How To Make Nigerian Buns: My Second Attempt

Buns in paper napkins to drain excess oil
Last weekend I tried my hands again on buns making using Ayaoba's recipe and here is the result.
My first attempt tasted better than this I don't know why. Am I not supposed to be graduating by now? I hate to be a slow learner. This buns here sunk and fried right inside the pot of oil unlike the other one that floated ontop. It wasn't
as soft as my  first one and is going to be called my worst buns ever. The kid said the liked it but I ask why they couldn't finish it like they did the other one?

This is trying to discourage me from going for a third Missionary journey. I was quite careless while making this one though. Followed Ayaoba's recipe but not carefully. The only improvement is the buns are not looking whitish.
Mixing the dough. I made a mistake 
Buns waiting to be fried
Frying my heavy sinkable buns
Scooping the golden brown buns
Good looking buns
When you make yours, please try to work with the correct recipe and don't be laesy. For me, I refuse to give up.


  1. These do look better than the previous ones. I refuse to be tempted though. #gettheebehindme...

  2. BEKEES5/29/2013

    Nice one.

  3. Anonymous5/29/2013

    If it's not indomie, it's buns. If it's not buns, it's indomie. I tire!

  4. Aunty Eya this def looks better than the previous One..Keep trying lol..

  5. this sure looks better, than the previous one that was all white. thumbs up for the improvement.

  6. Nice try aunty Ojay.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  7. It doesn't look bad at all Eya. I'll need to try this very soon. Its being ages since I ate bunns.

  8. Eya this looks better. Your methods are in order but the type of flour used matters a lot because some flour don't float when used in making fried snacks. They are only good for baked snacks. Try HoneyWell, its the best for making buns and Doughnuts.

  9. Anonymous5/30/2013

    I can only tell you they sunk because the oil was not hot enough. That would also mean that the buns 'drank' oil. Hope this helps. Good luck next time...

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