Should I Relocate To Ghana?

Dear Mrs Eya,
                          Please, don't put up my e-mail or my name.
                           Its been some years that I graduated (about 7yrs ago),but I am yet to get a job.I have sent cv's to companies and have even told those that could be of help to no avail.The issue right now is that someone promised to help me secure a job in Ghana precisely an oil company,I studied geology.

He is the senior human resources consultant and he said
he'll try to see that it works out.I am still a single lady but in my early thirties.

The big question is--- SHOULD I RELOCATE TO GHANA IF IT'S GOING TO WORK OUT OR I SHOULD REMAIN IN NIGERIA AND BE TRUSTING GOD FOR JOB.I don't have anybody in Ghana and am afraid my parents may not let me go.
Thanks in advance for your advice.


  1. Anonymous6/05/2013

    You can relocate there but remember you have been out of a job for 7 years. You might have to take up some corses to brush up your knowledge and also try seeking for an internship job and eventually move up the ladder

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  3. truth is if u are really going to get the job and its gonna take care of u, I dont see any reason why u cant relocate to ghana (just a step away from naija).....settling down might not be easy for the first few months bt its nt something u cant handle.... my dad moved to nigeria from ghana and met my mum here....he's happy here bt still visits home regularly..... so my dear think about it well... Goodluck!

  4. Hmmm. I think the answer to your question is all going to be in the job offer. Since you'll be working outside Nigeria, that would mean that you'll be working as an expatriate, so to say.

    There are certain things you have to discuss with this 'someone'. Ask him if the company has any plans to support relocation, housing, transport and all. This will guide you in planning what you'll need to provide for yourself and what the company will cover for you.

    A job is a job. It must not be in Nigeria. It's like you are scared of leaving home. You have to be open to relocating o. Or you wanna keep sitting at home? I don't think so.

    Don't be scared to leave home!

    If the thing works, if and only if it works oh (Don't relocate before the thing works); consider relocating.
    You should be eager to leave home sef. Go and experience a new terrain, learn new things, new culture, meet new people. Besides Ghana 'Nepa' no dey do yawa like Naija own. Read up about Ghana. There are Ghanaians on WC here sef, ask them questions.

    Don't worry about your parents. Ya old enough to leave home. It's for your own good, I mean. But listen to them. You should try and discuss with them now, about the possibility of you getting a job in Ghana and relocating. Hear and Listen to what they have to say. What are their fears? Try and allay them. But you need loads of wisdom sha.

    But, the most important thing is that you have to PRAY o. You have to seek God's face to know if this is what He wants for you.

    If you haven't had a job in 9ja for such a long period, start looking inwards. Ask yourself "what is wrong?". Work on yourself, polish your skills and PRAY.

  5. Anonymous6/05/2013

    I have bin home 4 5yr now wit out a job n seriously if I get ur kind of offer I will jump@ a gal n still living wit my parents @dis age is not funny.if d job clicks pls go 4 it.someday u have 2leave ur parents.I beg hook me up jor I am seroiusly looking 4a job.(Smiling face).

  6. since you are unable to get a job n Nigeria i would say you should go for it if it's genuine. please, and please DO NOT leave till you get an appointment letter. also, like Jay said if they are willing to assist with accommodation etc till u find your feet would be an added advantage. if you get the job it wont be a problem convincing dad and mum to let you go and you must let them meet this "someone" that is helping you to get the job.

  7. I'm of the mindset that where one is born and grew up isn't necessary the place one will fulfil one's destiny.

    A person born in Germany might end up fulfilling his life purpose in Brazil or in Nigeria. Your land of birth/upbringing won't determine your land of purpose.

    Abraham was born in the land of Ur and GOD told him to leave the land of his fathers to another land, which was where he fulfil his life purpose.

    I'll say TAKE IT! This is your opportunity. You never can tell, your destined man might be waiting for you there.

    Like others have said, make sure you discuss the nitty gritty of the job offer before you leave and upgrade yourself while you can to refresh and add to your knowledge base.

    As for your parents being reluctance, are you the first born, only child/girl or last born? Parents won't easily let go of children who fall into these categories except you are importunate and make them tow your line of reasoning(remember prayers too).

    Also, Ghana is within the West African sub-region covered by ECOWAS policies. They don't need VISA to enter Ghana; all they need is their ECOWAS PASSPORT, which is the one issued by immigration to Nigerian citizens.

    Which do they prefer, get a job and live your purpose in another land while sending money home or stay in your land of birth and keep wasting time at your achieving nada? The ball is in your court, please aim and shoot well!

    I wish you all the best in your endeavours and hope to hear from you soon! :D

  8. Johnson6/06/2013

    Someone promised to help you get a job… hmmmm - I’m suspicious of this someone. There is no problem relocating to anywhere for better career prospect (Ghana, Somalia, even Afghanistan). However, you need not be physically present to get a job offer, especially when the company in question has not sent you an invitation letter (for interviews).
    I’m sure the address on your CV is Nigeria; so I would expect the company in question to conduct a preliminary teleconference interview before any invitation/offer. Except, if this someone owns the business, in which case he/she will have the authority to give you an employment letter.
    Going to Ghana without a firmed up agreement will put you in a very vulnerable situation… thread with caution!

    1. I think the persons plan is 4 her 2 relocate 1st b4 helpin her get the job.

      @poster, do Ʊ have the means 2 sort urself out and provide all you need 4 @least 3-6months?
      Or is this person also promising all dis too?

