3 Secrets All Wives Keep From Their Husbands

Reading WebMd's "secrets wives keep from their husbands" got me laughing so hard: After reading, I felt it's good to share one or two with you guys and let's hear what you think:

  1. Every stuff we buy for ourselves really costs 20% more than what we tell them it did.
Now, Listen to this conversation from a wife who just returns from buying a thirty thousand Naira pair of shoe.

HUSBAND: Welcome back Sweet, how was your outing? What is in that white bag? Another pair of shoes, are you planning on opening a shoe shop?

WIFE: Ahn Ahn, why not ask for the price first? If you were there I'm very sure you'd have asked me to pick more cos this is a giveaway. I didn't plan on buying shoes but this you see here is sold for about fifty thousand Naira and I was lucky to find this. It's just ten thousand Naira and I can pay at my convenience. Isn't it better I pick this than going later to pay fifty thousand Naira for this same thing?

Husband: Well, it's OK if you say so. #MatterClosed.
2.   We Ex-boyfriends were not completely terrible in bed; 
For number two, someone please create the drama scene for us. #RunsAway.
3.   We are scared that we'll turn into our mothers...


  1. Anonymous5/26/2013

    ABSOLUTELY! I beg to go anonymous for NOW cos I'm guilty as charged and hubby reads this bog like an addict. #Hahaha

    1. Anonymous5/26/2013

      Ehn ehhhhn! I don catch u!!

  2. Aunty Eya you haff kee me wif lafta. I want to know secrets husbands keep from their wives.

  3. I'm guilty of number one and two. sorry

  4. Lol...In my own case, the first one is the other way round o, so that I can lament how expensive things are in the market, and he'll pity me and add more money. My saving grace is that he dated expensive girls before me (PH girls well done o!...I dey hear una tori), so when I tell him normal prices, it sounds cheap to him. ;-)

    No 2, *coughs* *clears throat* *coughs again* Abeg make I go drink water. #BRB

    For number 3, I am already turning into her...as in, it's so weird!

  5. I'm so guilty of number one! God help me,I still did it last week. Bought 3 pairs of jeans and did exactly this!
    As for number 2,I don't even talk about that part of past relationship,so no need to join that to my 'lies' abeg.
    For number 3,I still can't believe I could ever be like this. Turning into her everyday.smh

  6. Anonymous5/26/2013

    Ahh,not for me.. The first one is the opposite
    Lemme give u a scene

    Hubby: how was your day?

    Wifey(me): it was just there jare,nothing special,I don't even get why things are so damn expensive

    Hubby: what's wrong? What's did u buy so expensive

    Wifey(me): u won't believe the clothes in this small bag are worth over 80k and its just like 4 tops and 4 dresses

    Hubby: lemme see them

    Wifey(me): (shows hubby)

    Hubby: but they are really nice and would make u look more beautiful. They are really lovely,infact,we going out this weekend,so I can show u off,u know I like doing that

    Wifey(me): but that's not the problem,the problem is I went with 50k to buy the stuff from the girl that sells them to me and now I'm owing her 30k extra,u know I already told her to keep them for me not knowing the price

    Hubby: don't worry,will give u before the week ends

    Wifey(me): thanks boo,I just hate all this wahala... May God keep blessing u for me cos u are the best (now smiling mischiviously in my hrt cos I'd be getting extra 30k **smugs***

    The number 2,errrm,hian.... Lemme just run away

    Number 3... Everybody say I'm so much like mum,talk like her and do like her.... But I love it cos she's my role model exept she doesn't do that number one like me,she does it like the way it was posted

    Going anonymous biko...

  7. Anonymous5/26/2013

    @ Anonymous 9:43am...lol, dats exactly me oooo. I do same

  8. Anonymous5/26/2013

    Anon 9:43 mmmh

  9. Guilty of No1 n 3, but love d fact that am becoming more like my mum daily. On a ligher note, read one book and the author apparently went to hell and the author claim she saw a woman in hell, the woman was God fearing n all, her only sin was that she inflates prices and then when her husband gives her, she keeps the change. So she was literally in hell for stealing frm her own husband. This story generated lots of arguement in chc, just want to hear the views of other women, is it stealing and lying to inflate prices to our husbands or bf?

  10. Anonymous5/26/2013

    I'm definitely scared of turning into my mother!

  11. Anonymous5/28/2013

    N0 1 for me depends on our money situation at dat time, I either reduce or inflate d price...

    N0 2...my hubby is forturnately (or unforturnately for some) my 1st ever in everythng, so there's no past to compare with...

    N0 3...dnt know yet o, I'm still young in My marriage


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