How Do You Manage Early Pregnancy?

Anty Eya pls am sorry I can't email cos ma internet source is cuRrently bad N am stuck with ma phone that speaks so much English,I need serious Help pls pls put dis up for me, AM PREGNANT plssss ooo not for a married man ooo lol just kidding, got married early dis year N am 2 month s Gone D problem here is Every thing I mean Every thing is iRritating can't stand d smell of anything Even
food,N am never hungry, 
infact web already taking over, now I watch ma husband eat junk, packaged foods sometimes Garri cos d poor guy hates eating outside, I still av a long way to go I can't stand him suffer like this, Wives in this house pls help me how do u cook wen U re preggy, how do u manage smell, how do eat as am never hungry N alwayz weak, what re d things you Do to take ur mind off this funny feelings N above all how do you deal with d bedroom aspect Plss people be kind N share some of ur experiences with ME God bless You All AMen. 


  1. Cyndrella4/23/2013

    Oyin, i will 1st congratulate u, and u are welcome to is normal for things to irritate u,just manage and cook those things that ur body did not reject and also engage ur hussy to assist on those other things u can't stand,after the 1st 3 months u will be ok.He will understand.

    Make sure u eat well i.e u force ursef to eat because this is a forming stage for ur baby and the baby needs food to form well.Ur baby's health and growth is wat u eat.i mean balanced diet.

    The bedroom aspect is not too easy but in my own case i stayed off it for the 1st 3 month while i help my hussy with oral during the 3 months. Cos the 1st 3 months is a delicate period.

    1. Anonymous4/23/2013

      I wasn't ok till 5months o,so body is different,madam most important thing is,DON'T STRESS urself.go 4ur antenatal regularly,I lost my pregnancy @dat 5th month n till now am still not myself.I cried a lot bt am ok now,bliving God 4d 1dat will stay!so pls do jeje n visit ur dr aspect is small,u nid supplements if u can't eat,pregnacare plus is good!drink a lot of water,I didn't av a choice,I was ALWAYS thirsty,n yes I ate a lil wen oda pple cook,so u can get a friend or family 2help u 1ce in a while.tell oga,he wud av2start learning2cook small small o.cos nothing u can do 2improve d irritation,mine was so bad I went2buy drugs 2stop d nausea bt oga refused me 2use it.u can't take drugs nyhow while preggy.jus b strong4u n ur baby!God b with u

  2. Anonymous4/23/2013

    Sweetheart, ru currently employed? If yes, how do u manage to go to work? If no, suck it up darling! Get moving and get busy, that is how to put ur mind off it, u dnt need to eat nw as baby don't need that much calories now, as long as ur taking lots if fluid it's fine. U wil pass d stage and strt eating soon. dnt think ur morning sickness can ever be worse than mine then. This is d time ur husband and ursef make subtle adjustment. GET A HOUSEKEEPER! We can't help u here, it's ur hormones working now and it's totally normal. Cry, whine or sulk to ur gynae. Above all, go to and meet other women with similar complaint there. u will find all d answers u need there. Wishing u safe delivery. Aunty Eya, next pls!

    1. Anonymous4/23/2013

      Yes I used baby center,d sent me weekly progression of my baby!

  3. Young Awesome mum4/23/2013

    I know how u feel, but i didn't have issues with cooking tho. U'll get ur appetite nd strength back in ur second trimester. You can read up stuffs abt pregnancy on google that was what helped me out a whole lot

  4. Things will get better after your first trimester. For now get your mum, sisters or good friends to help you out.
    Cook different things and store in the freezer if NEPA allows. This way food will not be monotonous and you will only have to deal with warming it.
    Wish you all the best

  5. Lol, Oyinkan thank God ur pregnancy is not for another married man but ur own hubby. Congratulations you u are in ur 1st trimester and u probably have another 5 weeks b4 all these morning sickness and all stops. Hopefully u'll fall within d group of women that overcome morning sickness after 1st trimester as some have it all through their pregnancy.

    Some of these tips might help:

    * don't get out of bed too early, wen u do avoid brushing ur tongue wen U brush ur teeth.

    * if u can't eat no problem, just drink lots of water, fruit juices and eat fresh fruit as that will give u energy and provide enough for the baby.

