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It's An Emergency, Should I Tell My Sister?

Good day every one,AUNTY eya and all,please I need help,it's an emergency bcosam totally confused.

I slept with my sister husband's younger brother,we were in love only to be told that we can't get married cos we intended getting married,but one thing I didn't tell any one apart from the priest was

Why The Rush For Caesarean Section?

Hello Aunty Eya and WC fam, this story went viral yesterday and I expected to see it on wives connection blog cos that is our niche but you Aunty Eya didn't put it up. Anyway, I attached the pic incase you haven't seeing it.

 I've witnessed series of Caesarean Sections carried out in our Nigerian hospitals, especially the private hospitals. Many times and in a few good private hosps I know, the baby is not breached, there is no risk, the cervix is not

They Will Always Come Home

They Went HomeThey went home and told their wives,
that never once in all their lives,
had they known a girl like me,
But... They went home.

They said my house was licking clean,
no word I spoke was ever mean,
I had an air of mystery,

Child Marriage: Talk With Nigerian Senator Yerima

Child Marriage in Darfur (Photo credit: UNAMID Photo) About Twelve Thousand Girls Have Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF) In NigeriaWatching Former Governor of Zamfara State, Senator Yerima on KAAKAKI this morning, hmmm, may God help our daughters in this country. He says "maturity has little to do with age" and to him : child marriage is marriage of a girl who has not reached the age of puberty." Any girl who has reached puberty is old enough for marriage. 
He argues that child marriage does not disrupt the girl child's education because he married his firstwife at 16, they have six children together and now

It's My House Girl And My Husband

Good evening Aunty Eya, pls hide my I d. I've been reading on Wives Connection and commenting , I really need your help. Am  28,ihv been married 4 8years  now. my problem now is my house girl and my husband. 

I hvdis house girl dat is vry good at her house work, thou she can't  take good care of children, but I take she can't be good in all,she can cook, wash clothes  and dashes well @ d right time. but my problem now is dat I just gv birth and is cs it made me stay in d hospital 4long and when I came back home vry tin Changed.

 I notice dat d girl always looks

Baby Is Here: We Are Both Doing Great

Congratulations To Lizzy!Hello Aunty Eya,

Just to let you and WC fam know that I had my baby boy early hours yesterday morning. We are both doing great.

Slight post natal problems with me but I give God the glory that it's all history now.
My kids are

Should I Pick A Car Or House? I Need Advice

Hello WC family, please and please I need you guys to help me decide or find reasons before the weekend. A house and car are both items my family really needs at this time. We live in a rented apartment and have been doing the love treks for the past two years. I am right now in my last trimester and feel we need a car for mobility, especially when baby arrives.

We both have good jobs and have been saving for the past two years. My husband feels it's time to start building while I want us to get a car first before

How Long Should We Store Food And Vegetables In The Freezer?

Current Contents of Refrigerator (Photo credit: NatalieMaynor)Aunty Eya and WC readers, please kindly share with me how you store fruits and vegetables in the fridge or freezer. I am a real dummy in that area. The Ogbono soup I cooked three weeks back still looks Okay this morning but I'm scared of serving it to my family. Normally my food stays one week and it's finished. Three weeks is a bit too much and I don't want to serve this soup until I am sure.

Secondly, I need tips on what foods to store in the fridge and what to store in the freezer. When I keep my vegetables in the freezer, they become frozen and by the time they are brought out to defrost, they become too soft to use. When I store in the fridge,

Can A Pregnant Woman Take Moringa Tea Or Seed?

CAN A PREGNANT WOMAN EAT MORINGA?Hello Aunty Eya, how are you and your family? God bless you for everything am learning on your blog. God bless those who send us food recipes and all those who give meaningful advice. I have learnt so much. This mail is coming because my comment didn't get satisfactory advice. It was left as a comment but I think many people didn't get to see it there. Please help me post it cos I'm pregnant and want to continue taking my Moringa seeds if it's OK.

The energy I get from taking Moringa is something else Aunty Eya, I no longer feel as tired as I used to, I wake up
very alert no matter how hard I work the previous day ( Any witness in the house?). Although I don't really enjoy taking this Moringa tea or seeds, what keeps me going for more is the boost in energy. 

