Made In Nigeria English

*Abeg dress back.

*Nothing de happen

*See me see local trouble o!

*If I hear pim, u go hear weeen.

*The film is sweet

*Pls help me slow that fan

*Have you paid your school fees money?

*See as you baff up

*Put the bread inside LYLON

*I strong KAKARAKA

*Oya come and go!

*I KUKUMA don't have your time

*Shebi you have BB charger?

*I know you have come since bcoz I hear

  your perfume.

*Wetin tym dey talk?

*You chop winsh?!

* I want to tush up my house before I invite you

*I send u message?

*I no send (meaning I don't care)

*Who dash monkey?

*No let me do u somtin o! 

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  1. Anonymous5/15/2013

    You well so?
    who dash monkey banana?
    who born dog?
    Make I her word.
    No long ting
    You see your sef?
    Fear no gree me

  2. Barbie5/15/2013

    You no try at all
    wetin be your own
    why you come join mouth put
    I dey kamkpe

  3. You go fear fear

    I pray o

    Oya, Alele (leave here)

    You wan try?

    Is not a small something

    Nothing dey happen

    Wetin dey sele for your side?

    How your body?

    Who mess?

    We dey do am jejely

    Oya do it shaperly (do it speedily)

  4. Creamberry5/15/2013

    if i hear
    unto say wetin

  5. Anonymous5/15/2013

    The exam has been POSTPONDED. When are you going to come and see me. On a side note,Aunty Eya,pls can we get a post about Nollywood movies because honestly something has to be done about that industry and very fast. I'm concerned because I love my country and I want an improvement. GLADDENED HEART

  6. Wetin concern agbero with overload
    I sabi pass you
    Hunger dey wire me
    I tire no be lazy
    She don vex finish
    Yeye dey smell
    Don't kobalise me o
    Afa dey for mosque
    Who no go no know
    Na today

  7. Licious5/15/2013

    #couldnt help laughing#

    Abeg shift for me

    Commot mouth for the matter

    Shuwooo! Na which one concern you for there?

    Na you sabi

    What's your own?

    Na jugde you wan judge abi wetin? Abeg PARK well!!!

    Please oooo,where do you live,what's your address and where do you reside?

  8. Priscillia5/15/2013

    see gobe
    where u enter?
    yawa don gas
    u no dey fear face?
    na u sabi o
    how e dey do u?
    make i hear word

  9. Cyndrella5/15/2013

    I laff taya
    gbege don boss
    e bi wetin
    shey na him be ur hussy
    i tire 4 u oh
    u don try
    e go tey u
    i sure die
    come and go make i see you
    u go sidon taya
    na wetin be ur name sef
    commot for my domot kiakia
    na di koko be dat
    make we come dey go
    i bow for ur grammar
    i no no ur name
    e be like say she get belle
    i too dey gbadun ur freak
    shey u go come see me tomorow
    i no go dey house wen u go come
    wen u wan come see me
    i go come see ur new cloth
    shift for me make i sidon well well

  10. Anonymous5/15/2013

    no whala sha
    wetin take concern u fo der?
    wetin be ur business fo here
    a beg shift mek a no pursue u comot fo dey
    oya! mek u come shap shap a beg
    na where u comot come
    biko give me break a beg (leave me alone)
    na my thing be dat
    dis is a lie!!! (dis is unbeleivable!)
    a go show you pepper (I will teach u a lesson)

  11. * Are u a learner?
    * I be won ask you if you de come my. house
    * You see me so?
    * I tire for you
    * I kuku ma know say you don't love me
    * I love you talk your own
    * Se na me you de follow word
    * Send me that phone make i wire you the money
    * Abeg nack me torey
    * i can't shout oo
    * see me see trouble
    * sebi you dash me the money
    * My love for you na die... Lol

  12. Anonymous5/15/2013

    Chop Knuckle

  13. Anonymous5/15/2013

    4 whr uniben girls dem dey, unilag babes dey learn

    Guy u run shows with that babe?

    Nor b today nyash dey back.

    I go treat ur f**k up!!

    Warri babe!!

  14. Are u from were?
    U well @ all?
    Na how e dey do u?
    Any which way
    Na una sabi?
    U done come(and u are seeing d person o)
    Na ehim papa eye e carry
    My eyes dey chuk
    Eyes don Red

  15. It didint easy

  16. Anonymous5/16/2013

    You no need fork to chop slap

  17. Hahaha, nice one
    You no dey hear word?
    Make I hear word
    The rice don done?
    You dey hear the smell?

  18. Anonymous5/17/2013

    Na ur eye ßε dis?
    If  wooze Чσυ!
    Bring ǎ̜♍ come
    4where Чσυ take see ǎ̜♍
    Unto wetin N‎ǻ̀́Ħ?
    See levels
    Shebi Чσυ dei see ǎ̜♍
    Waka far


  19. Anonymous5/19/2013

    1. Don’t dare talk infront of my back

    2. 1 2 3, both of you get out of myclass!

    3. Take 5cm wire of my length

    4. All of you stand in a straight circle

    5. Be quiet… the principal just passed away

    6. Why are you looking at the monkeys outside when I am here?

    7. I have 3 daughters, they are all girls

    8. Did you see me on the radio yesterday?
    9. Everybody is entitled to his own laughter

    10. Stop making noise like empty sardine tins of

    11. The son of the man is a boy

    12. This is your permanent place, sit here for the mean time

    13. Take the lead and follow me

    14. Lock the keys and give mi the padlock

    ..U are just amusing me with laughter


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