RE: What Do I Do About My Wife? Thank You Everyone

Hello everyone, I'm the original poster. Thank you all for your messages and opinions. I like to see other perspectives on things. 

I would like to clarify that I am not wholly blaming my wife or seeking to vilify her. Off course not, she is my wife and I married her out of Love. I respect her as a person and don't have unreasonable expectations from her. In fact she can be very supportive and giving as a person. 

I don't look at petty silly things (even though the food can do with a bit of spice). I had a professional

job and worked my a** of to provide my family with a comfortable life. So much so, even when I am not working, it's generated enough to make them more than comfortable even now.

Our essential differences is our approach and attitude to life. I can never forget my humble beginnings and I am there for my family and community. I feel that my success comes with responsibility towards others. Yes my family are the most important thing to me and they know that. However, how can we as people abandon our communities and not help those who need our help? If I have a house and a car and the vacations and the kids education and the health care and all the other life comforts that god has blessed me with, what do you have to complain about??????? 

I will chose who I socialize with and who influences our children. No way will I compromise my principles and mix with people whose only aspiration, desire and respect is money and material. We had a frank discussion and she admitted to me that her frustrations and anger are with herself. She has her own aspirations but thinks she can not do it because of the children. She says she loves me but fears losing me and that she is jealous of other women I worked with and the way they 'spoke' to me (and how her friends look at me?). She NEVER said anything like that before. Why the hell did it take years? I take responsibility for that, I should have engaged more emotionally.

Anyhow things are slowly getting better. I agree with one of the comments here which said sometimes we forget why we got married. Why we fell in love and lose sight of things that really matter. We both know what changes we should do for our marriage and our family. Honestly I can't believe how 48 hours of bonding, being patient and understanding can change things around.

Thank you all for your contribution. Peace :)


  1. Thank GOD! Thank GOD!! Thank GOD!!!

    This is a new beginning for you both and may your love for each other never dwindle but continue to grow stronger and better, amen!

  2. Thank God for you. Never forget why you got married and always communicate..... Bless you

  3. Awww! Am so happy for you.
    I wish every problem brought here would have such happy ending.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  4. house wife15:41

    Sry for deviating buh pls I nid business ideas with a capital of 1m. Aunty eya pls write a post abt business ideas for housewives

    1. Anonymous11:54

      Children's clothes. Started with 500k and I ve a shop now.

  5. Anonymous15:55

    House wife I am so with you.. Pls solve this one oh! Biz idea with a capital of 1m

  6. Anonymous16:21

    Wc family pls anyone knows where one can buy quality UK and US clothings and other kiddies stuff at whole price in lagos,I just open a kiddies shop and I don't really know where to source for stuff in Nigeria. Help pls

  7. Communication cannot be over emphasized in an emotional relationship like marriage. Please support your wife in her own goals. Baby sit the children and give her time to do her own stuff. All the best.

  8. Mrs Morgan@warri09:37

    @anonymus 2.21pm go 2 chubby children world on akowonjo rd.its a vry big one.

    1. Anonymous10:34

      Thank you dear. You have a good heart. Though I'm not the poster.

    2. Anonymous00:16

      Thanks so much, nice of you , but pls can you help again by giving direction as I don't know d direction to d place. (Poster)

  9. 'Dara16:29

    In Lagos, go to dosunmu .. Faster if you enter through Adeniji. Ask of "Oronyi Street". Oronyin street is after 'Bovas filling station entering from Adeniji. Its a vey big plaza where they sell only Baby/children stuffs at wholesale prices.

    1. Anonymous23:51

      Thanks so much,God Bless

  10. Anonymous06:45

    Thanks so much Dara, u may never know what u ve done for me by this information, God wil reward you IJN. *POSTER*

  11. Anonymous13:50

    my cousin husband brother want to marry me bt am scard hw my cousin wil see it do i marry him cos i luv him


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