Some people have asked me to stop taking it until I give birth, others say it's just a plant like every other plant that we eat and shouldn't be discontinued. Someone ev…

Did My Doctor Rape Me? What Should I Do?

Good evening Aunty Eya and other wives connection bloggers. My name is ................ And my number is ............., *(Aunty Eya pls blur my details before posting). My husband and I have been TTC for three years now to no avail. Finally, we registered with a hospital in April and I'm supposed to have appointments with the Doctor once every month for now. 

We've had three appointments already in April, May  and June. This July is ending and I haven't had the courage to return because of my experiences and

Is Nigeria Holier Than The Pope?

Good evening Eya, hope you now know that even the pope does not condemn gay men. I am shocked that while holy people see us as brothers, you guys stay in that backward, God forsaken, most corrupt country of ours and discriminate.  14 Years  Imprisonment for being gay? I weep for my country Nigeria. Imprisonment for being gay my foot. I never plan to return back there anyway. Why should I when the country is so hopeless.
Those who are busy sucking the treasuries dry, how many years have they served? The few that are used as scapegoats, your lousy

Suggestions: A Three Course Meal On Nigerian Or African Dishes

Good morning to you ma'am. I trust ur night was good?

Well, like i said,  A̶̲̥̅♏‎​ hosting an opening event for my online mobile restaurant/kitchen. Date is on d 23rd Aug d evening. The event will be a combination of both business opening and my 31st birthday.

Because business name) is strictly specialised in local dishes, i'd want to do a three-course meal on Nigerian(or any other african) dishes. Ma'am, d thing is i want  some organic food and drink(especially for d starter and maybe d dessert). I want people to know, aside how sweet African(basically Nigerian) dishes are, the healthy side of them.

The basis of this ceremony, is to have people have a taste of wat they'll be buying/getting.

On that day (by the merciful grace of God), i'll be featuring orphans from a particular orphanage home. I dont have any in mind yet, but

Chicken Tomato Stew And Pasta By Nancy

Hi Eya,
My date didn't happen as planned, however I decided to make me a Sunday special. I usually use fish and fresh tomatoe, but couldn't get that.
**I'm cooking for one(just me!)
Ingredients; Chicken(half kilo),Garlic,2 medium sized Onion bulbs,2 small tin tomatoes, Curry,Thyme,Seasoning cubes,Salt,G-nut Oil,Crayfish,Fresh pepper, Golden Penny spaghetti

To-Do:  Wash chicken properly and yank off those unsightly soft feathers. Using mortar and

I Was Raped, Should I Tell My Son?

Hello Aunty Eya, happy weekend to you and wc readers. I bumped into your new blog this morning, read the child rape post and am a bit worried about what we have kept from my son for the past 12 years. I was raped about 13 years ago, discovered the pregnancy when

Couscous Served With Fried Shrimps And Plantain By Deborah Bala

Couscous can be cooked plain, and served with a sauce. However I prefer mine in a jellof form. Fry the ingredients ( I ground pepper tomato and onions in the blender ) after frying add little water ( pls set aside hot water in a kettle because you are not to put

I Am A Broken Girl

Good evening aunty Joy, my name is Patience, am 23 year old and am A very sad girl. I don't know how to put it but my issue has to do with my family. 

My mum is igbo And my dad is egun. Ever since I learnt how to talk, all I hear from my mum about my dad is negative comments. I have two brothers and my dad takes care of us equally. Since I started school up till the day I graduated from the university, my mum never sent me money but she gives my brothers.
If I ask for airtime she'll ask if she's the one that bought the phone for me. 

In secondary school, I used to be scared to go home cuz

`Moringa Salad Served With Moringa Tea By Deborah Bala

Moringa is zogale in Hausa language. It's medicinal and also a quick meal to prepare. Get the leafs, pluck them but be careful not to  add the stem.  Wash the leaves very well, to remove any dirt that may have been on it. Put in a pot and boil. Please don't boil for too long and don't

My Fiance Confessed, Should I Leave Him?

