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How To Chop Tomatoes By Rubynnia

How To Chop Tomatoes And Other Ingredients Into Tiny Bits For Easy Consumption

I Need A Friend In The United States

Hi Aunt. Eya,
Congratulations on your one year anniversary and your successful blog at such a short interval.
I was reading the viewership stats you posted and I noticed that since the second highest clicks came from the US maybe I could use your help.

I recently moved to the United States a short while ago and even though I'm enjoying my stay I get

I Can't Do This Anymore

I think I'm going to land in a depressioncentre very soon. Am sorry am writing in jumbles but killing myself has never been more tempting.

I don't have peace. All I get is hostility everyday. I took the job and despite my employer's  flexibility


FREE AIRTIME ON ANY NETWORKI didn't expect that we'd have sponsors at our First Anniversary Giveaway cos I felt it's too young and early to start looking for Giveaway Sponsors. Yesterday, after searching Google and reading so much on Giveaways, I realized one year is not too young to chase after sponsors especially those whose items we use in our recipes and all.

For Subsequent Giveaways, God willing, we shall be having their item reviews and Giveaways altogether. If they


Wives Connection Is One Celebrating one year of blogging. To God be all the glory. Though I wanted to blog and just do something about families, women, cooking etc, I didn't know it was going to kick off on that fateful day. It all started on the 31st May 2012 late at night trying to experiment with my daughter. Suddenly we saw pageviews and decide  to try again, we saw more pageviews and I'm "Ok, I think people enjoy reading what I post so I'll keep posting"
Between May 2012 and January 2013, the blog had just over 30,000 views. Between January 2013 and May 2013 this blog has seen over

How Do I Handle This Breakup?

Good morning Aunty Eya.
 I hope you enjoyed the holiday yesterday? Aunty Eya please I need help on how to handle a break up that wasn't messy. We had to split due to some reasons(confidential) but we aren't fighting we are still best friends,we'v been told not to fight, but later on, I don't want his wife to

BB Issues With My Husband

Aunty Eya,
How are you, family and work? Sure all is well.
I would have really loved you to post this mail but I won't want that cos some response I read from other readers are not so encouraging so I would want this to be between us.

Aunty, how do I make Hubby not go thru my phone. We've had issues in

Nigerian Jollof Rice Without Vegetables


To The Christians, Muslims And All WC Readers

Hi Aunty and fellow WC members, hope we all enjoyed the Democracy Day? I made a few observations and please I will like us to all correct

My Mother-In-Law Is Too Close

Hello Aunty Eya,
 I have a little problem that needs advice. It's my mother in law. Whenever she comes around which is often, she doesn't give me time with my husband. When he is seated on the couch, she rushes to sit beside him. When he is alone in the bedroom she goes for a meeting.

I try to be nice and caring but she never appreciates my efforts. When I am

An American Wife In Need Of Advice

Hi, I am not certain if this email will reach you or if you will respond, but I am hoping.
I am an African American woman, married to a Nigerian Man.  We live in the United States, but he has recently gone home to Nigeria to work on a Political project.  Last week I received an

Hubby's Lunch Box Ideas

Hello Aunty Eya, Please i need suggestions for lunch ideas for my husband. Since I work from home, it's something I enjoy doing.
My husband rarely eats out during lunch breaks, he prefers  taking his lunch to work.But I noticed he's  starting to

How Can I Improvise?

Good Day Aunty Eya, please post this for me. Thanks.
 Hi WC readers, please help a sister out.

I am a new wife, hubby recently started his Residency Program in d States, n we relocated not long ago.
Problem is, the city we live in(Louisville KY)  doesn't have shops where one can get African foodstuffs, so we stuck with

BBA Morning Sessions.

