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I once got tired of tailor's disappointments and sometimes a bit of incompetence. I told myself that I was going to start making my dresses myself. The next step was
getting a sewing machine, which I did and went further to buy other equipments that I was told would make sewing easy. It's been five years since I got that machine and I haven't had time to go learn the art of sewing. It's crazy how busy my life is. Sewing is a passion, when I watch tailors cut and sew, I just love it and well, I wish I did all that while in school or when still single because now it's like impossible.

This year, I convinced myself that it's not going to be possible, If in five years, I couldn't make out time to go learn to sew, is it now that I added blogging to my busy schedule?  After pondering over the whole thing, feeling sad that I can't even create time to do what I love apart from blogging, I decided it's OK, no more dusting and cleaning a sewing machine that I may never have time to make use of. I asked someone to come pick it up. I am still waiting, once she comes, I will hand over everything to her. I think it's better I give it away that continue to look at it and feel sad that my life is too busy.
Talking about sewing, There's a free sew along exercise happening @ Sew Naija. For those of us who love sewing, who want to learn how to sew ...It is about encouraging the art of fine dressmaking both for fun or for those who want to jumpstart a fashion career.  Rush now to SEWNAIJA and be a part of this fun.

Sewing is one passion I've had right from when I was a child. When people make dresses for me, I still feel like, if I knew how to do it, there are things I'd do differently to  make it look better and different. I actually enrolled as an apprentice, attended just twice and never found time to go back. Someone agreed  to come teach me at home. When she comes around, I can't even find free three hours to give her without interruptions. An elderly friend told me not to bother, that a time will come in life when I'll be retired from every activity and so free that I won't know what to do with my time, "I can't wait for that time. 
Go over now and be a part of this exercise before you start regretting like yours truly.Lolz


  1. Aunty Eya please dont give up on it. It's such a fun thing to do. I Sew at night when my day is full. I mean 1,2,3 am. And I love sleep but because I love sewing, I have to find time for it. I mean it saves you a lot of money and since you're sewing for yourself, the fit is perfect. I have sewn some dresses that people think I bought for huge amounts just cos the fit was perfect and design unique.

    So Aunty, pls pls pls...dnt let that passion die. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect at first. Although my mum had sewn all my life and is still sewing, I was forming not-interested. When I got married, I regretted and had to re-teach myself to sew again. So pls, it's fun and therapeutic! :-)

    1. Anonymous4/29/2013

      Hi sis Ada, pls help ur sista as regards d business plan 101. Hv bn waiting 4 ur mail ooooo. Pls my email stil remails Tnx n God bless u!!!!

  2. owkoo was just passingby and decided to say Hi.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  3. Anonymous4/27/2013

    Is it goin to tk place in abuja

  4. No it's taking place on the blog
    Here's a link to the details:
    You basically join in wherever you are as it takes place online over a specified time frame, in short posts so it'll be easy to follow.(Whenever you get stuck, you send your 'hassle' in a comment and you'l get assistance)in the end,participants send in pics of the piece made and share. We would be working with a piece from an african designer. It's really fun!

  5. Anonymous4/29/2013

    Pls I'm interested but I don't hv a sewing machine. Is there any place in Abuja where I could go and learn how to sew?


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