I Need Help With Teeth Brushing And Proper Bathing

Hi Eya,
How are you and your family? Thanks for this blog. The possibility of posting anonymously is great because I don't see myself going to ask ANYONE about this kind of personal issues I want to talk about here. God bless your family and the blog family.

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I have a problem with brushing my teeth twice a day. I know it is the right thing to do but my body doesn't agree with it. Whenever I start brushing morning and night regularly, before two to three weeks, my gums start getting sore. I use a good toothpaste ( Sensodyne) so it's not a matter of type of toothpaste cos I always change when I don't like one anymore.

Right now my gums are really sore because for the past three weeks I made sure teeth brushing is twice. When I brush only in the morning, I don't get this problem. I once got lysterine mouthwash to help me avoid brushing at night. I started rinsing at night with just the lysterine and after some time, I noticed that when I chew, my teeth kind of make embarrassing sounds as if they are too clean and are having a kind of friction or something scrubbing together. I stopped using the lysterine and those funny sounds stopped.
Pls help me post, I need some advice on how I can manage my oral health without necessarily brushing twice a day.

Again, my kids, whenever I start bathing them like morning and night, they start getting cold and cough. I got tired of recurrent cold and cough and stopped bathing them at night. The coughs ceased. Right now, I always feel uncomfortable like they are going to bed dirty. What can I do? Is there something other mothers are doing that I need to learn? Is it OK to bath kids just once a day?

Finally, I love to fix my nails, and I have this friend of mine who always complains and teases me, saying stuff like... she feels I don't get clean in the bathroom because my long nails won't let me stick a finger in and wash properly.
Is is Ok to stick a finger in while washing? Isn't it enough to just squat, splash water and wash? I really need to know cos she says some discharges get locked in the corners and need a finger going in there to scrape and wash them out. Is it true my long nails are preventing me from getting a clean wash?
Aunty Eya, please I need your own answers too o.
Thank you fam.


  1. Hahahaha.Lolzzzz
    Happy to be a man.

    1. Anonymous5/05/2013

      lo you are really lucky.

      You might be using a toothbrush that has hard bristles. There is the soft, medium and hard one. Try and use a medium one and brush away from your gums. You can clean the gums in the morning, but clean the teeth alone at night. The squeaky sound is not so bad, I use Listerine too :) As for for the bathing issue, make sure to not bathe them with water that is not warm enough for them. Also, they can wear clothes that are a bit 'thick' if you get me. So things like wool or cotton (preferably cotton, wool might be too warm), or wear socks. If you have the AC on in the evening after showers, this might have also contributed to it. Oh, and don't stick any fingers inside please. You can easily cut the soft area there and that would be another issue. If you don't have any problem with odour down there, then don't bother. What is your friends own with how you wash your vagina anyway?

  2. No, pls dnt stick ur fingers in while washing. And see a dentist for ur teeth. Make sure your kids wear warm cloths after taking their bath. A good thick cotton PJ is ok for them. Ot you can try rubbing vaseline on them...but the thought of that makes me sweat already... :-)

  3. brandy5/05/2013

    Don't kno much abt d oral woteva. I tink u shld visit a dentist. As for ur kids I ll advice u bathe dem early like 4-5 instead of d 7-8pm. Since dey can easily get cold @list bt den d weather is much friendly n warm cos wen it 7-8 d weather is abit cold. As for ur nails u hv 2 reduce d length n fix a shorter 1 so u can put ur hand in n wash properly abi ur hubby no de gv u H***? Lols is gud to b neat down there ooo

    1. Anonymous5/05/2013

      Abeggi,sticking finger inside 4wat na?:s my man gives me head on a regular n dats bcos am very clean.n I don't stick ny finger in,its sounds so funny sef

  4. Maybe you are using a toothbrush with hard bristles and when the bristles rub against your gum you develop sores. Try a toothbrush with medium to soft bristles, you can also dilute your mouthwash with water before using and don’t gaggle for too long before you spitting.
    For your kids, I think they should take their bath twice daily because they play around and get really dirty and sweaty and it's not nice to go to bed with all that dirt and sweat. Have u tried to bath them with warm water? You probably need to give them vitamin C and lots of fruits to boost their immune system if they are getting the cold and cough frequently
    With or without long nails I believe you can still have a proper wash except the nails are like claws. I usually wash with mild toilet soap and lots of water. The only time I stick my finger inside to wash is when I finish my period and I need to get the residue out.

  5. Anonymous5/05/2013

    I don't tink its wise 2 stick ur finger in der oooo. Use oral b toothbrush (medium) n also 4 mouthwash use corsodyl. Its medicinal. I tink listerine is waaaay 2 harsh (my opinion). Oma Baby.

  6. Anonymous5/05/2013

    For ur oral health, go see a dentist ASAP (preferably a private dentist). U need to have Dental scaling and polishing done,+ oral hygiene instructions given. Dental Scaling and polishing is done twice yearly.

