What Is The Best Option For Nigerians Who Prefer One Wedding?

Sorry to deviate a little, someone please help me out. My fiance and I have decided we are not going to waste funds organizing three types of weddings for our one marriage.

We want to do just one type of wedding;
1. The Traditional Wedding

2. Registry Wedding
3. or The White wedding.
I am supposed to pick the one I prefer but am not sure which to pick,confused. I need help please. What kind of marriage is the best option for any Nigerian couple that is not interested in 3 or 4 weddings?


  1. nelly21:15

    I will go with Registry cos that one gives you a valid certificate that protects and is recognized internationally.

    All these different types of Nigeriages for one couple is actuallty a waste of funds, extravagance and excessive show up by us Nigerians. I tire.

  2. My dear, registry is more recognised. So I say go with dat 1.

  3. Anonymous21:38

    Go and do trad and court wed. Make sure the man pays ur bride price o because in the future him n his fam will be talking trash that they kuku did not pay ur bride price. Court wed is not expensive it last less that 30mins and u can do it morning of trad, no need for crowd just ur fam his fam finish, everyone meet at trad. Draw ur ears n do ur trad and wed legally incase of incasity men cannot be trusted be talk stories about cheap wed i feel sorry for you. Best do things right dont let live blind you. Future lo matter o

    1. Anonymous21:39


  4. jemmy21:39

    the registry is d best cz ur maryag wuld b registered @ law,church is js mere blessing yle d traditional can b done btw ur family and his to fulfill ur cultural requirements......registry is d best!

    1. Amanda21:47

      Thank you. Fortunately too, a pastor or any minister can be invited to the court to pray and bless the rings and marriage. It doesnt necessarily need all church members.
      The pastor will bless the rings before the court registrar gives them to you. I watched a wedding like that before.

      Pikin you get sense jare, not the one that after all the show off, creditors will begin to dial your number incessantly. SMH

    2. Amanda, thanks for this idea.

  5. My dear I love the three of themoo.
    Watch Solomon Akiyesi saga-I bet you will see the need for Registry wedding.
    Watch Ada-ada by Flavour-you will love to have a traditional wedding over and over again.
    Watch Njideka Akunyili's wedding and you'll love to have a white wedding in the biggest Cathedral in Nigeria.
    So make your choice dear.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Anonymous21:58

      Njideka akuyili or odili?

    2. Anonymous22:00


    3. Anonymous01:43

      There is also an njideka akunyili. Dora's daughter

    4. Anonymous16:48

      Bona ur not well.....lolllllll

    5. Anonymous17:08

      Bona ur not well.....lolllllll

  6. Johnson21:49

    1. The traditional (bride price) is the most authentic. It is mandatory - you are not married without it.
    2. Registry is recognized by the government (legal) and makes your marriage legitimate.
    3. Church Wedding - allows for pronouncement of God's blessing and covenant. Can be skipped but highly recommended. If you take this out, make sure you go for church blessing – you need the covering of the Holy Spirit.

  7. Anonymous21:51

    The 3 are very important. To manage resources, combine all in a day. Your dowry is paid in the morning, you head for court with ur gown for the joining, then at the reception your pastor blesses the union while u guys exchange vows and rings.


    1. Lammy21:57


    2. Anonymous06:45

      Best option and as has been said, a cert issued by a licensed church is also recognised legally.

      In Nig, trad is very necessary if not compulsory otherwise the 2families won't recognise both of you as married and some tribes have a penalty for not doing your trad so be wise. He must pay your bride price. I don't know what money you people want to save Ooº°˚ but in saving you must do he right. Thing and if you don't have much do something little forget souvenir.

      You should discuss this with your parents b4 you reach any conclusion cos that may not be acceptable by them. I mean picking one of the 3.

  8. Anonymous21:59

    Do trado and court same day, invite ministers to pronounce blessings during reception. Simple.

    1. Gbam!

  9. Anonymous22:03

    White wedding is socially recognised by the older and new generation and if its done in a licensed church, u need not go for court wedding..so if you are looking to please all and sundry, white wedding is the way to go..mee

  10. Tina22:04

    For sake of your bride price payment. Morning Court, afternoon Trado, blessing/reception for evening evening. #Dazall

  11. Anonymous22:05

    This post is very very eye opening.

