RE: Should I cut all Ties...? A Friend's Reply

Good morning aunty and my fellow blog readers. I have really learnt a lot from this wonderful blog and am happy and blessed to be among this great family. Please bare with my lengthy post. Aunty please don't post my email I'd. Thx

I really don't know where to start but I guess I have to start from somewhere. So i woke up yesterday morning to a strange ping from my friend and after

reading i was like this ping is definitely not for me. But then she referred me to aunty Eya's blog so i came here and saw a mail she sent.

Am sorry if my story doesn't add up, it's about the post that says 'Should i cut all ties with people close to my ex?' I Am the girl friend to the ex's brother she was talking about. Although my dear friend dint even give me an opportunity to explain myself as she has deleted me from her blackberry contact even after pleading with her not to. So i decided to talk to her through this means.

It's so unfortunate that her relationship with her ex ended as I was just getting to know her. We weren't that close when she was still with her ex cos we were so into our boyfriends that we hardly had time to talk. Then at the peak of the breakup we became so close, we talked and chatted at length that was when i found out that she's such a wonderful person.

There is no day that passes that we don't ping for hours, we talked about a lot of things, everything. With her, I had the kind of relationship have always longed to have with my elder sister. Even though she was way older than me, she doesn't ever let that get between us, i scolded her for all the wrong things she did to her ex and she accepted her wrongs but then it was over.

Yes, her ex doesn't like the fact that am this close to her, but I dint care, he's always trying to say trash about her and am always defending her even in front of my bf. I don't know why he thinks she's a bad influence on me because the truth is she's the best friend i have ever had. She doesn't judge me, i can tell her my fears, and she keeps encouraging me. About the ring issue, he said he knows she's the one that would put that kinda idea into my head, and it made me really mad and angry like i dint have a mind of my own. I gifted my friend because we talk about everything and am so sorry that she felt bad.

Someone commented that am avoiding her already. And my friend said in her post that am not proud of her as a friend because I don't ping with her when am with my bf. I thought i and my friend had an understanding because i gisted her how my bf now drags my phone weneva am with him and am pinging. I know she will read this mail, so my dear, derris no way on this planet that am not proud of u as a friend. All my friends that you don't even know you use to ask of you, i traveled and i found myself telling the new girls i met there about you, because they all dint like ur ex new gf and i told them how much fun we wud have had if u were der. The reason i hardly ping with you when am with my bf is because we talk about everytin. Deary you no derris notin we don't talk about, my fellow blog family, just imagine where 2ladies r vn d fun of pinging, the kind of amebo we do can bring down the whole of these world,lol then imagine me laughing without control and my bf snatching my phone and reading through. Its not everything that i ping with her that i would want my bf to see, and she knows it. That's the only reason why I hardly ping with her, my bf knows that am still friends with her and he has never said anything against it.

And since their breakup, i have never used his pic as my ₯, she's the one that always asks me to gist her watsup, if i knew she wasn't comfortable i wud never v gisted her. I understand the fact that i might in some ways be reminding her about her ex and i would respect any decision she wants to take.

I just thought she has seen me beyond the gf of her ex's brother because i have seen her beyond that.
Am in tears as am typing this mail, I have refused to think about this episode since yesterday, you know how someone feels when they just had their heart broken. If you ever decide to give our friendship a shot again, I promise to never discuss your ex and even my bf again.

I wanted to call you but i don't want to upset you, am really very sorry for all the ways knowingly and unknowingly I might have reminded you about your ex, am really sorry. Am so happy I invited you to this blog if not I wouldn't have known all the ways have wronged you. Always remember that i will never stop praying for you, you will get your dream job in that oil company and God will reveal to you the right man among all your suitors because you deserve the best.

I already miss you badly, nobody to give me advice again, to cheer me on, to encourage me. Nobody to give me all the attention that you give me. No one to listen to my endless complains, no one to chat with me and cry with me. In such a short time you understood me in the way no one has ever done. I miss our amebo routine, funny enough we always gossip about this blog we never knew our story will be here someday.

 Thanks so much for being such a great and patient friend to me. And I thank you for having so much respect for my bf. I would continue to pray and hope you change your mind about me. Lots of love.
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  1. Umu nwaanyi! Lol

    Dear friend, abeg forgive her. This kind of friendship is rare. Dnt lose it over one man somewhere....

    On a lighter note, d average man wnt be caught dead writing this kind of mail to another man..heheheh....