  7. Madam please don't wash with soap just clean water or disinfectant added is ok. As for me i wash easier when i fix long nails, but moderate length. I don' know about washing only after period, i believe women shud wash every time they take a bath . Using the finger/nails gently until it is cleaned otherwise it will smell. Not washing alone can cause infection.

  8. Anonymous5/05/2013

    Please please please it is not advisable to stick your fingers into your vagina. Douching is absolutely and completely wrong. You can confirm from your gynecologist. The vagina is self cleansing with a certain ph. Douching can distort this pH value thereby encouraging the growth of candida albicans. You also do not need to use soap in the vagina area, water is enough. Maintain a good personal hygiene by wiping oiff urine residue after easing yourself.

  9. Anonymous5/05/2013

    I personally dnt tink u shud insert ur fingers 2 wash. I used 2 until a frnd who is a nurse told me. According 2 her,bacterium hide in our fingers(esp 4 dose who hv long nails)n wen we insert,we leave some of dem insyd our vajayjay therby causing us harm,n d main aim of inserting is 2 wash out germs,so d aim is defeated. Secondly, she said dat there r gud n bad bacterium in our vajayjays n dat d gud ones fyt off d bad ones depending on how strong our immune system is. She adviced dat i squat properly wit my legs wide open,wash wit clean water(u can wash 4 lyk 5mins,dnt mise d water,use d water generously)and I shud drink a lot of water n yoghurt. Yoghurt cos it has some gud bacteria dat helps 2 fyt out d bad ones. Most importantly,u shud chk urself often(swap tests n all)take proper treatment n u shud neva have 2 insert ur fingers cos d intake of lots of water n yoghurt shud work 4 u.

  10. Anonymous5/05/2013

    My obgyn said no need to stick fingers in there cos its self cleaning. Just wash outside with mild liguid met for that purpose. As for ur teeth, see a dentist and ur kids shd take a bath early. Sandy

  11. Anonymous5/05/2013

    Sore or bleeding gums : these are signs of gum disease. You need to keep up with the brushing twice a day but you need to a dentist for scaling and polishing. You will also NEED to include FLOSSING daily as part if your dental routine. Brushing alone does not remove the residue of food particles which hide inside the gums which is why flossing is of paramount importance. Once you have made this part of your daily routine, you will continue to see blood or have soreness but this will eventually stop. Please don't ignore your gums as gum disease is a leading cause if tooth loss.
    Children bathing: do you bath the children with lukewarm or cold water? How old are your children? Make sure the water you use to bathe the children is not cold or lukewarm. You want to use reasonably hot water (but not hot enough to burn them o). Then dress then quickly after applying Vaseline or your choice of moisturiser. Also make sure you keep their chests covered especially after they've had a bath.
    Feminine cleansing : please disregard what your friend said about using your fingers to clean inside. As some of the previous commenters have said, the vagina is self cleaning and there are a number of healthy bacteria that live within the vaginabwhich is required. All that you need to do is ensure you wash the outer parts thoroughly (not vigorously o cos u don't want to injure yourself). You can use mild soap but I prefer to use vaginal wash like femfresh

  12. anonymous5/05/2013

    Hmmm! I don't know y I find it diff to wash without using my hands, I'll feel its not clean. God help me guess I'll have 2 force my self. RME*

  13. Ileriayo5/06/2013

    since i was a child my mom made sure i kept short nails. dirt hides under nails. i know it is fashionable but what of the dirt under? when you wash your below and even ur anus after stooling, what of the particles that hide under? and then you take the nails to the kitchen. i dont think washing hands after toilet go into the nails. no mata how you clean the nails you cant get off the particles totally. you scratch your weave in hot sun which is itching badly. dirt hides. some pick their noses in public or scratch the armpit lol. I dont know but keeping nails is a dirty habit to me. i keep mine short and for fashion i paint them. for special occassion (which was just wedding sef) i fix but short length and nice and when i dont need it i take it off.

    just saying.

  14. GO see a dentist, u can change the softness of ur toothbrus . Personally, I can only use soft or some medium cos I bleed with hard, and some medium's are too hard on my gum. Maybe change that. but go see a dentist

    ha, do u bathe them with cold water? maybe try warm-hot as long as it doesn't burn them, and make sure they use some type of lotion (even at night) lotion keeps me warm :D

  15. where do people get the idea to stick their fingers in to wash?biko? yikes! doctors do not reccomend douching. ask ur doctor about it and do ur own research, it can cause more harm than good.

  16. Anonymous5/07/2013

    hmmmn, im surpriesd that people say its not right to put your finger in. for me i do n i have been doing that and i have not had any problem down there,infact im extremely clean in my vjay, i just feel it wont b completely clean if i dont put my finger so my dear pls do inorder to avoid smell.

  17. Anonymous5/08/2013

    If Ʊ are a lady and sticking ur finger in to wash, please, please and please stop it. Medically and hygenically so wrong.


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