How To Lose Weight For My Wedding Day

Hi aunty eya,am back again o with another this one is concerning my
looks.I saw a post the other day about losing weight but I didn't come to it on time,so am sure people won't respond to my question properly!

so please I would appreciate if you make this a post.I'm 27yrs,to be 28 in october but I look 33 :(,no one ever believes my age and this is because I'm big.I wasn't big in secondary school,I was so slim with the right curves but as I entered university I started adding,presently now I'm a size 18.( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡) though my baby loves me just the way I am,I refuse to use this as an excuse to remain overweight(I weigh 105kg n I am 5.8in tall)I know I'll be a lot prettier when I am slim(love myself o,no low self esteem issues).

 My issue now is I'm getting married in October and I want2b a size 12/14 on that dayam not asking for motivation because I have motivated myself already. What I need is advise on how to approach this,I've gone to nelly blog n I must say I do admire her.she's an inspiration but I think her way is quiet expensive,she uses cambridge method and if am correct,it would cost me over a 100k which I can't afford.

I started today and my initial plan was to do strictly fruits and vegetable for 1month(God help me),then 2nd month add a lil protein,den 3rd month I can start taking carbs again in lil quantity.but as I read d other post I saw people saying all the poster needs to do is reduce carbs and eat 6times a day,some say don't miss breakfast and lots more.

I intend 2do exercises though but in the evenings as I wake up pretty early to work.I just need general input to this.all dese consultants cost a whooping sum and since am just doing it to look good not like I av health issues(I check bp n all regularly) or something,plus I want something I could make a lifestyle,not just to slim down drastically and den go back being big after the wedding.thanks guys as you help a sister looks fab for her special day *wink*


  1. Anonymous5/13/2013

    This is wat worked for me. I went from an 18 to 12 in 6months. Wen I was reading ur self description I thot I was dreaming cos ur specs r same as mine.
    I'll b 28 in october and getting married in November. So from now till November I have to maintain my size 12 cos I don't want to lose anymore.
    I started mine in November 2012 in prepartion for my wedding.
    This was my meal plan. 5 working days a week I ate PROTEIN and vitamins only I.e moi moi, beans, salad,meat, chicken, fish, prawns, crabmeat,fruits and soup without swallow. I ate this without time restrictions.
    At work I will buy all fruits imaginable and place on my desk cos I'm always hungry.
    I neva had time for exercise but I just made sure I walked to my bustop instead of biking and also walked to get lunch during lunch breaks.
    On weekends I eat watever carbohydrate I want but not later dan 4pm. If I'm hungry after 4 on wweekends, I eat meat, fish or fruits.
    After 3 months of this I felt a bit dizzy during the week becos I skipped carbs, so I incoperated 2 carb meals in2 my weekday meals. I.e, I added plantain to my beans for a meal or a lil rice wif beans for anoda meal.
    If you r serious, this will work for you. But believe me on my wedding nyt I will order the biggest plate of chips and pizza and eat away. Heheheheheh.

    1. Anonymous5/13/2013


    2. Anonymous5/13/2013

      Oh my! Pls are u rlly serious serious abt dis? U actually lost all dat weight without exercise? Pls do confirm, I'm soo xcited coz I hate exercising n I need to go from an 18 to even a 14 I won't mind. My hub bought. Me threadmil but I rarely use it. *dancing* choco

    3. Yeah, I think you should follow this Anon's steps. Then also, eat more fruits when you are hungry. Surround yourself with fruits. This helps a lot. Just snack on fruits too (a variety of fruits). Drink lots of water, mostly before you begin a meal. It helps you to be full easily.

      Try and make it a routine to do some form of walking everyday, if possible. This one works well! Try some dancing too, as a form of exercise. You burn a lot of calories when you dance, just in case you feel tired of doing your regular exercises. If you can join a weekend gym, great!