Hello Aunty Eya and everyone on wives connection, thank you all for the things I've learnt on the wc blog. I just found the blog a few weeks back and have learnt so much already from recipes and advice given to posters. Having just graduated and planning to settle down with my fiance but he just did something I don't know how to manage.

One thing that freaks me out is the mere sight of an arm (gun), any type. I can't stand the sight of whatever causes harm to humans. 

While discussing last weekend, my

I Want To Start Weaning My Baby But Don't Know Where To Start With Solid Food

Good evening aunty eya, I've been reading on Wives Connection and never posted, I really need your help. My baby is about 6months now and I want to start weaning her but I don't know where to start with solids.

 What am I supposed to start giving

Be More Engaging On The Blog

Hello madam,
How are you doing. I saw your new blog and your posts. I left comments. But in addition, I just wanted to advise you on WC in particularly. I think you should try and be more engaging on the blog. I like how you are so engaging in your mails, but I have noticed that you are not so engaging like that in your readers mails.
When people are saying stuffs like

How To Make Nigerian Suya And Suya Spice (Yaji)

I was searching for "how to make Nigerian Suya at home" then I saw this video and can't help sharing with you guys.
When it comes to Nigerian recipes, I think we all know Aunty Flo @ is our madam at the top. There is no Nigerian recipe you can't find there. One thing I love about allnigerianrecipes is that you also

I Need Advice Please: Is My Wife Cheating?

Hello Ma'am Need your advice urgently I suspect my wife is cheating on me and am contemplating filing for a divorce. Well, I haven't exactly been caught her red-handed. But I have reasons to believe she is. We got married about 4 years ago and have a kid together. I am actually very crazy about her. She is the kind of wife anyone would pray for, she is smart, God-fearing, beautiful and diligent.  So what exactly is the issue? Well, a few months ago, I met one of my wife's colleagues at an

Meal Suggestions For A Person On A Strict Diet Please

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in products such as soy milk and low-fat yogurt, has been shown to reduce breast cancer incidence in rats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Hello Eya,
What a wonderful and productive job you've been doing. Not to break the laid down order, I'm........, phone number: , email: ................( Safe to assume these would be blurred out, right?).
Well, I need your suggestions as well as those of the larger WC family.

Met this awesome man a few weeks back, and we have been on three lovely dates, in one of them, he cooked! It wasn't bad, save for the mushroom (yuck!). Now, the deal is

What Do I Do To Stop My Breastmilk Flowing?

Hello Ma'am; I really don't need you to put this up as a post because I believe you must have passed through this stage in d past as an experienced mum; hence I need you to advise me. My baby is over one

Scared She Might Not Talk

Pls hide my identity,my name is ..... nd my number is .......... I have a baby girl who's a year nd 8months and doesn't even know how to call mummy,though she goes to school. She does her things very slow,she crawled at 9months,walked a year nd 5months and now she's not talking,all she does is speaks this baby language which no one understands and my husband does not care about it cos

How Do I Make Her Leave My Family?

Hello Aunty Eya, my name is .........., my number is........., please I need some good advice. My sister in-law started living with my hubby before we got married. She has finished school and job hunting. I can't stand her anymore. This girl has no iota of respect for me. She talks back and insults even my family.

 Each time I report her to my husband, he calls us both and tries to see that we make up but I don't like that approach. I feel disrespected when I have to

Irish Potatoes With Beans And Vegetables By Deborah Bala

How to cook Irish potatoes with beans and vegetables A serving of Potatoes with beans and vegetables.
Irish potatoes can be fried, baked, boiled and even made into porridge. Here is how to make a more nutritious pot of Irish potato. Cooking with beans and vegetables makes Irish potatoes very very nutritious and great for the whole family.
 5 medium sized irish potatoes
1 cup beans
3 medium sized tomatoes
1 teaspoon pepper
2 seasoning cubes 
3 spring onions
A small bunch of spinach or water leaf
salt to taste


 Boil beans with 1 small chopped onion till soft. Stir fry the tomato, pepper, onions in a separate pot.  Add seasoning, check for taste then Add little water just above the potatoes. add the diced potato, and cover the pot to cook. When it

Beyonce and Others, Take A Clue From Prince William And Kate

English: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, on her first royal tour  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Hello Eya, please permit me to share these thoughts with other readers. Watching Kate and William present their royal baby to the public was so touching because I know how difficult it is to get to see or have a little glimpse of celebrities' babies. E g, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian etc etc etc.

