number is 0806*******. I have been a regular visitor on your blog for quite a while now,and presently in need for your kind assistance.
My cousin had her baby not too long ago and in the process developed pregnancy induced hypertension,to cut the long story short she is presently on weekly dialysis for kidney disease and in dire need of a kidney transplant.
What we need now is the kind assistance and aid from well meaning nigerians to give as little as a thousand naira. Please find attached the

It Has Never Been Easy For Me. I Need Help

George Nwokocha

Hello Ma, How are you and your family? hope God is in control.. My name is George Nwokocha, am from Imo State, a student of National Open University, reading Criminology and Security. I reside here in Abuja. I have suffered a lot Ma, and have as well done my best to help myself out of the situation but it has never been easy for me.
I did six months computer

Can You Drink His Saliva?

I read and enjoyed this from Michelle and would like to share with us here. I could not answer yes or no but maybe you guys responses will make me think well and have a definite answer. 

We love our husbands and fiances, we can do anything for them abi?. OK, When you kiss someone you truly love, there is an exchange, what do you

Marriage Was Not My Priority Then, What Should I Do Now?

I read your blog a lot, I noticed you  from Those Days you always invite people to your blog on Linda Ikeji blog.  I am in my late twenties, I am Presently in Germany studying .  -Now in 2007 I met this guy, he did not ask for friendship or anything, he just asked straight for marriage, marriage wasn’t my priority then and my idea of marriage has always been to marry my friend, I mean let friendship grow into marriage not just straight off marriage also I was so absorbed in my career and felt I wasn’t mature enough for marriage (a girl can be 21yrs and matured for marriage while a girl can be 26yr and still not matured). -We met again in 2010 and he still asked me to marry him, and I refused, I wanted us to be friends first so I accepted to visit him and spent the weekend, but nothing happened between us, not even kissing or touching. I refused and he respected my wishes. 
-Finally, I was ready to travel to Germany to further my studies  late 2011  and I met this guy again and he

Did He Forget To Propose?

Hello WC and Aunty Eya,  (AuntyEya pls do not post my details). Please fam,I need advice. I'm very confused this night. My boyfriend of 15 months hinted some people he was going to propose at my sister's birthday party. I got to hear from someone, snooped and saw the beautiful ring hidden in his drawer.

The birthday