Mobile Phone At What Age?

Good morning Aunty Eya and fellow readers. I started following this blog since 2012 and love the way issues are handled here. I have a little problem I feel you all can help me out. 

My 10 year old will be going to Secondary School in September by his grace, he wants a mobile phone.
I tried explaining that it's
too early but on the other hand, he is quite intelligent besides, I have an old phone I no longer use and can pass down to him but  want to know from others if it's proper for a 10 year old to own a mobile phone. If it's wrong, then I won't give him.
I need advise.
Thank you.


  1. peace_udo6/18/2013

    At 10, he is good to go. IMO, give him a phone for calls n games only. Not d one he can browse with so that he won't start learning"some"things too early. When he is a teenager then u may give him that exposure.

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  3. Y̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥å giv him a kpalasa fone. As long as its not internet enabled, he's gud 2 go.

  4. sylviaaa6/18/2013

    I think d use of fone at dis stage will b a distraction 4 him.ask ur self these questions:y does he need 2 use fone so badly at dis age?if he is nt usin fone dat is internet enabled 4 assignments or mini projects,then y use it in d 1st place.Dont u tink he might b busy callin, textin nd playin games while in class ?Leave him 2 study in sch nd play lil games while he's done wt his homework at home.personally,I don't support d use of phones 4 secondary students.if dey need 2 search on d internet,a computer shld b available in d living room 4 all 2 use nd u can as well watch wat dey r doin at all times.Kids r funny these days nd 2 much freedom is nt gud.sorry 4 d long writeup.

  5. It depends if there's a need for him to own a phone,why not?
    My dad refused me owning a phone till when I went to write my pume exam then at my alma mater UNN.
    But siblings all started using phone immediately they entered junior secondary school,but being barding students,they only made use of the phones while at home,and my dad collects it from them when goingback to school.
    So if there's need for him to make use of it now,you can give him a phone but may decide not to call it his phone,and tell him the situations he's meant to use the phone.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  6. If you son makes his way to school and back on his own then its important he has a phone so u can phone to check his safety and whereabout.
    Phones won't cause distraction in class bcoz no teacher will allow a child use a phone in class and won't even tolerate the sight of d phone during lessons.

    1. Anonymous6/19/2013

      U̶̲̥̅̊ Hλ√ƺ said Ȋ̝̊†̥ all Lizzy.nothing more to add.EPHY

  7. Anonymous6/19/2013

    U didn't say if its a day or boarding school. I know boarding schools don't permit d use of fones. My sister only uses hers wen she comes home on holidays. As for day student, its necessary u give dem a phone, sumtin like Bonario's 3310. Lol. Tell him its for emergency use ONLY. If he discovers d game section as well, that's his luck.

  8. A simple mobile phone at ten is not bad. Schedule recharge card days to help him control unnecessary calls. Airtime must not get exhausted before a particular day.


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