If He Develops A Fault, Talk To Me

This letter to us is what we all need to read and reflect on. I read it before Here, so when I got it in my mail this morning. I read again and said OK, it will be posted with a link back to Nairaland.

**Dear Daughter  I have sent you to a man’s house to be a blessing to him and ‘help’ him achieve the goals I gave him. He’s not like you at all. He’s burly,quite insensitive. You’d be surprised he might not even realize you’ve come to help! So,to help your task and protect you from being on the receiving end of his imperfections here are some vital instructions.

1. Don’t ever try to fix him, if he ever develops a fault, I’m

his manufacturer and you will need to talk to me about him. You’re his wife, not his God. I don’t particularly like it when you think you can change him and you attempt to take my place.

2. Well, I’m your God too,but your husband is my deputy in your life. To get the best of him,you need to respect him like you do me. Get more instructions on this from your grandmother. Magdalene.

3. You will realize that he fumbles in many things. I know you’re smart but resist the urge to get in front of him and take charge of things except he tells you to.

4. He’s a man of God but he’s still a man. Remember an hungry man is an angry man whether the hunger is for food or sex. Don’t you ever play politics with him on those issues.

5. He likes competing and winning,that’s why he’s crazy about sports. But there’s an area he doesn’t mind you being better- character!So take advantage,be a better lover,more humble,more patient,more virtuous.

6. He enjoys attractive help mates, quite more than is good for him.
As you get into helping him,don’t forget to stay attractive as much as possible. I know its a tough task but I know you can do it,you’re a woman after all.

I’d give you more instructions later but these are vitally important and can’t wait.
Whatever you face there,never forget why you’re there.
If you keep your eyes on the goal of being a blessing to him,sooner than later he will come to adore you.

Meanwhile, keep in touch with me in prayer. If you’ve ever needed my help you will certainly need it on this assignment!  From GOD

    I saw this somewhere and I thought I should share wit u Aunty Eya and the beautiful WCR. God bless us all. Don't post my email and name ma'am.


  1. I love this! Thanks

  2. Awww. nice. Thank you for sharing

  3. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Nice Piece and thanks for sharing

  4. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Is there one for men too? I'm tired of all these women do this and that.....what about the men

    1. Anonymous6/14/2013

      i tire oh,Are women leaving for men?

  5. Hmmm sounds as if women are just trying to manage men,asin keepingup with a very faulty creature.
    But remember God created man and rested,but after he created woman,neither God nor man has rested.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Anonymous6/13/2013

      Bona, why are u feeling threatened? humans are generally faulty being! relax and enjoy a good piece jare

    2. Queen Bee6/14/2013

      Bona man,i can't shout lmao@nevr rested!
      Na true o!we women are a handful

  6. @BONA, =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) na wa for u Oº°˚˚°ºo.

  7. Anonymous6/13/2013

    Wow o. So lovely

  8. Anonymous6/14/2013

    Who is the magdalene in number 2?

  9. Bislondy6/14/2013

    Nice write up

  10. Babino6/14/2013

    Nice write up, very inspiring.

  11. Kai d life of a woman is HARD


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