RE: I Want To Change, I Need Advice.

Thank you Everyone For Your Advice

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen, it's me, Eya. Thank you all for your advice. You helped me gain back my friend. To everyone that gave advice on that post, may God bless you abundantly. Like I said before, we learn everyday and there are so many things I'm still learning as an adult. 

Now I know it's always better to confront with love. I won't make that mistake of assuming things again, never.
After reading all your comments, I made plans to go see her. I wanted to do it when her husband is not around, just wanted us to have the whole time to talk anyhow we wanted. Even though I know she she'd tell him later. 

On Friday, I was just taking a short walk when I saw her driving towards me. I quickly moved towards the road making an an effort to stop her. I guess she saw me coming towards her and had to clear. Even while trying to clear, she was just hailing me like what? I was shocked cos I didn't expect that after all this while. Her genuine smile and hailing, and sweet name calling just made me flow along and we started talking. I forgot about what I wanted us to trash and only remembered after she drove off.

You guys advice helped me make that move towards her car cos I know that the former me would have just continued walking while she drives past without seeing me and then I'd assume again that she saw me and drove pass. 

I am so happy now. I don't think I should bring that up cos I now feel she was in a bad mood the day I went to see her daughter. I think the past should just remain there while we move forward. "Common sense is not common at all."
We are fine now.
Thank you everyone.


  1. I'm happy for you two. Always confront but dont argue or fight

  2. Anonymous6/24/2013

    If you have not spoken in over a month and just take off from where u stopped without either of u asking what was wrong, your friendship is superficial. Anyway, not all friendship can be deep. In this instance, dont expect too much from her. U dont have that kind of friendship.

  3. Johnson6/24/2013

    Aunty Eya... sure the opportunity will come some day to talk about the past - either of you will have course to bring it up in a lighter mood. For now, just let it be.
    We all do have our moments and people will misunderstand (mis-interpret) our actions/inactions. It takes godly wisdom to manage sure situations effectively...

  4. Anonymous6/24/2013

    I still think you shud talk to her abt wat happened b4. Stop assuming. Clear d air and move on. Bliv me u will feel more at peace.

  5. Anonymous6/24/2013

    In the spirit of feed back, how's the ikorodu lady? Always thinking about her,would love to hear from you and hope you are ok?

  6. Aunty Eya, someone once told me dis & now am telling u; Never assume, else u make an ASS of U & ME.

  7. Anonymous6/24/2013

    Happy to hear that.
    Let sleeping dogs lie.

  8. Anonymous6/25/2013

    Its real friendship yo,anytime i hv misunderstanding wit my best frnd we avoid ourselves for a while,but d moment we settle we continue from where we stopped like nothing ever happend!

  9. Anonymous6/25/2013

    If I don't talk about the past and settle it, trust me I can never have a clear mind with the other party. I'll keep trying not to allow such repeat itself, and keep assuming smthing might go wrong if I say this or do that.
    I think you should ve a talk with her still.
    Clear ur mind!


  10. This is what i think happens in real friendship. You just both look past whatever happened and move on. #lifeisshort


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