Nigerian Benniseed/Sesame Seed Soup With Beef, Goat Meat And Smoked Fish

 bene seed soup
A plate of benne seed soup

How to cook Nigerian sesame seed (Bene seed) soup

If you like Nigerian egusi soup, then you'll love this benni seed soup. Benni seed/Sesame seed is not only used for spraying on doughnuts, cakes and other pastries, can be made into delicious soup. In Nigeria, It is grown along the Benue river by the Benue people of Nigeria and some parts of Northern Nigeria. It is also grown by some parts of Cross River State. This seed is grown mainly for food while most of it is exported to Europe where a little oil is extracted e.g Salad Oil and sesame oil. It is very nutritious and filling.

Benni seed/Sesame seed soup can
be served with any swallow of your choice. I love to lick or just eat the soup alone with a spoon.


1/2 mudu benn iseed (Sesame seed) About 3 to 4 cups
1kg Goat meat
1/2 kg beef
2 large smoked fish
1/2 cup ground crayfish
2 Seasoning cubes
my Pepper sauce, you can use 3 fresh peppers or more
1 medium sized Onion to boil meats
1 cup Palm oil
1 bunch Hot leaf (Uziza)
1 cup Locust beans (Dadawa)
Water to cover the meat after steaming.

Before you cook sesame soup, make sure your seed is ground and set aside. The easiest way is to let the seller clean and do the grinding there at the market for free. 


  1. Wash and boil the meat with salt, onion and 1 seasoning cube. Cover and let meatcook until almost tender. TIP: If you are cooking with only beef meat, Do not add any water until pot is almost drying up, just keep checking so you don't burn the pot. If cooking with both beef and goat meat, add like just 1 cup water to steam meats.
  2. When meat is almost tender, add water to cover the meat a bit, add pepper, palm oil, washed dry fish, check for salt and cover the pot to boil.
  3. Once it boils, open and add the ground sesame seed in lumps and pieces to the pot, crayfish, add dadawa, the remaining seasoning cube and cover without stirring. Let it boil for about 5 minutes before you stir and check for salt again. Cover and leave to boil again, check and see that taste is what you want before finally adding the uziza leaves.
  4. The last thing to go into the pot is the vegetables, once you add them, stir, check for salt, leave to boil for about half an hour and turn off the heat. Serve with some fufu, eba, tuwo or any swallow of choice and watch your eaters ask for extra soup.
See step by step picture recipe below...

bene seed
This is half a mudu of benni seed
nigerian bene seed (sesame seed)
Nigerian  benni seed (Sesame seed)
Boiling beef and goat meat , seasoning with salt and onion. The beef is cut in flat and smaller pieces cos goat meat cooks faster
Ground benni seed and crayfish mixed with a little hot water to form a dough, Soup was Cooked with about one third of this ground benni seed cos the pot of soup was beginning to get too thick and I had to stop adding.
Adding water and washed smoked fish to soup
Adding salt to taste and pepper sauce before adding palm oil
Adding ground and mixed benniseed and locust beans to boiling soup
Benniseed, crayfish and locust beans
uziza leaves
Hot leaf (uziza)
Boiling benni seed/sesame seed soup
Adding hot leaf to cooked benni seed/sesame seed soup
Benni seed soup is ready
Benniseed soup cooling for the freezer

Very tasty benniseed soup
A plate of sesame seed/benniseed soup waiting for eba
Hot benne seed soup looking like egusi soup but the taste is different
Enjoy benni seed soup hot with swallow
Cooked pot of benni seed soup
Benni seed soup begins to cool and thicken


  1. Anonymous7/05/2013

    Looks good

  2. Anonymous7/05/2013

    This is my 1st time ever hearing about this seed. Looks and cooks just like egusi soup. I hope the seed is readily available in Lagos bcos I am going to look for it tommorrow and try it. Eya did u wash the seeds b4 grinding. I think grinding it in the market will be better.

    1. I washed mine and grinded at home. The sellers have a way of cleaning it so that your soup is not sandy. It tastes really good.

      I also think grinding in the market is better.

  3. Anonymous7/05/2013

    Nice one aunty Eya.pls Ȋ̝̊̅§ there any other name fφя̩̥̊ the benniseed cos .¶ really want to try Ȋ̝̊†̥ D̶̲̥̅̊Į̸̸̨Ƨ̷ wkend.thanks EPHY

    1. If you call it sesame seed, the market sellers may not understand. I think Benniseed is what they know.

  4. Shayor!7/05/2013

    I av never seen nor heard of it o! I hope dis lagos ppl would have it sha! Looks rily nice.

    1. Thanks Shayor, yes, you'll find it in Lagos

  5. wow, uziza leaf has a way of adding a special flavour to meals. For interesting real stories see Diary of a mad woman

  6. I don't think it has another name. Ask for benniseed from grain sellers

  7. Looks like Egusi, I won't mind tasting it.

    1. You'll like it Myne, tastes really good

  8. Also the 1st time I've heard of this seed. It looks really nice. Aunty Eya it seems we have converted you into liking thick

    1. @Lizzy, for where, you guys should please try harder o. I still added a lil water to the one I ate. Eating it this thick won't let me savour the taste of the soup.

  9. Anonymous7/05/2013

    Ooooo ahhhhhh wooooooooww salivating already

  10. Anonymous7/06/2013

    Thank you Aunty Eya

  11. wow...never heard of it. Apart from soup, is it used to make any other thing?

    BTW, I tried the groundnut soup, not sure if I did it well but it wasnt my best soup ever...something about the taste.... Anyway, maybe it's just me.

    1. Anonymous7/06/2013

      It can be fried & eaten with groundnut as snacks.the english name is sesame seeds#team benniseed#

    2. It's sometimes sprinkled on snacks like puff, doughnuts and even bread.

  12. I was about to ask what the local name is, not knowing it is sesame seeds. I heard it is really nice, can't wait to try it.

  13. A friend of mine frm benue cooked dis 4 me once. Twas ok

  14. I served in Benue and i remember eating this thinking it was egusi. it really nice. Thanks Aunty Eya.

  15. Anonymous7/06/2013

    This soup is a special delicacy in my place. We cook it a lot and tastes very nice. Well done Aunty u did a nice job.

  16. This looks really good Aunty Eya. Love the picture quality and the watermark. Very professionally done!

  17. Anonymous7/06/2013

    OMG!aunt eya,dis is my soup o!!!love it so much!!!kama..

  18. This looks nice but haven't seen sesame before though ve heard abt ity cuz of its oil looks like egusi soup.

  19. Bislondy7/08/2013

    I have sesame(beniseed) seeds for sale, u can call 08024286637
    Anty, did u dehaul before grinding?


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