Double Layered Vanilla Cake With Fondant Icing By Umm Khaleel

Birthday Cake
 I commend those who manage to take pictures while cooking o. It's work on its own . It got to a stage I was tired. So make una manage these ones for me now Biko.

Cake recipe, you can half the recipe.
Butter 500g
Sugar 400g
Eggs 10
Milk, powdered. 3 tbs
Vanilla flavoring 1tbs
Baking powder. 

Fondant recipe
Icing sugar 2kg
Egg white 6

Mix butter and sugar till very fluffy, beat eggs separately and add to mixture a little at a time, and mix well. Measure baking powder and milk  to flour and add in two batches, add vanilla flavor. Turn a few times. Grease your pan and flour it, shake out excess flour. Then pour in your mixture and put In hot oven.

For fondant,  measure your icing sugar, then add cmc, note that if u are using those compact fancy icing sugar, you won't need much cmc else it becomes rubbery like bubble gum. Then add glucose (baking glucose o) to a few tablespoons of water, mix, set aside. Beat your egg whites and add. Continue to knead, add the glucose mixture, knead. If it gets too sticky, add a little icing, knead very well, and fold into a ball. set aside for rolling and decorating. 

You will need butter cream to use in plastering the cake before you place the rolled out fondant on it.

I just started learning to bake and decorate. All Abuja people on WC should come patronize me on. * smiles. 

Umm Khaleel. 

Mixing sugar and butter
Taking measurements of baking items
Eggs, butter and sugar

Kneading for fondant

Making the fondant

Cutting out fondant for decoration

A tie for the beautiful cake

Beautifying the cake

Decorating the birthday cake

Hamid's Birthday cake

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  1. Wow! vewy vewy nice. bookmarked already.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  2. Nice 1.hmmm Bona our bro na evrytn u dey bookmark?ll luv 2 c u in d kitchen.

  3. Hamid they chop cake for insyd this fasting?

    Well, Nke a gbasara gi

  4. Anonymous7/11/2013

    Wat is CMC?

  5. Anonymous7/11/2013

    I'm still a student in this baking things oh, for the icing of pan, do I need to ice the entire pan, before I place my cake ontop for decoration. If so how do I make the cake to stick to the ice pan.
    And for a three tier cake, do I need to ice each cake seperately, if so, what can I use to make them stick together... Oya make una help a sister abeg


    1. Anonymous7/11/2013

      Holla @

    2. Anonymous7/11/2013

      If I understand u well, u mean the board where the cake will be placed, and on top of the turntable. The board should first be splattered with butter icing, it'll act as the sticking agent. There r different approaches to the tiered cakes, u may choose to ice each separately and use butter icing to stack, or if ur expertise permits, stack them together using. Butter cream in between, then roll out a large fondant to cover all.

  6. Anonymous7/11/2013

    Thanks Eya.I asked for umm khaleel's blog.this cake looks good.I bake too just to eat wit no icing.think I will try d icing bit.

  7. Looks really nice! Can't wait to try this

  8. Anonymous7/11/2013

    Cake looks good well done.
    I always prefer the butter icing over the sugar one, do you know how to make it?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Anonymous7/11/2013

      Yes I do. In fact that's the one I am best in.

    3. Anonymous7/11/2013

      Can you please give details on how to make one? I tried it with butter and confectioners sugar and added a but of lime for flavor. I beat it till it was fluffy but I realized the icing was not thick enough and it kinda melted.
      Anything I did wrong?

  9. Anachunam who ask u 2 like it, do u know gud tins? Ace dem no dey chop cake inside fastin? Dats a gud 1

  10. Anonymous7/11/2013

    So wt makes it double layered. MrsAjaryee

    1. Ezenwanyi Osumenyi7/12/2013

      I was wondering too,y will they say double wen me am seein one layer.hian eya and muslim madam una need glasses abi wetin.mtsheew

    2. If I am not mistaken, a double layered cake is usually baked in 2" high pans and two of the cakes are placed on each other and icied as a single cake

  11. please how can one achieve a less sugar cake? 400g sugar on 500g of flour and butter taste too sugary for me... can the quantity of sugar be reduced to 200g instead of 400g? please help a sister...

  12. Anonymous7/12/2013

    @Gee Emmy, by my own recipe, 600g of sugar goes for 1kg of flour meaning 300 or evn 250 is ok for 500g flour; I was amazed abt ds measurmnt too bt u knw our tastes differ; so if u feel lyk using 200 it doesn't affect d cake in anyway jst d sweetness. MrsAjaryee

  13. yes u can reduce ur sugar wen baking depending on how sweet u want ur cakr to be bt d important one is dat ur flour ad butter must be d same measurement. please can anyone teach modelling ad gum paste

  14. Anonymous7/12/2013

    Eya shey u hv come again. When I read comments befor I saw where someone said he/she doesn't like the cake. I cam bk naw and u haff deleted it! Tomoro u will say ur blog is getting dry. Madam 2 faced

    Nke a gbasara gi

  15. Anonymous2/05/2014

    Well I think for 1kg of flour, half a kilo(500g) of sugar should be ok... Plus, it all depend on how u want it though!!!

  16. Anonymous5/13/2014

    I can't wait to try it out. How long do I have to bake dis cake? Thanks

  17. Anonymous6/25/2014

    Please wat did u use for d write up"Hamid is 6"


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