Punish A Parent For A Child's Misconduct?

John Kumuyi and Love Odih's wedding versus another Deeper Life member's wedding
I have silently been following this Deeper Life Church and John/Love's wedding drama and just prevented myself from putting it up here. 

As a child, I remember attending Deeper life and know first hand what Deeper life doctrine is. What my mom suffered in their hands after I broke away? Anyway, she finally left on her own to another pentecostal church and I heard then that they actually prayed and fasted for her, for "backsliding."

Some people say Deeper life doctrines relate to a different kind of religion. Someone said they are like the Taliban's of Christianity. I remember when it was a big sin to own a TV. As a child, I can't recall what happened to our TV after my mom
joined The Deeper Christian Life Ministry, all I remember is that we never saw it again. But these days they even have a website I guess? I also remember my mother resigning from a job that gave us a good life then because the church doctrines won't allow. 

 Living by those doctrines? Life was hehehehe. Those doctrines don't need you to diet before you lose weight cause it comes naturally.

Up till this moment, I respect members of that denomination cos that lifestyle is not possible without the special grace of God Almighty. After I broke away (Rebellion, according to the doctrine). I remember my classmates in Secondary School who won't share even their eraser with a non Deeper life member cos they say "we non members,had many ways of making money while they have just one source (Their parents)"  I wonder who told them that all non member children had boyfriends. Truth is, we saw those girls as very stingy then and right now many of them are no longer members. 

The number of Nigerians who tasted Deeper life and eventually left is soooo huge that their doctrines are not strange to many.

Our talking and blogging about it cannot change anything cos they are unequally yoked with "unbelievers" and follow the narrow path that leads to life. I remeber leaving a comment in a blog when I read that John apologized to the church, I said that he won't be forgiven. He will face the rod. I said it. Those who tied turbans on their wedding day won't be happy if nothing is done, those who wore maxi and flats will cry foul.
Make-up is a no no no for "floor members" not to talk of "owners" kids" I just knew they'd be punished or face possible excommunication, but didn't know that their parents would be this affected.
If this couple were still kids it would have been a different matter. Right now, these are two adults who have started their own family. Punishing their parents for their misconduct is what I don't understand. Love Odi's Father is on suspension and now W.F. Kumuyi himself is opting to resign his position as the General Overseer of The Deeper life church. Why? 
Is it the parents' fault that these two adults rode in a limousine?
I don't agree with parents suffering for adult kids. That's not fair.


  1. I also raised an eyebrow when I read on nairaland that W.F Kumuyi is opting to resign. But by the time I read thru d comments I was enlightened. Eya you jst mentioned that your mom suffered in their hands when you broke away, and countless other people. Why should that of the Kumuyi's be different?
    It has been their norm since time immemorial to punish parents for their children's 'sin', so now that it has affected the GS, there should be no double standards. I'm sure that's what he has checked and has opted to resign.
    This is on a pure doctrinal level though, cos the bible itself has said, 'No longer will the parents lick sour grapes and the children's teeth be set on edge, the soul that sinneth shall die' and vice versa. Salvation is personal and each person should work out theirs with fear and trembling.

  2. I don't undastand their doctrine

  3. I thought the wedding was about a year ago. This so called punishment is rather late but very much deserved if that is their doctrine.
    I attended the HQ in gbagada Lagos with my siblings and mum for about 6yrs as a child coz we lived 10mins away but my dad never attended.
    I was very young so I can't remember much of their doctrine.

  4. Anonymous7/07/2013

    Gudevening aunty eya sorry to deviate from the topic above. Just dont want to send it in as a mail. I just discovered some days back that i had surgery when i was barely 5yrs old to correct a congenital malformation. I had no vagina opening so i was told. Am in my 20's nw,perfectly ok. Have my regular periods etc. IS IT NECESSARY TO INFORM MY FIANCE? We are getting married soon and have never had sex before. Just confused,googled the condition and they the information is that it should not affect fertility nor sexuality. My periods are very normal and regular, i hardly have cramps, i ovulate. ANY NEED TO SAY? Please dear aunty eya and oda wc readers I need ur views. Nnenna.

  5. Like you said your mother suffered for your rebellion, so I do not see why there should be double standards for those at the top.

    I do not support their doctrine or brand of christianity but then I believe every one must leave by the rules once you decide to join the congregation.

  6. Most of their doctrines are non-biblical, but if they stand by their standards on wedding dressing, I guess the parents punishment has to stand too.

  7. Only God can judge but d parents are not to suffer for their children's sins...I pray that God will restore peace in deeper life n other youths will also learn from this mistake ##non member##

  8. DEEPER LIFE vs JEHOVAH's WITNESS #Doctrin of life!

    Don't vote, don't drink, don't smoke, don't eat amala if you are not yoruba,
    Don't drink kunu, never visit a hospital, don't cross the road with ur mouth open, don't eat eba on sunday, don't smile on holiday's, suya is dangerous to the soul, pomo is for unbelievers, never jump when you are crying... And so on, and so forth!

