I Want To Start Weaning My Baby But Don't Know Where To Start With Solid Food

Good evening aunty eya, I've been reading on Wives Connection and never posted, I really need your help. My baby is about 6months now and I want to start weaning her but I don't know where to start with solids.

 What am I supposed to start giving
her in place of her breast milk?  She seems not to be able to do without. Please I need your help, am a new mother and am really confused and wants the best for her. Thank you


  1. Silent Reader7/27/2013

    @poster my baby is10mths now and he eats anything I give him(tho he still sucks,of which I"m battling to stop).i actually started dipping my hand in soup and giving him when he wz like 3/4 mths old,i think dat made him get used to d taste of solids.right nw I make very soft noodles 4 him,mashed potato,very soft beans,okro soup wit swallow(make sure its soft),moimoi,mashed yam,infact evrything I eat he eats,so u can try any of these foods but make sure d pepper is not too much,all d best.

  2. Anonymous7/27/2013

    I tink its too early to b tinkin of weanin now bt start solid fuds to support breastmilk,jst as d oda person said.Its well.

  3. Anonymous7/27/2013

    Thank u so much aunty eya,ure a life saver

  4. Silent Reader gave you what you need. Especially the mashed potato, am a great fan.
    You can check out Seun's page www.babygrubz.gnbo.com or add her on bb 2753D1EA. She's into natural baby foods and stuffs. Hope am paid for this advert so I can send Ma Eya's commission *smiles*

  5. Anonymous7/27/2013

    Hi poster don't forget pap. U can use yellow corn, guinea corn or millet which I particularly like.

    When its made u can mix any of d baby milk with it. For more protein u can add well ground crayfish

  6. Anonymous7/27/2013

    Start with other baby milk products like lactogen. Pap, cereals should b introduced too. Weanin is a gradual process, when u decide to stop breastfeedin completely, dnt stop givin him milk.

  7. Aunty Eya we have had similar post and there was lots of tips to wean babies. Plz send link to poster or put link on the poster mail above.

  8. Anonymous7/27/2013

    Lizzy,they are completely 2 different things but ppl like u can't just pass without being noticed with any unecessary comments.mschew

  9. Anonymous7/28/2013

    U can start small with pap n milk.

  10. mrsAjaryee7/28/2013

    U can start weaning by not allowing him to suck during the day depending on your schedule; what I did for my baby around dt age was rto refrain her from sucking @day time; I prepare her fortified pap whenever I'm off to work which she will be fed with; she only sucks when abt to sleep in d nyt and when she wakes up @nyt. So weaning her totally was nt difficult @all since she takes odr foods as well

  11. Anonymous7/29/2013

    You can equally give ur baby couscous pap. Soak d couscous for one hour den grind. Filter it like pap. Mk it for ur baby like pap too and add formular. After now u can fortify it wit soyabean, groundnut nd crayfish. Dats wat my baby takes n very rich too.

  12. Anonymous5/09/2014

    Pls which milk can I add to my babys pap he is 6 months +

    1. You can add other proteins if you not sure of the milk to use. There is Peak 123 and other baby formula Brands for that age.

  13. Anonymous1/24/2017

    pls what can i do to make my baby chubby.she weaned herself @5months. i started giving her nan 2 formular @ 3months. she is 8months now but not as chubby as her age mate. i do feed her wit pap,milk and grinded soyabean mixed wit groundnut & crayfish.

    1. Babies are different o. At 8 months, she should eat foods served to the family. Take time to feed her well. Be patient at her meal times and if she loves food, give her some more. Ask the Doc if you can give multivitamins to improve appetite.


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