  2. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. So touching.

  3. Anonymous5/06/2013

    This almost sounds like they are in a relationship. Lmao. I love this kind of friendship, I wish I had dis. I have sisters but not dis level of frienship with them. Its good to have a bestfriend like this. I say you two should kiss and make up.

    1. chubby ELLA5/07/2013

      Yhh,wyl reading,I jst wished I had dis kind of relationship. I dnt hv frnds,nt even one I can share stuff wit. I used 2 hv a dear frnd,almost lyk a sista bt we had issues(women n deir wahala),I hv 4given her bt I dnt knw if she has 4given n I dnt knw hw 2 go abt d settlement stuff. Her name is ONYEKA OZUZU(jst incase she comes here or sm1 who knows her sees it,jst lyk d story we jst read). Pls dear 4giv her n accept her bk,dis kind of frndship is rare esp 4 gals n I sense a lot of honesty n sincerity in both mails.

  4. awwwwwwww. you both should continue your friendship cos this kinda friendship is rare to find.

  5. awww *tears* such a true heart. Let no man come between a woman and her friends #word

  6. Pls come bck to her abeg wish I had dis kind of frnd dat truly misses me like dis

  7. awww kai ds made me shed a tear. plz y'all shud kiss and makeup biko.

  8. Awww I actually advised her to let you go o. Just proves that sometimes you need to hear the other party out.
    Your friendship seems so true, please find a way to make it work.
    God bless

  9. Awwwww quite heart-attending story. I pray she gets to read this and reconsider ur friendship.
    Btw why are some suggesting they KISS and makeup,thought they're girls lolz*BB confused face*

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. as in bona, i was pondering on the same thing ooo, kiss and make up sounds like a relationship

  10. anonymous5/06/2013

    @ BONARIO kiss and make up is only an expression. Friendships like dis re really rare

  11. Anwuli5/06/2013

    i learnt from this misunderstanding that its always good we give people the benefit of doubt and approach them with our concerns directly! sometimes its no where along the line of our thoughts or assumption! i am learning too with my crazy analytical mind..........

  12. Pls dear friend, come and continue with your dear friend. such a friendship was the one envisaged in proverbs. A friend that sticks closer than a sister or brother. And incase she doesn't read this post, anty eya please send her an email so she can read it, or better still dear friend text her or call her. may God continue to keep ur friendship.

  13. Anonymous5/06/2013

    Touching.... Oya, you both,com b my friends too...#hehehe

  14. Anonymous5/06/2013

    When is the wedding? Lol! Na joke o.

  15. Plz, you both can still be friends...

    Na only me know why I dey laff.

  16. HI GIRL,

    aww I know how u feel (from experience)BUT u can only try, try to save ur friendship but if she wants u cut off, u have to deal with it somehow.... it's like someone breaking up with u and not understanding y. If she wants u out of her life, u have to accept it and let it go...

    good luck!

  17. Awww,I love ur courage....U guys deserve to b FRIENDS....All d best!

  18. Anonymous5/06/2013

    Wow true friendship


  19. Shayor5/06/2013

    Awwww! The very reason why one nids 2 listen 2 both parts of a story! I love dis...I'm sure she's come around, don't worry, she loves u too! I love my blog fam like shege!

  20. Anonymous5/07/2013

    umu nwanyi na nsogbu!.

  21. Anonymous5/07/2013

    Abeg, make up with ur friend o. See me looking for a friend like this. People neva understand me cos they feel I have too much and it gets into my head even wen I try to make them comfortable its always seen from anoda perspective. I travelled and gave a friend an expensive bag and d next tin I hear na she dey pose, make we kn say she dey travel. I feel bad and can't just understand why. Am very religious and don't put so much to material tins cos it all vanity but I like gud tins. lol.

    1. solo makinde5/07/2013

      I wish I had a gud fwend,gud fwend r just so rare to come by,den won't mind having a rich geh as my fwend,am a gal ooooo and trust me am nt afta ur moni, I guez it just pays to have a rich fwend cuz right naw am a graduate with no job and I feel U can connect me in terms of getting a good job ooo*winks* me sef lyk better tin, I wld appreciate if U can rpy on aow I can reach you.

  22. Cyndrella5/07/2013

    hmmmmmmmm this is touchy,i wish i have a friend that we can care for one another this is not an easy relationship to come by. i love u both.


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