    1. #Deeper of Life of Life

    2. Don't spew rubbish!what do u know about Jehovah's WitneSses?and so because members are admonished not to smoke,u think that makes them unchristian?So your church advices a christian to smoke?Those who want to please God must cleanse themselves of every difilement of every flesh(2Corinthias 7:1)There's no doubt that smoking defiles the body and even u who claim to have studied science should know this!If you choose to be unclean,harming yourslef and others by uisng tobacco,you can't be a friend of God,Matthew 22:39 and Galatians 5:19-21.
      Sometimes I just wonder what u learn when u happen to go to church,ur write up as a christian leaves much to be desired.
      I can't hold forth for Deeper Life but I know I'm in a spirit directed organization as a Witness.

    3. Anonymous8/11/2013

      Abena!thats the problem!it is not by your WORKS!so if u like dnt some or drink or do anything wrong u will still go to hell,the bible says it is not by works that any man shld boast!nuffsaid

  9. Anonymous7/07/2013

    Am in love with a guy deeper life member, I pray he love me back sha bcos he never ask me out but can admire me. Hmmmm praying and fasting oooo

  10. Anonymous7/07/2013

    Don't always like judging,but this church is so judgemental!!! As a teenager I used to attend the church, but they are so judgemental! Just because I wear earrings to a church service, they always gave me the stare of death, that at the end I am so distracted,that I end up not making head & tails of the sermon & I am so sure, they don't too. Their attitude is enough to draw you you away from God, rather than drawing you nearer to Him!!!! They need to be less judgemental,stop driving people away from God with this their holie than thou attitude

  11. Yes o @Anon 11:17: Same with me when I used to go with my aunt to DL in ph that year. The stare of life no be here. Mature women and girls would stare at me ehn (a teenager for that matter), like it's an infidel that mistakenly came to church that day cos of pin ear rings!!! It was so awkward. I remember them saying in that branch sef that people must never put on jeans. The women and men, regardless of skirts and trousers respectively. And the pastor was always in the habit of condemning other churches. They'd call members of other churches sinners that'd go to hell. Holier than thous are usually the worst people. It will shock them when God says 'I know u not' that day. Such a pity.

  12. Anonymous7/08/2013

    This issue has brought up some series of argument in my office bcos just few weeks ago we attended my colleague's wedding in DL and honestly, I didn't believe my eyes. My BB contacts wouldn't let me rest bcos of the bride's picture on my DP, dey said she looked like a Cele member and not a bride. Meanwhile, d groom was looking sooo cute! Dat one no be cheating? 2 other of their members who are also my colleagues tried justifying their doctrine dat day and my response was the earlier you people learn to free yourself from this bondage, the better for you.

  13. Anonymous7/08/2013

    Hmmmmmmm,only comments.omashe oooo

  14. Anonymous7/08/2013

    @ Lizzy the wedding took place last month.

  15. Dats der bizness. As long as d marriage cannot b annuled and their pictures n Videos burnt, dey can resign, assign, resume, wateva. I'm so #team love odih. Dem don wed b say dem don wed.

  16. on the last day only true believers will be raptured, only the father knows those that serve him and only he can reward or punish, on the last day.

  17. Doctrine of Life!
    I've never attended the church; their way of life just puts me off right from childhood.

    My only joy is John & Love got the wedding of their dream. :D

    Btw, is it a must that the couple keep attending the church? Can't they go to another BIBLE BELIEVING CHURCH where the Holy Spirit leads?

    A man's salvation cannot save members of his household; every man and woman for him/herself.

  18. If our righteous could be enough....even all the things we call righteousness is like a filthy rag. Anyway, the DL people in ghana are not that strict apart from the natural hair, no earrings and their love for "shaken fabrics"

  19. Bislondy7/08/2013

    Only God knows he who truly serves him

  20. Anonymous7/08/2013

    Sorry to deviate a little, someone please help me out. My fiance and I have decided we are not going to waste funds organizing three types of weddings for our one marriage.

    We want to do just one type of wedding;
    1. The Traditional
    2. Registry
    3. or The White wedding.
    I am supposed to pick the one I prefer but am confused. I need help please. What kind of marriage is the best option for any Nigerian couple that is not interested in 3 weddings?

    1. Registry. But shebii he will pay dowry?

  21. Anonymous7/09/2013

    Religion should never be mistaken for spirituality. Even the bible says we should be weary of diverse doctrines. i remember attending their service once when we moved to a different location and my family was looking for a church to fellowship. After the service we all said no way. My cousin husband is a member, prior to her wedding, she was a redeem member, beautiful and looked gorgeous, now her face looks so dull, doesnt retouch her hair and whenever we chip it in, all she says is i have to ffw the doctrines of the church. When her mother came from the village for omungwo, she called my mum the next sunday that she cant attend her daughter church, very boring and had so many complaints(68 yr old woman from the village), she ffws my mum to church every sundays

  22. Any Church my spirit does not flow with i move.... work out your own salvation... leave them with their doctrine and go to a place u can have liberty and freedom of worship... "in the presence of God there is liberty" *nuffsaid*

  23. Hmmm. I decided not to judge on this matter but what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If parents have been punished for their children's sins, I dont think anyone should be exempted especially not the Kumuyi himself. Let the law apply to everyone. But what confuses me is that Kumuyi was there for the wedding, why didnt he right the wrong at the time. Was he not involved in the planning or was he not aware? I remember my parents checking out my attire before my wedding and insisted I get a small jacket to avoid pushing my breast into the ministers face. I removed it after the church service and continued with my celebration and everyone went away happy.

  24. looking at these picture,is obvious that those pastors continued to brain-wash their naive members.Is unfair.


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