 I had begun to feel that it's wrong to let the paparazzi take pictures of celebrity babies. Some are ready to beat camera men and destroy cameras if pics of their babies are taken.

It took long to get a glimpse of how baby Ivy Blue looked like. These other celebs have a way of covering babies even up to their toes to make sure the public and their fans don't see nothing. What is there? Is it

I Don't Know How My Cousin Will React

Good evening Aunty Eya, my name is.............., and phone number is ....................., Please I need advice from the house to make a decision. My cousin's husband has a brother who is interested and wants to marry me. 

I love him too but

Foul Odour From My Private Part, I need Advice

Hi Eya, Please I need you post this on your blog for me, Mty name is ............, I live in ..............,I'm a student in my final year. Just got married this year but there is something strange about me.
 I have a weird odour from my private part. My husband hasn't complained tho but I know it's there. I started feeling this way in my first year at Uni, saw a Doctor who treated me and I think it worked for a while but the smell returned.

I can't go out without panty liners (Can't even let anyone help me with

I Need Some Tips For Women Who Get Pregnant At A Later Age

Hello Eya and wives connection readers, my name is ............. I just discovered am pregnant at 42.It is shocking haven't missed my contraceptives at all.My last child is preparing for secondary school already and I wasn't ready for this in any way. 

The gap is

I Am Writing From Common Sense Because Common Sense Is Uncommon

Cleo...July 21, 2013 at 7:34 PM Oh puleeeez! Spare me d jargon. Abeg all ya talking should channel dis energy to more outrageous and destructive happenings in Our Country Nigeria.Its high time our youths wake up!its high time we say enough is enough! High time we send all dis power recycling old devious arm robber blood suckers packing!!!On Rethink; I support marrying out a girl "AS SOON AS SHE ATTAINS ADULTHOOD". Now am writing from common sense, because common sense is uncommon! 
Nigerian Youths today are the MOST STUPID & IGNORANT set of individuals on earth. A bunch of STAGNANT IDIOTS with no will of moving forward (I do not

Should I Try To Get A Child Out Of Wedlock Or Press For Marriage?

I Need To Make Babies FastGood evening Aunty Eya................., I live in ................., i'm a 24 year old law student awaiting law school, i'm not married but in a relationship of almost 7years, my boyfriend is 30.

 Let me apologize before hand for the long epistle, just trying to paint a better picture for you guys.I had a lumpectomy on my left breast 2years ago, sometime last year I noticed a colourless discharged came out from my nipple whenever a little pressure was applied on my breast, I went to my gynae who diagnosed me with hormonal imbalance and gave me some drugs for it, then I noticed I was having

Would I Be A Terrible Mother If I Kept My Son Away From His Biological Father?

Good Day Aunty Eya My name is..........; I am  28 Years of age. I fell pregnant some years ago , when  I told the man responsible  , he told me to  abort as he was not ready for the responsibility and couldn’t marry me .   
I decided to keep the baby ,he  wasn’t happy with my decision,he refused to meet any of my family members and eventually dumped me .
After my son was born he apologised and promise to take responsibility, but it

Congrats To Kate Middleton And William

The baby boy who is third in line to the throne has arrived. To God be the glory for a safe delivery. 
Congratulations to Kate, William and The British Royal family and to all of us for

Cake Mix Cake By Gee Emmy

First of all thanks to Sazzy and Jay for their contributions towards the operation of my Scanfrost oven "from hell" like one Anon said.

Using a cake mix is a very easy way to bake without starting from scratch. Cake mix can be found in big supermarkets, just get a pack and

Royal Baby On The Way, Kate Middleton in Labour Right Now

At last the waiting period is over. Kate Middleton is in labour right now.  We wish her a safe delivery. Also using this opportunity to pray for pregnant women all over the world that safe delivery be their portion and for those still waiting, may they tap this anointing and get pregnant at their next meeting. For women in labour at this moment, safe delivery to all.