    4. POSTER5/13/2013

      Lolol!Bless u @ anon 3.09pm,I wud go with ur method!bcos dis only fruit is giving me serious headache,lol!bt I'll try2do more exercises!thanks again,@jay thnks too,will add gyming on sat morning,am usually free!

  2. Anonymous5/13/2013

    Lol! Let the comments start pouring cos me too wan lose weight jorr

  3. Anonymous5/13/2013


    Daz all !

  4. I think you should reverse the order of ur diet. Start from less carbs, them more protein,then only fruits n veggies. This is because drastic diet changes are difficult to keep up with.

    All the best.

    1. sister5/13/2013

      Now u are talking.this is very good

    2. Anonymous5/14/2013

      Sister gbeborun...she doesn't talk before ? Mschew

  5. I have someone you could call...he is a personal trainer. His name is Ade Olagbegi and he has experience with weight loss (professional)inbox me for details if you are interested

  6. Anonymous5/13/2013

    My dear,I also did losed weight not because of my wedding alone but because I want to look trim.
    I joined African Weightloss Forum Online,I skip a lot,that my own favourite exercise,I do squats too.
    I drink up to 5-6ltrs of water everyday.
    I do serious Portion control for everything I eat but I have my cheat days too.
    Then I also got a Scale to check my progress on the weight stuff,so the more kg I lose,the more motivated I am.
    This was all I did and I losed 12kg in 5month and everybody that saw me on my wedding day were lyk,WOW!!!
    So I hope my Epistle helps*lol*

    1. Anonymous5/14/2013

      Hello, 'its I lost not losed' . Thank me later

  7. Anonymous5/13/2013

    Gbammest @ Ada...dats d correct order!

  8. Anonymous5/13/2013

    Losed kwa

  9. Anonymous5/13/2013

    I am not on d big side as am not more dan 14 buh I used 2 be 12 or less. I really wanna loose buh ppl arnd me keep saying am ok as less flesh ll make me look sick as I ve big bones. Also my tummy has increased as it used 2 be flat! Pls ow do I loose d weight I want without looking sick. Also I can't do much exercise cos of d nature of my work. Tanks ya al! I bought green tea today cos I saw it here yesterday.


    1. Dessy green tea works. Try dancing as an exercise too. Then push ups for your tummy. It's hard, but you have to just try. If you can lay your hands on the 'insanity work out' video by Shaun T, the 'abs work out' video, in particular, that would be great.

      You can find it on YouTube or download it online.

  10. Anonymous5/13/2013

    Thanks 4all the comment so far!

  11. Lyk pple r running away frm exercise.................i was 89kg after my 1st baby...enrolled in a gym n lost 11kg in 2mnths+ cos i was serious(2hrs,5days in a wk). Now am pregnant again n wl do same after birth
    so dear,exercise really works very well
    BTW.does anyone knws hw much a treadmill cost

  12. Anonymous5/13/2013

    I love exercise too. It makes u strong and u just look beta. U can get a good treadmill for 200k. One that is strong and will last d working. Sandy

  13. Anonymous5/13/2013

    Don't start exercising o unless u r not ready to stop, odawise u'd tripple

  14. Anonymous5/13/2013

    And make sure u eat fat burning foods/fruits only. Check weightlossnigeria. Danie

  15. Anonymous5/13/2013

    Honey the secret to losing weight is eating less and right n exercising and do u knw wat I hav discovered dat is helping me wit weight loss is GREEN TEA. When I start drinking it in d morning, mid day n night I realised that I dnt get hungry or crave for sweets and also I feel this rush and when I researched it, I found that green tea helps heighten metabolism, which means as u eat it helps ur body expel energy faster instead of storing excess. Try it n be consistent, monitor ur food intake n excise. I hope it works 4 u like it helped me. It is cheap u can get one pack 4 350.

  16. Anonymous5/14/2013

    Is it lipton green tea? There r lots of green teas.

  17. Anonymous5/14/2013

    Abeg which 1 is green tea? Wats thr brand name?

  18. Anonymous5/16/2013

    Just ask for green tea at any supermarket.


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