    * find a good time when u feel strong in d day or evening and prepare dinner for ur hubby. If not invite ur mum, aunty or sister to cook all sorts of different meals and keep them in d freezer that might last for a week or 2 so ur hubby doesn't go hungry.

    * if u feel like throwing up often these food have a high chance of reducing nausea and at d same time u get some good food in: fish peppersoup cooked with yam and enough pepper, dry toast bread in d morning, soaking very sour garri with or without sugar is very yummy as well. Drink lucozade or milshake for energy.

    * hmmm when it comes to sex, u might b hating it now coz of lack of energy but it might change in d 2nd trimester and u might b craving it. In d meantime engage in sexual activities with ur hubby on days u have some energy. If not give him head when u can even if u can't stand him going inside ofu 4 now, that shld keep him going for some days.

    I hope this kind of helps. Good luck

  6. kendra4/23/2013

    The baby doesn't need much food at this stage,just make sure u eat atleast a little,plenty food,plenty veggies and enough fluids. When u are 3months and above,no one would ask u to eat....

    As for cooking,the best thing u can do is suck it up and enter the kitchen. If u running away from it,the smell would continue disturbing u but if u decide to start cooking no matter the smell,it would relieve u a little till u are done with first semester

    As for sex,beg hubby and make him understand,after first trimester,u will be able to start having sex.

    Wish u all the best

  7. MisDee4/23/2013

    O dear, I feel ur pains dearie....congrats and welcome to the club!!!HURRAY!!! Am in my 2nd trimester,though my 1st wasn't dat bad but getting to dis 2nd phase wasn't easy but am glad it came and is past... Hubby too fell a victim cos am mostly tired to cook but I had to brace up, now things are easier...u din't say if u r working or not,if u are I pray u have good colleagues who r also supportive and will encourage, u need all d love and support now frm evry 1 around. Each morning I get to d office am sure of 10mins talk or jokes from my colleagues,and before I knw d me who was tired and dull walking into d office is bright and ready 4 d day. U'll come tru,just hang on...most of all PRAY,ask God to give u strength daily to pull tru each day, lay ur hands on ur tommy and declare peace and strength...(Works 4 me) gudluck dear*big hugs*

  8. Hi oyinkansola, I can tell ur doctor so he will tell u a multi vitamin to take n it can stimulate appetite, but I must say that lack of appetite is one of the signs of pregnancy for some women. So just relax very soon you will start eating, as for your irritation with smell it happen to me to, I hated perfume, strong soap, dettol etc so I can say that's normal. If after the multi vitamin u can't eat, try allowing someone cook for u and try not to be there while the person is cooking and see if u can eat, I never ate my own food but there was this restuarant's food dat was my saving grace. And right now I wonder what I saw in the food as it is not as tasty as mine. As for the meals your husband can eat, am sure he understands the lack of zeal to cook but you can get a good friend, relative to help u out weekends, make enough stew, soup, beans porridge n somethings he likes, when he sees your effort am sure he will try and boil rice, pasta or make semo and if he can't do any of that you can try and enter the kitchen and boil rice, pasta or make eba or semo as it won't take long and the smell of food won't assault you, I hope this helps!

  9. Also go to register n sign up! Dey will send u daily mails on all you need to know! Also take lots of fruits it helps

  10. In addition... Eat a lot of fruits

    Best of luck!

  11. In addition... Eat a lot of fruits

    Best of luck!

  12. my name is Smatt from London pls where can i get this Moringa thing.

  13. Anonymous4/24/2013

    @ d moment Am not Working, I truly appreciate all ur comments, dis will Help so much, for d preggy one s I wish us safe delivery ,God bless ur homes. AMEN. OYINKAN.

  14. Anonymous4/24/2013

    Av neva commented on ds blog bfore,God bless u all cos am going thru d same thn as d lady,but mine is a lil worst,can't eat even fruit,anythn dat goes in comes out immediately,my hubby is so understndn just dat am scared for me n my baby since I can't eat anythn,but I manage to take d pregnacare if am able to eat anythn,thou most times I vomit it out,d perfume smell is killing,any cooked food irritates me even d smell of oats,am rilly prayn for ds period to com n go,but still,I giv God all d glory for making me to xperience ds phase,thanks to u all,am lukn foward to d day I wl eat sumthn n not throw it up,anty eya,more grease to ur elbow