Workouts in Bikini? When we work out, one reason is to feel hot and sweat out thereby burning some fats. When someone exercises with a bikini, will she even sweat one drop?  Me , I saw it first with Lady May o. Is it that Huddah is a Lady-May-wanna-be or what? 
Most people  prefer

Re: Finding It Difficult To Let Go

After Folashade wrote an article on Letting Go, Sis responded by Explaining why she is finding it Difficult to let go. You guys advised her on what to do, she did just that and here is her feedback:

Hello Aunty Eya,This is a feedback/update for WC fam on how our meeting went last saturday.
Me, my siblings met with mum and dad. We all said our

How To Make Nigerian Buns: My Second Attempt


Re: What Can I Use To Get Rid Of Scar/Keloid?

AnonymousMay29, 2013 at 9:37 AM I don't know if this reply is coming rather late, but I hope it helps.
I had keloid I got from piercing an extra ear hole. It was huge and a scar on my back too. I used the python fat for a while, don't know for what reason, the scar and keloid just didn't reduce or disappear. Until someone

Big Brother Africa Consuming My Free Time

Big Bother Africa The ChaseWhat are they really chasing? Is it the Three Hundred Thousand US dollars or themselves? The way the entered the house in pairs makes me feel "The Chase" is loaded with meaning. The show is on and these days I see myself spending almost all my free time on the couch with Big Brother. 

I pray this doesn't affect my blogging, will try as much as possible to update regularly. Wives connection will be one in three days. Late on the night of May 31 in 2012, I remember my daughter encouraging me to just post anything before going to bed. So, I must update until we celebrate her Anniversary. One year Anniversary I hear is very important. "Big Brother, please, stop taking my free time." Lol

My favourite housemate for now is

Thank You All, My Biological Father Passed

Hello Aunty Eya,
I am the guy that wanted to know if it's proper to go look for mybiological Father? Actually I did what you all advised and went privately the very next day. Thank you Ace and others who left caring comments for me.

I got the address from Mum and left without informing anyone. She advised me to go to his home town where I may be directed to where I can find him. I arrived early but spent time trying to locate the family which finally paid off. I met

Lubricants For People Trying To Conceive?

Aunty Eya good day,

Please I sent a mail this morning and haven't received a confirmation from you. Nevertheless, please find below contents of the previous mail. Hide my ID please.Good day Aunty Eya and fellow WC readers.

Please I will like us to throw more light on lubricants. Some of us have similar issues like the poster who asked if saliva isa good lubricant. 

Now Google and I are best of pals but on certain topics you get

Dodo With Baked Beans And Egg


How To Prepare Ojojo By Rubynnia


Hubby's Birthday Cake

Lovely Birthday Cake Aunty Eya I baked and decorated this cake for my hubby who celebrated his bday today. I

He's Verbally Abusive

Hi Aunty Eya. I need advice. Bin datindis guy. Kind of long distance. We had a fight. But we've resolved it. I don't know why I feel empty. Feel like I am not


Happy Children’s’ dayIt is really partial and annoying that I don’t get a day off work coupled with my colleagues that get a day off today. I woke up this morning with a wide grin. My mum’s sister sent me a text this morning saying ‘happy children’s day’ and I thought c’mon ‘MummyO’ at my age. It was such a struggle getting

Did You Remember Their Day?

HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY I was ashamed of myself this morning when my girls grabbed me from behind singing happy children's day  to me when I should have done that to them. Anyway, I didn't know they were awake. When I peeped they were still fast asleep. 

Today is not like a general holiday for the whole family, parents are at work, so I guess some of us parents won't bother knowing that Democracy Day Holiday is in two days. 

Today, the children know it's their day and as usual all they want is fun. If we can't create time for them cos of work. We can create

Is It Wise To Tell Him All?

Hi Eya and fellow blog readers,
I have been keeping this to myself until I read Tope's comment where he advised the woman never to let a man know she is Financially Independent.

