Why The Rush For Caesarean Section?

Hello Aunty Eya and WC fam, this story went viral yesterday and I expected to see it on wives connection blog cos that is our niche but you Aunty Eya didn't put it up. Anyway, I attached the pic incase you haven't seeing it.

 I've witnessed series of Caesarean Sections carried out in our Nigerian hospitals, especially the private hospitals. Many times and in a few good private hosps I know, the baby is not breached, there is no risk, the cervix is not
too tight, baby is not too big,yet  most Doctors are quick to whisk us into the theatre for a Caesarean Section. If a 6kg baby 
could be delivered vaginally, why  should a mother be cut open for just a 4kg or 3.5kg baby? Our Dear Nigerian Doctors, why I ask? Hope it's not the money.


  1. Anonymous7/31/2013

    Don't mind them, when I had my third baby, my doc was not in town, so the doctor that was standing in for him recommended cs after I was in labour for like five hours. My husband refused to sign and opted to take me to general hospital(I register in the two places). After making all the necessary arrangement, we were leaving the hospital for general when my son popped out inside the car, no tear. He was even smaller than his siblings were at birth They like carrying out cs so that they can charge exorbitant amount.

    1. People tend to forget that childbirth pain is a curse from God to mankind. No matter how you make it sound easy, it is still a painful experience. In as much as there are women who deliver by themselves in rooms or farms (without anyones help), there are still some people who can't have a baby naturally except they go through CS. The fact that this woman had a 6kg baby without CS doesn't mean she wouldn't have had series of tears in the natural process. We weren't in the room, but let's imagine the pains the woman must have gone through. All we've been seeing is a picture of the baby, not the mother. I'm sure she's somewhere taking her time to heal. I know some doctors hurry to suggest CS because of the high cost, which is wrong. But dear poster, child birth isn't easy. Not everyone can push.

  2. chubby ELLAH7/31/2013

    OMG!!! I saw dis ystday n I had series of questions runnin tru my mind 4rm "hw did dis happen? Dis she hv any tear(s),wat was she eating 2 hv made her baby dis big?,whr did d strength 2 push "all of him" out come 4rm??? Seriously I'd love 2 c d mother of dis child n if possible 2 also c wat her v-jay looks lyk afta hvin dis child. OMG! I'm stil in shock. HE IS BIIIGGG.

  3. Anonymous7/31/2013

    I wouldn't say she was over/under eating,she had a previously undiagnosed case of gestational diabetes,babies born to mothers with untreated gestational diabetes are typically at increased risk of problems such as being large for gestational age (which may lead to delivery complications), low blood sugar, and jaundice. If untreated, it can also cause seizures or stillbirth...This answers your first 2 questions. As for the Mama's V-jay, only she can tell.

    IMO, we are so quick to judge Doctors. That a Doctor recommended CS does not necessarily means he's all out for your money.

    I will stop here...

  4. Wetin the mother eat? I'm sorry but this baby is BIG! She must have a tear no doubt.

    Men, this baby is B I G!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous7/31/2013

    Can this baby be healthy????

  6. Anonymous7/31/2013

    This is a macrosomic baby, its a term given 2 large for age babies and this is common amongst diabetic mothers. The excess glucose crosses the placenta n makes d baby big. Not jst big, such babies r also predisposed 2 other conditions esp birth trauma,hypoglycemia. As u can see, dis baby wasn't born in Nigeria, was given birth to abroad where complications can properly be managed.
    So when Nigerian doctors bring up C/S so fast, pls don't blame dem cos we operate in a system with poor resuscitative facilities.
    So pls don't blame us......

  7. Anonymous7/31/2013

    @ the writte having a CS or a vaginal delivery is a personal decision y drink panadol for anothe man head ache, the lady in question will tell in future the impact of that baby weight coming through her vagina, sexual disfunction, you will be as loosed as lagos ibadan express way by the time you husbands dick starts dangling inside you and he is not sexually fulfilled, get ready to face the reality of dealing with multiple sex partners in your face (enuf justification) when on a normal day men cheat, this will be a license for him to do more withiut guilt since he cnt get enuf satisfaction frm home, kindly google (vaginal prolapse) and you will be amazed with the level of defects/issues that we put ourselve through out of ignorance. Forget the exhorbitant bills hospitals charge for CS, if your doctor feel you cervix is too small to accomodate a baby and suhhest CS, he is saving you from future sexual disfunction and you should thank him instead of throwing tantrums @ dem. Info is power, you should read more.

