Exercising Without Weight Loss

Good day Madam Eya, please help me ask your readers what we can do about my husband's body. Exercising and workouts are meant to make one lose weight but we
noticed that every time he starts practicing those, his body size increases more than when he didn't. What could be the cause please? We need advise from the house.


  1. @Poster, your husband is like me. I realize that I get hungry a lot when I exercise thereby making me eat more often and gain.

    Exercise induces hunger for me.

  2. Anonymous6/23/2013

    I think it's the gain in muscle mass. The muscle in turn burns the fat. I've been in the same boat before. I started a diet and exercise regimen and was really optimistic about it. You can then imagine my dismay when the number on the scale was increasing instead of dropping. Found out the reason, stuck to the exercise and didn't go near a scale for weeks. The next time I did, saw the weight difference.

  3. Anonymous6/23/2013

    he should always drink bitter leave water mixed with buruntashi and tortoise piss after each exercise ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

  4. Anonymous6/23/2013

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  5. Exercise makes you want to eat more.. If he succumbs which most likely he would, he automatically adds more.

    When you burn energy, the body needs more to function, as simple as that!

  6. Anonymous6/24/2013

    The more you exercise the more muscle you build. It may not necessarily be fat. American singer Trey Songz is an example of this. Check pics of him from like 5 years ago and compare them to recent ones and you'll see the difference. It also means that the figure on the scale would go up too because of the weight of the muscle. Google it if you need anymore info.

    1. Anonymous6/24/2013

      Forgot to add, maybe reducing the amount of exercise he does might help. For someone like him who doesn't want any increase in size, he should focus more on dieting rather than exercise. That doesn't mean he shouldn't at all, but it should be moderate exercises. Not too much weightlifting etc. as those increase muscle. Hope this helps. Sorry if my sentences are all over the place, I'm really tired now.


    1.reduce carbohydrate intake
    2.have @ least 6hrs sleep
    3.eat 3hrs before bedtime
    4.if you feel hungry before bedtime,nibble on fruits
    5.drink water at intervals...always keep it handy and sip like beer *wink*
    6.avoid alcohol and sugar
    7.take more of fruits and vegetables
    8.avoid white rice,go for brown rice
    9.reduce your food intake
    10.leave that eba alone and go for plantain flour with vegetable or okro soup

    the few rules i applied and its working out for me.
    will post my before and after pic as soon as am done.ciao

  8. Anonymous6/24/2013

    What I did that worked for me is eating my three square meals with nofin in between ,by nofin in between I min no snacks ,no junks and the likes of that.The advantage of eating real food regularly and not snacks is that it fills u up till ur next meal,thereby there is hardly any craving for junks.then,drastic reduction of late eating,bliv me that's one of the major causes of weight gain.So latest time I eat dinner is 7pm,if m so hungry afta this time,I eat fruits and this does not pass 8 pm.If after 8 m hungry,na water to the rescue mehn...loll! At first,it will be so hard,but later u ll get used to it.it worked for me,I hope it will for you u.just suggesting this,since it seems exercises are not working for you!i so hate exercises that's why I opted for this rada than exercises.All the best!

  9. I've read that you dont necessarily need to do fasted cardio in order to lose weight. and HIIT is the way to go to burn stubborn fat.


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