      4 leaving d house, parents are always like dat especially when they r not sure of where Ʊ r going? But @ 30 sumtin, my dear Ʊ should know what Ʊ want. Just ensure Ʊ r doing the right thing and I assure you they wil be happy 4 Ʊ.

      Pray, fast n ask God if this is his will 4 Ʊ.

      Wishing you the best.
      I won't mind a job in Ghana too, hehehehe, am d 1st and only girl and sure would go if I get a job that's worth it. Am also single so no strings pulling me back.


    2. Anonymous6/06/2013

      wao,am so surprised! do u no y? i am also the 1st and only girl among my siblings.lets pray it works out and i will pull u along-- *winks*


    3. desire6/06/2013

      Except you are with an offer letter, I don't think its wise for you to relocate. Hw do u want to support yourself? You might end up being a live in lover for the man. Dats d bitter truth. If he wants to help you, I don't think he needs to ask you to relocate except he's 100% sure you are getting the job. Goodluck.

  9. My take on dis is for u to pray about it, if u ar in yr early thirties, i think u ar big enough to relocate any where to take up a job. And as for yr parents talk to them about it dat is if d job us geniune, if dis (someone) can get u a job in ghana wit assurance then he shud be able to do something i naija. U have to decide bcos 7yrs is not a joke and u also need to freshen and polish yr skills even while u ar still at home. U can accept a job from smaller companies to keep u up to date , no experience is wasted.

  10. Anonymous6/06/2013

    Thanks evrybody for the comments,God bless u all.The man sent a mail to me asking me if I can relocate but I want to seek people's opinion first before jumping to conclusions.The man has tried contacting his counterpart here in Nigeria and he even gave me their mail so I can send my CV to them but those people didn't help me,he even went to the extent of sending me their phone nos.He said his hands are tied and he can't help me since he does not stay in Nigeria.He said that he can be of help since he works and lives in Ghana bcos the company is an international firm.I will reply him and tell him that if it can work out I can relocate.Thanks all and may God continue to give u all wisdom!

  11. Anonymous6/06/2013

    You've been @ home for 7yrs and u r asking if u shld relocate..ha! Abeg start thinking of where you will stay. What's d credibility of the person asking you to come over...ask urself all those security questn and when u r satisfied, carry ur bags n go. Lastly make sure u always have enuf tfare to come back (make u no go dey stranded, just in case). All da best

  12. Anonymous6/06/2013

    You've been @ home for 7yrs and u r asking if u shld relocate..ha! Abeg start thinking of where you will stay. What's d credibility of the person asking you to come over...ask urself all those security questn and when u r satisfied, carry ur bags n go. Lastly make sure u always have enuf tfare to come back (make u no go dey stranded, just in case). All da best

  13. Anonymous6/06/2013

    You've been @ home for 7yrs and u r asking if u shld relocate..ha! Abeg start thinking of where you will stay. What's d credibility of the person asking you to come over...ask urself all those security questn and when u r satisfied, carry ur bags n go. Lastly make sure u always have enuf tfare to come back (make u no go dey stranded, just in case). All da best

  14. You are big enouf to make ur decisions without your parents influence. 7years of no job could make u a liability 2 ur family nd frnds. I feel you shud relocate temporary for now, don't be in a hurry.
    Pray first and ask God for direction,
    1st tins first....let d man give u details of places dt want u 2 come in for interviews.
    Make sure they send u a text message(s) to this effect.
    Google the name of d coy dt have called u for interview...
    Go to Ghana but make sure you hav prebooked a hotel for yourself from here.
    You hav 2 avoid having to stay in d man's place so as to avoid awkward situations, (I hope dis man is 4 real sha)

    Best of luck.
    You'll get a good job soon.

  15. My taught exactly, i stand corrected if am wrong @ Poster i just feel you ain't saying much truth here,It's either you've only known this senior human resources consultant (Man) for a while and he wants to have his share before he helps you,he wants you to relocate to stay where? or did you just jump to the conclusion you feel its right to relocate? and he is also saying that when you come over he is sure it will work out,don't forget the key word " he'll try" pls use your tongue to count you teeth before you start dancing azonto to the tune of job. meanwhile GRADUATE TRAINEES PROGRAMME: CADBURY NIGERIA PLC. Plz try here and LAFARGE WAPCO NIG PLC is also recruiting, Engineers but still try am sha... Good luck

    1. Do Apply now ooo, just found out its closing by Friday the 7/06/13.... Lafarge wapco (Elephant Cement) is recruiting in Abuja,Ph, Lagos...

    2. Very nice of you Tosin.

    3. Anonymous6/06/2013

      This is very 9ce of u my name sake.I av sent my CV 2Lafarge.I have also filled the onlyn form for dragnet which is NESTLE.I just pray God remembers me for good.I will try and apply for cadbury now.THNAKS DEAR!

  16. Anonymous6/06/2013

    In everything prayer is necessary. I'll advise to relocate immediately if that's wat will give u a job. Rememba ur parents will not provide for u forever,u need to offer a helping hand to dem too and be able to take care of urself.

  17. @poster, u can also visit Synagogue church of all nations on sunday wt ur cv if ur stayin in lagos. There is on goin job opportunity for all graduates. I watchd d testimonies of 24 graduates dt were gvn job in different companies, includin federal works lst sunday.


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