I just got a job, I'm expecting my first salary after  years of joblessness and lack. My husband earns

Please Teach Me Again

Thanks so Much Aunty Eya and every other person in the house. I read a post on how to make soya beans for babiesand I have been trying to do it for my baby. My problem is I don't seem to get how to peel the

Noodle Recipe With Sausages Peas And Vegetables


Fun With Abbreviations

On a lighter note, let's create/have fun with abbreviations and their meanings. We may not have come across them often on WC but the truth still remains that we see or come across them in our everyday lives. Funny enough, most of us don't even know what they mean and we just skip after we must have cracked our brains out without success.
Below are a few ones I could come up

Public Swimming Pools In Lagos

Hi Miss Eya,
You are doing an awesome job here..could you kindly help me ask your readers about

3 Secrets All Wives Keep From Their Husbands

Reading WebMd's "secrets wives keep from their husbands" got me laughing so hard: After reading, I felt it's good to share one or two with you guys and let's hear what you think:

Every stuff we buy for ourselves really costs 20% more than what

My Elder Brother Beat Up My Husband

Hello Aunty Eya,
Thank you and God' blessings. I love your blog and the comments there. Please don't post my name. I have a serious problem on

Efo Elegusi (Vegetable With Egusi Soup) By Lizzy Obaze


Shouldn't He Rent A Place For My Mother-In-Law?

Aunty Eya, I've been trying to send the message to your mailbox but it seems something is wrong with the Network or my phone. I'm heavy can't go to a cyber cafe to resend the message. I'm hallyshally I don't comment always.

 I got married last year Dec. And we are staying in my Father-in-laws house with my mother-in-law there with us. My husband works outside Ibadan and always comes home every month end. Now this is where I need help. Last weekend

He Breaks Protocols

He breaks protocols too! With so much confidence, I put on the best of my clothes and after being approved by my mirror, made for the Globacom towers without a prior appointment, in a bid to see Mr. Mike Adenuga. Biko, don’t laugh at me or make it worse because I was bounced with a beautiful smile and the finest of words. Ever been told to ‘go to hell and you looked forward to the journey’? I know you are already insulting

Blog Cooking Continuous Assessment Test 1


It Is Possible To Love Two Women At The Same Time?

Hello Eya,
I am a male reader of your blog who just found the blog and am so addicted. I can't leave comments, don't know if it's because I browse with a phone.

There was a topic you posted where someone wanted to know if it's possible for a man to love two womenat the sametime. My answer is yes It's possible! I am

Is It OK To Be In Touch With Your Exes?

Hi Aunty Eya, how are you? I want your readers to answer this question.
Please, is it ever Ok to be in touch with your exes as a married woman or man? Under what

Possible Cheating Husband: What should I do?

Hello Aunty Eya,
I just recently started following your blog and coincidentally I need advice from you and your blog subscribers. I got married about 6months ago and I am currently pregnant with our first child. A top priority of mine in life has been to get married for one thing, Love. As I desire happiness more than material things. I applied that to my marriage. I got married to a man I love and with previous indications he would make me happy. 

He is far from poor, infact he is average and

Is It Right For My Husband To Invite A Lady To The House Without My Knowledge?

Hi Aunty Eya!  I'd like to remain anonymous if you choose to post this.  I have a question for you.  Is it right for a man to invite a female friend over to his house and entertain said friend in said house without his wife's knowledge?  I'm bothered because said friend is a woman I've never met before. 
 She supposedly came into town from Abuja on a leisure trip and my hubby

Advice Please: Should I be Worried?

Dear Eya,
I am an avid reader of your blog, I love this family! I need your advice and the advice of pple in the house ASAP.
Before I got married, some months ago, there is this friend of my husband, a female, they are very close. 

Palm Oil Rice With Fried Fish By MizOsa


A plate of palm oil rice with fried fish.
Step 1: parboil your rice.
Step 2: put palm oil in a pot. And add sliced onion, fresh pepper, Cray fish and maggi.
Step 3: pour you wash rice in the palm oil. Add water , salt and stir.
Cover and allow to

Malt Drink For Children, Is It OK?

Hello Eya, how are you and the blog fam? I have a little thing I would love to ask people in the house.
 A friend saw me putting  a can of Amstel Malta drink in my 8 year old's lunchbox and she condemned it that it's not healthy for children. 

She suggested that I give them other packed fruit juices (which are all

Breakast Idea 8

Turkey Ham with Sardine Toast

What Do I Add To Cakes?

Dear Aunt Eya
Thanks so much for this blog. I must confess I have learnt a lot from it. God bless you real good. Your recipe for stew and native chicken was a great hit in my house.