  12. pls do a trad wedding. it can be something very small between immediate members of both families. Then if you attend a church that has the licence, you can do the church wedding. They'll still issue you a certificate dats the same as the court.

    but for me o, there shud be no compronise on church wedding abeg...you can also make it very small but pls do it.

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  14. Anonymous22:21

    What's d meaning of dt certificate collected frm local government during white wedding?

  15. Anonymous22:36

    U can do d 3 marriage on same day:ist call ur pastors to pray 4 ur rings b/4 going to court dat morning wit few family members then do d traditional marriage as reception for evry1. With dis ur marriage is recongnise by God, law n tradition. All d best!

  16. Anonymous23:02

    Actually u can do d 3 @ once. In my church u get a legal certificate n church cert (that's covers church n court) then u cld make ur trad ur reception.

  17. mimi23:19

    The bride price can be paid with only immediate family members in attendance first thing in the morning then find a church licensed to conduct marriages and do the white wedding afterwards on the same day there. The same certificate that is issued at the registry is issued in a licensed church (not all churches are licensed to legalize weddings so you have to do your research). The legal cert is very important because it is the only legally recognized international document that signifies your union other countries will not recognize traditional ceremonies should you ever need to prove that you are legally married at an embassy or abroad etc so you need to get that certificate and also for financial and other matters.

  18. Anonymous04:33

    You can do a traditional one and have your pastor there to pray and bless.
    Later head to the court with just your parents and his parents to sign and receive your certificate. No need for refreshment or anything.
    That way your marriage has been blessed and you also get your certificate without spending too much

  19. Anonymous06:10

    Dear Poster, try and incorporate all 3, work wwith a small budget. Its possible.
    Court marriage protects ur marriage should anything go wrong; in the event of death (and husband/wife inlaws) tries to misbehave.
    TM is the one major way ur marriage is recognised by both families.
    CW is where the marriage covenant/oath is taken (not necesssarily in a church)but these 3 are necessary (maybe not compulsory).
    Like I said, work with a small budget and be strict with it.
    There is no laid down rules/pattern as to how the ceremony should go;Ex: u mustn't share sourvenirs etc, scrap most of these extra activities, church venue can also be reception venue. Cook any food give it a name, people will eat, I've seen a wedding that ended by 2:30pm-wedding and Reception. IMO

  20. Anonymous06:54

    But in all honesty, why do we do 3 weddings plus intros to bear a surname. Before i did my wedding i made it clear to my parents that they cant do to my wedding what they did 2my sister. I wanted something simple, lowkey. so i went 2d pastor with my husband for prayers, did a small traditional wedding (not up to 70, need i say my parents didnt like, they probably wanted the entire lagos), went to registry and had just our parents as witnesses. I am not an extravagant person by nature so this worked for me.
    A friend of mine did introduction and court wedding, so its what floats your boat. Another friend probably spent her life savings and still went around borrowing up to a million naira to have the talk of the town wedding in abuja, barely 2 months to her wedding, shes already asking for a divorce. so my dear do what pleases you

    1. Anonymous12:28

      i love ur post jare.to say 'i do' be d koko! as long as both man & wife are in love
      but, me sha o,na elaborate wedding i go do,as per 1st born & 1st girl concern.dts even y my in-laws post-poned d wedding to next year
      i think it all balls down to the individuals in question.
      God bless us

    2. Anonymous19:25

      But atleast you did 2 of the 3abi not 1.

  21. Anonymous06:58

    it depends on what you want and how you intend doing it. but you definitely need a certificate to show you are married. my friend actually did only traditional

  22. Anonymous09:39

    Well my dear registry and traditonal dey very important. You dnt have to have so many people come for the registry. Some churches even make u go back to do trad if u nor do am! All d best

  23. SAMA09:54

    Do your church wedding, my church gives certificate that is same with the court because they are licensed.

    Then during the reception or immediately after the reception , your people and his people can come together in a room and receive the bride price and you give then drink to your husband that's if you are igbo and your traditional wedding is complete. That's all

    If you want you and your husband can change to a native attire so you have pictures.

  24. Anon. July 9, 2013 at 6:53AM,
    Thank you. We are so alike! I still don't get why people spent so much for a day's event.

    Even if it's once in a life time event, I still don't get the mentality behind the huge investment on a day's event.

    Thank GOD I have supportive parents. As for me, intro/trad same day(parlour things) then civil marriage and later GOD's blessing at the small reception/privately at pastor's office.


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