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Hello aunty eya and my fellow bloggers,I have an issue I'll like you to help me decide. I'm in my 20's and I have this guy who is truly amazing,treats me like a baby and very matured.he is the kind of person I can spend d rest of my life with and to be sincere,the only man I'v met that treats me nicely.

I'm good looking and pretty too*winks* the problem however is he
is not educated,he is a SSCE holder and I doubt if my dad would ever let me marry someone like him because my family is that which values education a lot.

I love this guy so much and he loves me too.he has proposed,what do I do? If he doesn't tell anyone he is a SSCE holder,no one would know,he speaks good english and dresses well too and very presentable... What do I do? Pls hide my email add.

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  1. christy6/08/2013

    Hmmmmmm dis cerious den bt jus tell him hw ur dad feels abt less educated ppl. N if he understands u guys can keep d education issue a secret 4m ur family cos ryt now it has ntin 2 do wit d feeling. 2ndly dos he work n can he take care of d family? Lastly is he ready 2 further his education. Wish u luck bt b wise marriage is nt all abt passion.

  2. So wat is marriage all about?

  3. Anonymous6/08/2013

    Follow your heart. The cosharis and bill gates of this world dropped out of school yet they are very successful . Make your parents see reason if you really love him.

    1. Anonymous6/08/2013

      Not good examples to give... Cosharis and Gate are educated persons.

    2. Anonymous6/08/2013

      Cosharis only brushed himself up after he made money, get your facts right. Cosharis does not hide that fact too, he uses it to motivate others. As for bill gates google is your friend

  4. Anonymous6/08/2013

    If he is really comfortable and can take care of you, why not? But please encourage him to go back to school. It is never too late to learn. Don't lie to your parents about his educational status cos they will find out. Just tell your mum how you feel about this guy (i pray she sees reasons with you) and she'd know how to convey the message to your dad. True love is so hard to find! Good luck.

  5. Johnson6/08/2013

    Your guy reminds me of a close friend (man) who only went as far as secondary school – no tertiary education. He is married to bank manager who has a post graduate degree. There’s no way one would know that he never saw the four walls of a uni. He upgrades and acquires knowledge in the area of business he's involved in.
    I am sure you have seen (and heard) of graduates that are not enlightened?
    My advise – let him meet your parents before accepting his proposal: that should actually be the normal thing to do. Courtship should be with parental consent and that gives them the opportunity to assess the relationship from different angles.
    Since your guy is enlightened, you might be surprised daddy will have accepted him before realizing that he is not the schooled type he expects. But sha, hope your guy dey takes time to upgrade himself in his chosen field?

  6. The inferiority complex will be there whether u like it or not.

  7. Anonymous6/08/2013

    no try am oh. i am in that boat now and my dear it is not easy you go regret an. take it from one who has exp it' the lines and thoughts of reasoning will frustrate you when there is no going back out of the marriage. #amout

  8. My dear don't try it o. This is Nigeria and we are in the 21st century where formal education is very important. Let him at least start a part time program to upgrade himself before you talk of marriage.

  9. My dear his qualifications shouldn't be an impedement and this depends so much on you attitude and effort to convince your parents. ofcourse your parents would ask such question,I'll advice that if they should ask he shouldn't try to hide or lie about it,instead he should show them his desire and efforts of recent to get formal education.
    But if all fail,the strong love you both share should always triumph,who said an illiterate and a graduate can't marry. I have a relative who almost contested gubernitorial election,if not for no certificate to prove he's educated. you should try to convince your parents to see reasons with you.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  10. Anonymous6/09/2013

    My dear education nor tOo matter oooo! Pls what does he do? Yoi did not mention that. If he is not lazy and has things going for him, even satan nor fit stop you! Enjoy ur happiness for a lifetime.

  11. Anonymous6/09/2013

    Well, I don't think this should just be about your parents, it should also be about you. It will get to a point when this guy's reasoning would almost be the opposite of yours and his inferiority complex starts coming in, you say or do somethings and he starts feeling intimidated. He wouldn't even want to see you around people of a higher social status. Will you be able to cope? I've got so many cousin's and friends who ended up in marriages like this and you wouldn't want to hear their stories. Does he want to go further with his education? I feel you should think twice before giving your response. You can also advise him to take up a part time programe afterall, not everyone is opportuned to go to school early in life. And as for your parents, please tell them the truth because they will want what's best for you.

  12. halima6/09/2013

    May God bless you all.he is self employed and doing quite well.I already told mum about him and she doesn't seem to have a problem with him.only dad left.I appreciate all your response

  13. Anonymous6/09/2013

    Be careful all that seems to be love is not love at the end. Men are not mostly what they display. Marriage is entirely different from boy and girl relationship. After one or two years of marriage you might be able to tell if it was actually love or mere infatuation. I am a man check well. Ladies are at times shortsighted in issues of love. Tell your DADY everything it will be for your healthy marriage in future and he would not like you to suffer. Please tread with caution. In summary, all that glitters is not gold.

  14. solo makinde6/09/2013

    If I don post my comment it means I just allowed a sis to go astray, I was almost convinced I sent aunty eya dat mail d only diff is just dat I no no longer date d uneducated illiterate,his own case is worse cuz wen I met him he sed he had a degree it was d day he had a quarel with his bro I knew he didn't have a university degree den he cried and apologosed dat he loved me much, I was in uni den so I sed no p,i even introduced him to my mum lata I stated looking for part-time courses for him to do,anytyme I see an part-flyer and I give him he just squeeze it and throw away,den anoda dat he quarelled with his mum dat was wen I kne he stooped sch in jss3,chai imagine ooo he begged me again and quarreled with his mum, I sent him moni to collect gce form he spent d moni,nt to bore you he has inferiority complex he reads my msgs b4 I do,den one day a fone kol made him beat me and dat was d last straw dat broke d camels bak,after den he apologised and sed I shld see him at home cuz he was sick,when I went he tried raping me, I finally broke up with him bt till naw he fEel I left him cuz he is uneducated.advise:its one tin for your bf to be willing to change unlike my ex,dem pray he doesn't start having inferiority complex which has a high rate of appening,all d best poster.

  15. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Ur thinking n reasoning can never be the same... Then he will feel so insecured. Marriage will be too late. You will be frustrated for the rest of your life. Don't marry him. You are still young. Wait for your perfect man, he will come to you. Forget about him being nice n polished, all na cover up. No cover up in marriage u will see every every then. So don't go into marriage with him pls. Gee.


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