 Please, I have a question to ask, I always feel there is something missing from

Can A Man Love Two Women At The Same Time?

AnonymousMay22, 2013 at 6:26 PM Please I have a question, can a guy love two women at the same time? I think my boyfriend has another girlfriend and he is trying to

Re: I Need Help With Bed Wetting

Dear Aunty Eya and fellow blog readers. I am so happy and thankful to you all for the help you rendered me when I asked. I am the mom whose six year old continued to bedwetdaily.

Thank you so much everyone that advised me, the Doctor that gave


Hello Aunty Eya, it's your friend. 
Please help  me ask our people on WC the above . I have suffered chronic asthma for 8 years. Even my issues of

Trust Issues

Good day AUNTY Éya and to you my dear blog family member,I have learnt so many things from this blog,it's turning into a habit for me to check on this blog every 
day,it's like morning coffee.

Today I will like to bring up an issue,trust issues,mine is very bad,I know it but how can I stop suspecting

Salad Breakfast With Quail Eggs


Marriage Counselor In Lagos

Good morning Eya Ayambem,
Please I need your help. I live in Lagos and I have some issues. My husband and I want to meet with a Marriage counselor. I don't want to discuss it with my pastor and don't

Re: I Need Sincere Advice

Aunty Eya Good Morning. I thank you so much for all you did. May God bless you. This is Christy the lady that sought advice concerning which guy to go for? Whether the 1st or 2nd.  And a big thank you to all those that left comments, most especially Jay and madam Ahdaisy.                               Jay you are a darling love you (Godly love) wink. 

The first guy is a nice person also just that he mostly

I Need Advice: What Would You Do?

Good morning Aunty Ojay and other good people on WC. I have a serious headache, I have a big problem and couldn't think of anywhere else to go than come meet you  and other people in the house. I don't know where to start.

Aunty Eya, please and please I need sincere answers because they go a long way to help me know where to start and what to do. 

What would you do if one morning, your husband of 9 years wakes you up to confess that he thinks he is

Should I Go In Search Of My Dad?

Hello Aunty Eya,
I am a reader of your blog with some family issues I know the sound minds on that blog can help me straighten. I am just getting to know that my Biological Father is not the one I call Father. I grew up all my life knowing him as my father.

Last week I eavesdropped on a conversation between my mum and a

Are We Compatible?

Hi Aunty  Eya, I am in a relationship, we are talking marriage but I'm not sure we are really compatible. I thought of sharing our traits with WC readers to see how others feel about us as a couple. No one has ever told me they

Help: Vacation Spots In Ghana

Good Evening Aunty Eya, I have really come to appreciate your blog, God bless u and  d entire WC family. I have a little problem and I will like the readers to help. 

My family and I are planning a vacation in Ghana and we have 

Why You Desperately Need Quail Eggs


How To Make Puffy Akara Balls By Rubynnia


Darker Face Than Body. I need Advice

Hello Eya,
I am a mother of two who is worried about my facial complexion. I like my body the way it is but what gives me cause for worries is my face. It is darker. I always see

I Need Sincere Advice

My name is Christy and am 26yrs old, I'm based in Abuja with my parents. Graduated 2010 and also working now. My problem Is I have been in a r/shp since my University days with this guy named Victor, this is like d 8year into the r/shp.

 When we

What Can I Do About My Parents?

Good morning Aunty Eya and honourable blog readers.
 I need advice on what to do about the situation with my parents back home. My mother and Father live in the same house (compound) but haven't spoken to each other for about a year now. I am the

Nigerian Groundnut Soup With Vegetables

How to cook groundnut soup with ugu vegetable


There was so much preparation when she was going to turn 50. On the day of her celebration, she came out gorgeously dressed in all her glamour, looking so beautiful in the colors green and white. Everyone was invited; as expected, some were happy and some weren’t.  Some of the attendees& invitees were interviewed. Some said they were happy for her, some prayed for her while some others hurled different insults at her. Some said there was no reason for the celebration and that she shouldn’t even be dressed in