I Need Help With Assorted Meats Pepper Soup

Hello aunty Eya,
How are you doing?
I am asking fellow WC members to kindly teach me how to cook party like wonderful assorted meat pepper soup..

I cook mine using garlic and ginger method a close family friend taught me but it comes
out a bit thick and not really party like and all that
I need a fabulous recipe.. Ma little sis bday is coming up and I need to impress..lool.


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  1. mizOsa5/20/2013

    Since its for party you don't really hv 2 put so much things so dat ur guest will not purge after eating it. Wash ur assorted very well. Boil ur water, add crayfish 2 d boiled wter, add pepper,salt,maggi,grinded pepper soup spice.A little diced onion.
    Then stir and add your washed assorted meat and scent leave. Allow to boil .
    *My own method o*

  2. Ingredients you'll need
    1. Assorted Meat
    2. Pepper Soup spices (ask those women in the market for the mixed one already ground together)
    3. Nchu Anwu (scent leaf)
    4. Maggi, Salt, dried (ground) pepper
    5.Ginger (optional)

    Wash the assorted meat with salt till it's very clean. Put in a pot (pressure pot if you have), add water to cover the meat, a little onions, salt and maggi. Cover and allow to steam, you'll know it's soft when a fork or tip of the knife can easily go thru.
    Add the dry pepper, then the pepper soup spices. Allow to boil for like 5mins.
    Add your scent leaf (not too much oh! Just a few leaves)
    Cover and allow to boil together. Voila!

    P.S. If you don't want it thick, ensure you add a little water after the meat gets cooked, that is if the water remaining in the pot has dried up a bit and won't be enough.

    1. Frannyk5/20/2013

      This is also how I cook mine.. But I add crayfish when adding the spices. Try not to add too much of the spices (you just have to guage it somehow), cos it purges if it's too much.
      Happy birthday to your sis in advance!

  3. Anonymous5/20/2013

    D first is that wash the meat and make sure dere is no sand,second is to boil your meat with knorr cube, salt, onions and little dry pepper till its tender. And dnt boil with plenty water if not the meat won't be sweet,rather be adding water bit by bit untill its soft but if u have pressure pot it will save you time. When its done add ur spices and fresh pepper(pound d pepper or u blend it roughly) so that you can be seeing it in ur p/soup, that makes it sexy. U will only add d scent leaf 2mins b4 u bring down ur pot. If u are eating with white rice make sure u add butter or small ground nut oil to d rice

    1. Anonymous5/20/2013

      Sexy pepper soup kwa...hum!

  4. Anonymous5/20/2013

    Olodo what she meant by sexy is inviting, no just come shpw yourself here. That's why am always telling you ppl to upgrade so that you won't be left behind.

    1. Anonymous5/20/2013

      Hum...n must u insult t stress ur point. Ike gwuru.

  5. Tnksss evryone.I will definitely combine all dese methods while cooking it..
    God bless u al..@frannyk wil give her d bday msg..tnks

  6. Party pepersoup recipe

    Assorted meat
    Ugwu leaf
    Bitter leaf

    Mix all in a pot and boil for 30 minutes,
    Allow to chill and it is ready to serve.
    Thank me later!

    1. Anonymous5/21/2013

      Send pix too,pls

    2. Anonymous5/21/2013

      Hey!ds ur pepersoup is so hilarious.
      Poster pls dnt mind him

  7. funny bently...u ar the Chef!

  8. Lmao! Ace ure just a case.

    U forgot to include sheabutter to ur peppersoup recipe.



  9. @soulspasm, that's tru... Sheabutter is the magic recipe. Lolz
    Thanks for reminding me


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