I Need Advice: Scared Of His Evil Plans

Good afternoon Aunty Eya.

I am a regular reader of your block and I must be grateful to you and all those councilors who took it upon themselves to mediate in people’s affairs in order to bring solutions to their different challenges in life.

Thank you all.

I am twenty years old and I have been in a relationship with a guy who is three years older than me.

He was truly in love with me and I reciprocate mine too. One thing is that I was ignorant of the fact that this guy in question was a member of
Brotherhood of cross and star and he refuse to disclose this to me even when I asked  him his place of worship he lied to me that he is a member of RCCG

One day when I went to visit him unannounced in his house, I was shocked when I saw a white garment in his wardrobe and I asked him about the owner and he was bold enough to tell me dad it belongs to him.

I left him with tears of disappointment dripping down my cheek because I knew that I was never going to continue with such relationship despite my love for him , this is due to the fact that my parents would never in this life let me marry any  person with such religious believe neither would I myself make such an attempt.

Now the reason why am posting this to you aunty Eya is because I myself would never wish to be disobedient to my parent’s instructions and I have decided to break the relationship already. But the problem is that this guy have been pleading that I continue with him but I refused. Now I no longer pick his calls and he even sent me a friend request on Face, though I accepted him as a friend but I find it difficult to chat with him.

Pleas I strongly need our able counselors in this blog to help me with some piece of  advice as to what I should tell him so that he can let me be because he goes around telling people that am heartless and even threatened to go extra mile in other to make sure he gain my love back. Anty Eya am so scared of what he said I have also prayed about it but I still need your advice please!.

Thanks and God bless you.      


  1. Anonymous5/17/2013

    20 n 23.................pls d both of u sld go n read ur books.wat was ur score in d last jamb exercise.

    1. Anonymous5/17/2013

      Hahahahahahahahahahahaha u funny o

    2. Yvonne5/17/2013


    3. Anonymous5/17/2013

      Azin ehn... My dear go back to school. Your grammar is a no no... Make ur children no come be olodo *in DrSid's voice*

  2. Anonymous5/17/2013


  3. Thumbs up anon for that reply!

  4. Nne you are still too young for this drama. focus on your studies and leave men issues for now.

  5. I always tell young girls, when a man says he attends Redeemed, or Winners, or Christ Embassy, or House on the Rock, or Daystar, or churches like that, pls do some extra research to be sure. This is because many people claim to be members of such churches because these churches are popular.

    I had a friend who went thru the same thing. In fact the guy's mother was an 'ogbologbo' in the 'church'. So dear poster, pray very well and cancel any bond you might have entered into with him especially since you might have had sex with him.

    Also, just cut all ties with him like you have done. Totally put him behind you, dnt talk to him, or about him. Come on! You are young! Stuff happen but dnt let him weigh you down. I always say I cannot be jazzed by anyone except I let it happen.

    I mean, he is 23 yrs, in a few months, he'll be following another girl around.

    1. I concur.
      If you believe he can jazz you then he can. Don't be surprised he's already frolicking with another girl. And you too face your future and your God biko. This ain't time for such nastiness as heartbreak and all sorts.

  6. Anonymous5/17/2013

    First of all wat is brotherhood and stars? Is it a cult or something?
    Secondly, to be honest with u your english is extremely poor. I really hope you are in uni right now and you better concentrate on ur studies at ur tender age instead of having man problems.
    I had a headache reading wat you typed and you are 20yrs old.
    Plss concentrate on your future, na beg I take God beg u.

  7. Chyoma!5/17/2013

    eeya and me and my husband started when i was 16 and him 18. but biko nwa, read ya book and think not of boyfriend except u r mature enough for something serious.

  8. Dear poster, apart from not wanting to disobey your parents, what you want to do is what matters. In your heart of hearts you know you can't go on with the relationship and that is what you've done already. You don't need any advice again. You've taken the right decision. Sm sure that is what you want to hear. Move on my dear.
    Ehm....(clears throat)another thing, concentrate on building your career, dazzol.

  9. Johnson5/17/2013

    People, some persons are graduates @ 20yrs…
    @Anon 5:52pm, brotherhood and stars is Olumba Olumba Obu (OOO). You would not want to associate with this sect, if you’re a Christian…
    @Poster, beware of friends that deliberately lie to you on matters that matter! Possibly there are there other things he has lied about. However, it’s important for you to focus on building a glorious future and God will bring a good guy your way.
    For this OOO guy, tell him that you just cannot be together – continue along the line you’ve chosen.

  10. Anonymous5/17/2013

    Poster no offence but your english is horrible.. Biko forget boys for now and face ur books squarely.. For a 20yr old I'm not impressed with your post @ all..

  11. Enough of the nonsense talk and dissing her about school. For peace sake! A 20year old woman is old enough to be married, there are graduates of 20years, also there are women who chose to earn a decent living through other legitimate areas regardless of university degree so stop the unfair critisims already! And get mature or fall off this blog

  12. I couldn't read her mail well because it was disjointed as displayed by my browser.

    Based on what others have said, babe:
    1. Forget the guy and keep your distance from him.
    2. Focus on your future. That's the most important thing. Boys will come and go but your future ambition will remain with you.
    3. Don't use your hands to destroy your destiny.
    4. Listen to your parents at this critical time and it shall be well with you.

  13. Dear poster,I feel u should tell ur mum,she'll guide u and always pray 4 u,nothing will happen 2 u,if it's possible,change ur number.


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