Thank You All, My Biological Father Passed

Hello Aunty Eya,
I am the guy that wanted to know if it's proper to go look for my biological Father? Actually I did what you all advised and went privately the very next day. Thank you Ace and others who left caring comments for me.

I got the address from Mum and left without informing anyone. She advised me to go to his home town where I may be directed to where I can find him. I arrived early but spent time trying to locate the family which finally paid off. I met

his elder brother who introduced me to other kinsmen and later at night I was informed that he passed on some years back. 

The following morning I returned back and am very grateful to God for giving me this family. Inside of me, I didn't feel like my biological uncle was excited about meeting me. He didn't make me feel very welcome at all.

I am so happy I brought my problem to this blog and got very reasonable advise. Again, if I informed my Dad of the search, it would probably have  affected our relationship. Now no one except my mum is aware and I may never talk about it again, ever. Your comments put some sense in my head. I am grateful.


  1. Anonymous5/28/2013

    I comment my reserve.

    1. BEKEES5/29/2013

      Happy Democracy day every one.please I hve new(apple) IPAD 2 for sell,64 G White.price is N120,000.Aunty Eya welldone!


    3. BEKEES5/29/2013

      @aunty Eya Ikoyi Lagos.thanks

  2. blogging question self

  3. Anonymous5/28/2013

    Thanks for the update. Focus on the one that made you who you are.Not on the sperm donor. I hope they told u d truth.

  4. New Bonario5/28/2013

    Welcome back bruh, You were wise.
    New Bonario says so via SAGEM 3310.

  5. which kind fake Bonario be this

  6. I'm glad you got some closure on past events. Now it's time to face ur future. All the best.

  7. Wow... So happy you took that stride wisely! May God almighty create a true man in you, you shall be that father who's son will be proud of, Note: I'm already proud of bro! Keep holding onto what you have.

    Thanks for updating!

    One love...

  8. you finally got closure and peace! good luck hun

  9. Thank God you followed the advice given to you, now get back to your life and enjoy the inner peace that comes from within, that which God alone can offer.

  10. Anonymous5/29/2013

    Welldone. Your Uncle probably thinks you will be interested in inheritance. Remember to love your father more now

  11. Anonymous5/29/2013

    Oh, so happy Mr Poster, ur mind can now be at peace.
    On a differnt note, from ur initial post,I actually tot u wer a lady. With d exception of Bona,Ace,Johnson,my mind by default just thinks everyone else here is a lady. Ofcourse I know there r annoymous men here too, but I hardly rember that. Lol

  12. claire5/29/2013

    U've said my mind. Tot the same too.

  13. Y̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥å I tot twas a lady too o. Hw presumptous

  14. Congratulations my brother. It all worked out for your good.

  15. Johnson5/29/2013

    Ladies, you’ll be amazed how many MEN visit this blog… How nice to read to women – makes you a better man. The problem with most men is that we don't listen enough...
    @Poster... good move, and not a bad result. Just wondering how you're going to manage the whole secret. God will give you the wisdom...

  16. happy for you. You took it all in good stride. I'm sure you'll be happier now...atleast your inheritance is sure in your adoptive father's home. He loves you dear, dts y he kept it secret!
    God bless

  17. Hmm. It wasn't such a complicated issue after all. I actually thought you were a female too.
    Thank God your curiosity has been satisfied.
    I hope you took down the surname of your biological dad, so that you wouldn't end up falling in love with any of your biological siblings and relatives in the future :-)

  18. poster5/29/2013

    Thank you all. I typed gurl and don't know what happened. My phone automatic editor may have changed it to guy. I am a gurl.


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