Appreciation From A Former Blog Poster

hi everyone... i really am very grateful for your support and advice and i guess its high time pple stop referring me as ikorodu lady..(lol) middle name is odunayo, pls call me that.

As regards the job..i didnt take the job cos of the toll it wil take on my child and my already saddled marriage, so i mailed the coy and
declined the offer citing the long hrs (inclusive of saturdays) as reasons. they emailed back offering me concessions for being a mum and i shld come in and discuss it in person.they had already sent me an offer letter then...but i stil said no cos i didnt wanna sign something that i may regret. the following day i got a call from the coy telling me they have decided to cancel saturdays for me and i wld work regular hrs during the week cos they really want me on board and that they will send me another offer letter to that effect. so voila! i took the job! and i figured since its an online business,after a while i may not need to be physically present everyday at the office as long as i hv my phone n the internet ..i can wrk regardless of the location.

i ll start next wk.
Right now am looking at putting modalities in place as to how to make it easier for my son.(am looking at the ferry option to mk my journey home faster and also whether hubby will put him near his wrkplace since he closes at 4.30 and he wrks on the mainland.
As per my marriage..its a work in progress and am taking each day at a time..i am working on being the bubbly, happy go lucky girl that i was before and doing my best and i hope in time this will reflect upon my marriage.

as for the house building thing hubby is still adamant in building a house before our rent expires in june..he s so headstrong that i dare not advise otherwise..i have refused to let it bother me so i hv adopted a 'siddon look approach' to the situation. we all know the clock is ticking away, so it will be interesting to see the outcome.
I have so much love for this blog ..reading comments of support n encouragement overwhelms me each time i go back time n time to draw strength and wisdom.
I appreciate everyone here and i wish u nothin but love n God s favor..most especially aunt eya.. the aunt i dont know but have grown to love her for her compassion. Thanks n God bless y'all!!!!!


  1. Anonymous5/09/2013

    Hi Odunayo, am soooo hapi u tuk d job ooo. U go girl! *hugs* My dear, live and enjoy ur life (2 d FULLEST) oooo. God will strengthen ur marriage n make ur stubborn hubby calm down. Oma Baby.

  2. awww I am happy u took the job! all the best!

  3. Anonymous5/09/2013

    Congrats in the job again. But I think you should give your hubby some support in this building project too and trust God that everything would turn out for you both's good.


  4. I'm so happy for you Odunayo!
    The Lord will perfect all that has to do with you.
    Your next testimony shall be that your son is coping well and your hubby is turning a new leaf;pretty soon o! In Jesus' name.

  5. Anonymous5/09/2013

    I'm equally happy for U̶̲̥̅̊ dear,.. wow, dis ppl must really like you that dey were so eager to cut out smtins inorder to make d job offer suitable for you.Now I strongly believe dat "what is yours,is definitly yours and nobody on earth can deprive you dat"once God has endorsed it.kudos!

  6. chikoko5/09/2013

    Amen @funke,odunayo am happy 4 u,n I no ur happy,cos while reading ur post I was just smiling,cheers girl.

  7. odunayo5/09/2013

    thanks everyone i ll definitely revert back to share with u how things are going. i love my husband ...all i will pray for is for God s will to be done .

  8. Congrats anty odunayo! Am so happy for u! Am encouraged to continue praying for till God perfects all that concern you. Its well

  9. This is what I call divine favor.....I tap into this testimony and use it as a point of contact for my own heart desires to be granted. God be praised! Odunayo, I am so happy for you....may you continue to witness more peace in your home and around you. Congratulations dear...*biggest hug*

  10. chubby ELLA5/10/2013

    Yayyyyyyy!!! I smiled wen I saw dat line "so voila!I took d job! I'm hapi 4 u Odunayo n I use u as a point of contact 2 myself n evri single member of dis wonderful family dat is praying 2 God 4 a good job,it shall b un2 us as it is un2 u. I also pray dat God wil giv u d grace 2 stand out amongst ur colleagues,as dey insisted on hvin u wit dem,u wnt b a disappointment 2 dem,ur goin out n ur comin in wil b protected,ur hubby wil b a better person n ur son wil neva hv any reason 2 regret ur step in d name of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. Amen!

  11. Anonymous5/10/2013

    Wow. I feel like dancing alingo. Glad we all help each other. Marriage (early union esp) is a work in progress and I'm happy we are all getting there slowly. Luchi

  12. @chubby ella; thanks my sister. Amen

  13. @beebs & deborah; thank you. God bless u n urs.

  14. Anonymous5/10/2013

    this is good news everything wud work out just fine

  15. Priscillia5/10/2013

    Gosh...u need to see the way I'm smiling in the office. This is great news Ogundayo and I know it is just the beginning of greater things to come. God never EVER fails.


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