Is This How Nigerian Prisoners Live?

I just opened my Facebook page this morning and saw this. What?
At first I thought there were corpses from the movie "Sometimes In April or better still "Hotel Rwanda" I had to look closely and saw that some eyelids are moving.

These prisoners are
actually sleeping at night.
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When day breaks and they wake up, who becomes the carpet for others to walk on or, do they take turns?
Obviously, there is no walking space, no leg room. The depressing,painful part is that some of these men have spent years here, Still Awaiting Trial.


  1. Anonymous7/04/2013

    I'v neva been der before but that's definitely not hw they sleep. Besides they are supposed to be in a uniform of green shorts and long fulani-like green shirt. And I don't see anyone wearin that yet. I tink its from a movie.

  2. I doubt if that's how they sleep in Nigerian prisons. I really doubt.

  3. Shockingly things like this aren't far fetched in our society. I used to be a volunteer with a Prison Care group and my first experience was terrible, I nearly puked as I stood in the passway only separated by the iron rods.
    @Anon 10:04am most prisons don't have uniforms and this one I used to visit is even one of the highly rated State prisons where hardened criminals where kept, yet the environ alone had me thinking deep.
    Anytime we bring food for them we MUST give to the officers first to eat if not, they might stop us from our duties.
    God alone go save us coz atimes when I watch all this prison progs on Nat. Geo on DSTV and see how neat/healthy their cells/foods are I understand why they don't think twice to commit crime coz the environment is not so far from outside world.

  4. where did u get dat from??!!!? i doubt if thers is any prison like dat in dis nigeria

  5. Anonymous7/04/2013

    Nigerian prisons are like dat at least I know of kpanti in Lagos State,d most painful part is dat they are flogged with wire for them to assume dat position.My hubby has been there for a crime he didn't commit and he told me of his horrible experience.I even pray dat nobody even my enemy would go there

    1. Anonymous8/03/2013

      How did he get released??

  6. Wow, this looks really bad. I hope it isn't true.

  7. Wow, this looks really bad. I hope it isn't true.

  8. Bislondy7/05/2013

    oh my goodness...i hope this isn't true sha

  9. Chioma7/06/2013

    This is exactly how they sleep and sit. The worst is that most of them are innocent. The one I visited last month, they sit down while sleeping.

  10. Anonymous7/20/2013

    Anon 10:04 in Nigeria prison you are given the green uniform when you are convicted. When you are awaiting trial you wear any cloth you have.

  11. Anonymous4/11/2014

    Its like that in most poor countries.... I know its like that in Haiti


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