How To Remove Cobwebs

Am really sorry,this is kinda outta place. However,please I need help! Does anyone know any tricks to
removing cobwebs EFFICIENTLY from walls and ceilings?

TIP: First of all use insect killer like Baygon, Flit, Raid, Snipper Etc, spray on the roof and walls where you find the cobwebs, before gently and carefully removing them. The insect terminator sprays help kill those insects to prevent them weaving more cobwebs as soon as the old ones are removed. If you take off the cobwebs leaving the spiders there, those insects will sure spin more webs and the cycle continues.

When you remove cobwebs, do not stain the walls. Avoid touching the roof or walls with the broom or whatever that you use. When the cobweb remover begins to look dirty, take it out clean very well before you return back to gently removing. 


  1. omotayo4/20/2013

    What I do is constant dusting, like 2 to 3 times in a week. That's what I do and I really don't get 2 see spiders and spraying of insecticides often

  2. To remove webs,
    1. Use a broom to remove the big ones like those ones dropping or hanging, be careful not to smear the wall with it.
    2. Use paper towels or a cloth towel to clean the ones close to the wall or smeared on t he wall by rubbing them off with the towel.
    3. Or get a duster, like a horse whip and use it. Or a soft brush like a shoe brush, it removes them effectively without those ugly black traces.
    3. For outdoor ones, you can use a water hose to wash them down.
    4. If you can, buy a vacuum cleaner, either a hand one or the big one that has a pipe-like attachment. it's so easy to use and it sucks everything away.

    For prevention
    1. Like someone said above, clean often.
    2. Use insecticides. No spider, no web
    3. Look for holes and cover them. Some of these insects come in thru those holes. Some hide there and after you have cleaned, they come back out.

    But be careful with the way you use insecticides, especially if you have little kids around.

  3. Anonymous4/20/2013

    Oh thanks a lot people! Very grateful!


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