Btw, I like that the white man doesn't

That He Has Every Right To Cheat Cos We Are Not Married

SUMMARY EXPERTS HELP REWRITE BEFORE ADVICE PLEASEMine is a very long story but I will make a little bite short....I meet dis guy 5month ago,since than w'v been dating but

I Am Supposed To See Him Today But Do Not Know What To Say To Him

Aunty Eya,Good Morning!Please help me post this without putting my name,email or been linked to my former post,thank you! 

I am confused i woke up in tears this morning because i am tired.My boyfriend and i were supposed to have a eat out later today,but he sent a long text to me explaining that he sold the ticket he bought in advance(one has to book in advance) to someone because

Good News From Chidiebere: Blame My Husband For Me Getting Pregnant Now

If you do not know Chidiebere, then readher post and the second one, then the successful concluding story

awwww! Aunty Eya thank you for remembering me. Maybe I've been on your mind this week cos a lot has happened to me this week. 
I hit the new car my husband got me less than 3months ago. As in I hit it badly! 
My husband travelled, he's fine.

On Tuesday I found out I'm pregnant...I'm very happy. And very sad at the

Tips For Pregnancy, Labour And Delivery

Good morning Aunty Eya,I was wondering if you can post some topics on labour and delivery on WC:
We have so many pregnant women on wives connection and I guess for some it is the first. Last week we saw Mummy Amanda's comment that it was her EDD. We wished her a safe delivery. By God's grace she should be doing great right now. There are others like Lizzy and many others who may not want to disclose until after delivery.

Experienced wives, medical personnels, nurses, men  and mothers in the house, can you please share tips for Labour and delivery with us?
 *how to avoid a tear, cut or episiotomy
*how to manage contractions 
*how to have a less painful labour
*how to help waters

Sign The Petition, Stop The Nigerian Senate From Making Under-Age Marriage The Law

#ChildNotBrideMy offline schedule is so tight these days I can't find even a second to blog during the day, that's why I resorted to blogging very late at night. However, this is just for this time. Very soon I'd be free to start our normal blogging. I started a post on the child bride issue last night but couldn't publish  cos it's still incomplete. Do Not Relent, Let us all sign the petition.

This country belongs to us all and no one should push that down our throats. I can't imagine my babies getting married at 12, are they done with WAEC and JAMB? 

I can't imagine my precious daughter being sold out when she should be

FYI, How To Tighten That Place Is Still The Most Searched Query On Wives Connection Blog

There is yet no topic on this blog that gets daily queries like " How to tighten" Must it be tightened? Ladies, If your husband is not complaining, please stop disturbing yaself. *The things we do to please our men.

Don't kee yourself because of tightening of our beautiful snail look alike. Do men even care if theirs is too small, too short, too long or

Spider Yam Served With Baked Beans And Ketchup By Deborah Bala


Pastor Anselm Madubuko: How Long Is It Advisable To Wait Before Remarriage?

The blog post on  the passing of Televangelist Pastor Anselm's wife Connie on July 6, 2012  was the most read post on this blog for a long time. Biblically, we know it's only death and infidelity that's permitted to separate couples. 

Losing a spouse, dating all over again and settling with another feels like the hardest thing to do. I know that the passing of one's spouse is not the end of life. Yes, Life has to go on for their significant others.

Why do

It's Official, Funke Akindele And Husband Are Separated

I don't like forward and backward movements. Let us go forward ever and backward never with our statements abeg. I hope this is final statement o? This statement should have come earlier Naa, all this they are separated, no, they are not, Facebook account was hacked and so on, for what now? We all know it's not easy for her at this time with all the media publicity and all, it must be really tough.

I pray for Funke and

Please Suggest Meals That Can Be Prepared without Oil

Hello Eya,
My name is Faith & my phone number & .................
Please do not publish my contacts
I found out that most times especially when ever am ill especially with malaria, I detest any meal prepared with oil (whether red, ground nut, soya, olive, soy, cow oils, butter).

Please I will be