Please Donate To Singer OJB JEZREEL

I saw this on Linda Ikeji's and if I tell you guys the way that I enjoy OJB's music eh, you may not believe. He is one of my best and it's only fair that I put this here too. His music makes sense. When you listen to his lyrics, you just get to wipe your tears and move on. Very inspirational songs.

He is
still pleading for help to enable him go for the kidney transplant in India. He needs 15million Naira.
Please send your donations to the account details below:
Babatunde Okungbowa. UBA - 1015075120. 
Thank you.
OJB now


  1. Anonymous6/25/2013

    May help arrive fast.
    Quick recovery!

  2. Anonymous6/25/2013

    If Wizkid can damage a #50Million Porche Panamera car in less than 2 months

    If D'Banj can wear a #3Million suit just for a show

    If Davido can refer to a #10Million endorsement deal as chicken change

    If P-Square can buy just a property for #400 Million

    If Don Jazzy can pop a $1.5Million champagne

    And the many others...

    Why can't they put heads together and donate just $100,000 (#15Million) in just 24 hours?

    Its obvious there's beef in the industry.
    If all these big artistes don't save OJB JEZREEL with their money, Sango go kill anyone who goes to studio to produce "Tribute to OJB'.

    *chews bitterleaf*

    1. Abi o.*gimme small bitterleaf too*

    2. Anonymous6/25/2013

      Thanks for the tribute. I need me some of that bitterleaf

    3. Anonymous6/25/2013

      Gbam!! Well said

  3. opeoluwa6/25/2013

    Am really sorry to say this but I think I will rather donate my money to non celebs. Wizkid bought N50m porche, dbanjbought suit of money worth $25000, psaure goes abt in private jets then in a few yrs they will tell me to come n donate for them. My point is this celebs esp d musicians go abt sqaundering there money on irrelevancies without investing then when the money finishes they start begging me that av never being on a private jet or even own a car to come n donate. Am sorry o bt they shld sort themselves out. God wiLl heal u .

  4. Kai naija celebs. I just tire.

  5. Anonymous6/25/2013

    Our celebs never save. They squander too much for their own good.

  6. Yeah, love his kind of music too,pls make una donate and help a brother o!

    Get well soon OJB!
    My God will surprise U!

  7. Anonymous6/25/2013

    I pray God heals OJB IJN.For ladies out there,let me share you a secret,If you have toilet infection,please go and treat it.I had a toilet infection like 2years back and it affected my kidney.I observe that i was having back pains and my lower ribs was paining me,not knowing after almost 5years of not treating my toilet disease has lead it to affect my kidneys.Thank God I went to the hospital after discovering those symptoms,always drink enough water bcos dats wat the doctor at the general hospital told me then and if u notice any slight pain,pls go 2d hospital.Tot it wise to share my story here.Thanks


  8. let us leave other stars alone pls, na donate dem ask no be analysis even if na 1k lets do it and pray dat things get better for him.

  9. Anonymous6/25/2013

    Tnk annonymous 4:52... I had a similar experience. I wasn't properly treated for toilet infectn and dem came d sudden sharp back pain and abdomenal pain. Doc said smtyn related to kidney infectn and asked if I had treated toilet infectn. Tnk God I discovered it early.

  10. Anonymous6/26/2013

    Pls Aunty Eya,pls tell dem to send him to synagogue church of all nations so dt T ,b joshua wil pray for him if only he will beliv n humble himself before God.

  11. Anonymous6/26/2013

    I still can't wrap my head around the fact dbanj hasn't said nufn


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