  8. Anonymous7/31/2013


  9. Poster, am for normal delivery 100%, am a midwife n Nurse trust me I wanted normal delivery but if not for my Gyn. Doc, God forbid I wld have lost my pride n joy dat I waited on for 3yrs. I had to do emmergency CS after 30hours of labor, I was induced,cathererized, had enema and still did not progress, thankfully my baby was not in distress but when I had d Doc say my baby was having caput, I didnot think twice I said CS, never ever in my life did I ever have d thot of having CS but I thank God I did cos apparently my baby had cord around his neck TWICE...if I had said I wanted to normal delivery but fire by force, may b I wld b died n my baby too(God forbid)..guess what I didnot even pay for any deposit b4 d induction nor d CS, so not always its abt d money..
    This lady was very lucky...n d trend now is more women want CS nowadays cos its fast n no labor pains, even d CS aftermath is not painful I can tell u dat for sure..the more we put our mind dat most Doc want to save lifes dan money d better for us all..

    1. Thank God for you. I wonder why people have to make it sound as if CS is for weaker women. There's a similar post like this on Ladun Liadi's blog. Some babies aren't even as big as this yet the mother will die in the process. That this woman survuved it naturally doesn't mean everyone can.

    2. Infact tnx for ur comment! Am some1 dat alwys prayed for normal delivery! But after going thru labour pains frm 9am to 10pm, only a woman will know how painful dis is, den d case of meconium surfaced ( my baby was stressed nd he pooped out of me) d docs explained dis, azin I was weak! So when the doc suggested cs! My hubby consulted me! I said let dem do it pleaaaaase am dying! In space of 15mins I was done, luckily I didn't push cos my baby had a cord to his neck! Abeg it doesn't matter how u give birth joy shud be ur alive nd ur baby is alive! Dats all

    3. Anonymous9/09/2013

      Some pple see cs as a sign of weakness. That just shows their level of reasoning because even though it doesn't take time it is still a MAJOR OPERATION!

  10. I think some people just see CS as a quick and easy way out of the pangs of pains when a woman is in labour. It is different strokes with different folks. Truth is that if the woman knows she is not under any danger she can refuse a rush by a doctor to carry out a CS on her. Women speak!

  11. They both have their pros and cons.

    Whiile it may be true that some hospitals rush to perform a CS, there are some that won't do it unless its absolutely necessary.

    If you're advised to have a CS, it isn't all about the size of the baby alone, it has to do with so much more, e.g the position of the placenta, position of the baby, pre eclampsia, size of the mother's pelvis, etc. So if you're advised to have a CS done or simply prefer having it that way, please go ahead! Whatever rocks your boat.

    There's no badge of honour for those who had their babies vaginally, as long as mother and child are doing fine, that's all that matters.

    1. True talk. Pregnancy and child nurturing is more than enough to make every woman a super hero.

  12. Anonymous7/31/2013

    I can't imagine dis kind of mighty baby coming out of me o! Lia lia. Even my children dat weighed bt 2.5-3kg I saw hell in d delivery room! Kia! Just looking at dis baby is enough to give me malaria! See his HEAD! D mother's V-jay can never be d same again! Am sure she would be bed-ridden for sometime b4 re-learning how to walk again! I wonder y CS was not done becos most often than not a scan can tell d size/weight of a baby before delivery.

  13. Anonymous7/31/2013

    The fact is that there is no way you will know if the baby is breached, or the cervix is not too tight, only a expert can deduce that fact. Most of the doctors in this country really try, considering the the facilities that are much in place, most times what they decided is the best for you, after all it is better to have CS than a sorry case where both the mother and child cant be saved due to the i must give birth my natural means.

  14. I suspect this lady has gestational diabetes. I kno a lady people that had a 12LBS baby twice.
    It is not always the case that a big baby means the mother ate too much in pregnancy. It sometimes is in the genes, gestational diabetes or large apetite during pregnancy.

  15. The doctors that allowed this woman deliver this baby per vagina are wack. And wicked.

  16. beulah7/31/2013

    this came out from somebori's veejayjay...omg!



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