  15. debecee4/24/2013

    Congrat dear am so for you but there is nothing you can do concerning what you are going throug you just have to manage it and take some vitamins.i used pregnancy care from my month 1 to 9 and it really help me, it cost 1500 and is 30 tablet in a pack and also have it in mind that pregnant woaman have different symptoms so what apply to me might not happen to you.
    All through my pregnancy i never vomitted,feel nausea or sick for once i was just eating,drinking coke and sleeping as if the world was coming to an end(lol)and i only go to ante natal for check up and i make sure i rest well.

    so please make sure you see your doctor and tell him exactly how you feel and let him know what you are comfortable eating so he can advice you.your pregnancy is still very early so you need to take care of your self.may GOD be with you

  16. Anonymous4/24/2013

    hi ask your doctor about NAVIDOXINE i used it when i was preggy to drastically decrease nausea. "Warning doctors prescription only".

  17. Congrats! Don't worry like most of the women have rightly said, it will gradually fade after ur first trimester. For me, i usually eat what i can tolerate in the first trimester and most of the time its usually bland stuff like crackers, ice tea, lemony stuff etc. Don't worry about ur hubby if he has survived for 2 months he will be fine and i'm sure he understands.
    Take care!

    1. Anonymous4/24/2013

      Yes, eat what you can tolerate, that was what i did. For me I could eat egg,, so I ate it a lot, I also could eat toast bread. Take a lot of fruits if you can add some lemon to your water too, to make it tolerable

  18. Hi Oyin, early pregnancy irritations are worse when you are not working. When you work, you wake up early and move about. That getting up early and carrying out some activity helps a lot. Bath and movements in the morning reduce the irritations drastically.

    During My first pregnancy, I wasn't working and and Oh God, even taking my plate to the kitchen after eating was a BIG problem. I spat up to the 3rd month. My mouth was always full with uncontrollable saliva.

    For subsequent ones, I realized that because I had to wake up early, brush, have my bath, dress up and go to work, the irritations had no choice than to slow down.
    I also realised that the reason I started spitting all the time was because I opened my mouth and talked in the morning before brushing. Once this saliva atarts and I spit out, that is it till I'm three months gone.

    This spitting never repeated itself for other pregnancies because I made sure that once I wake up and open my eyes, first thing is brush, even before saying one word. For all the pregnancies that I ensured early brushing before talking, I did not spit at all.
    One thing about this saliva wahala is that once it starts, you lose control. It must run it's course. I start the quick brush thing once I suspect I'm preggy and it really really worked for me.

    The irritations and smell and all are more because you are just in that same environment almost all day. If you were like involved in some kind of activity or movement early in the morning, it would have been suppressed. Now it has started and you may not be able to do anything until you get to your second trimester. Irritations get stronger when we lie down and spend long hours in the same environment.
    Hope this helps some new mom.

  19. As for the smell, I used scent leave. Everything irritated me down to my husbands perfume. I'll pick a stem with leaves on it and place them over my nose at intervals while cooking or when he sprays.
    Please make sure to buy Pregnacare plus(the one with a tag UK's No.1 on it, don't buy India). You can't take this on empty stomach so you need to experiment to know what foods your taste can take. I cherished moi-moi, bitterleave soup and jollof rice in my season.
    Eat for one and drink fluid for two. Generally you might not have strength to chew on fruits, what I did was buy/wash carrots,apple then blend them and squeeze out the juice with enough water.
    If possible don't brush early morning as your system is still open and it'll make you throw up easily instead squeeze one lemon juice into half glass of water and swish in your mouth for some seconds,spit out and rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.
    As for sex, both of you have to reach an understanding. When you don't want coitus you need to give him oral sex,he's a man and has needs too. Make sure to touch and fondle and when you feel you want to, tell him to go slow and not the normal bang bang. Lying by your side and him coming slowly from behind might work, as he isn't hitting directly unlike the missionary position.
    Always try to bath in the morning and never develop the habit of bathing warm water. Once you bathe in the morning you feel different and more energized.
    I stayed home but I had something to keep busy with - I like to read and I knit too so I use my time to knit for my unborn babies and lie on the bed to rest when sleep isn't forthcoming.
    BUY Supernatural Childbirth by Jackie Mize.
    Wish you the best

  20. Anonymous4/24/2013

    firstly you must know that body differs so does pregnancy, u need to experiment with different things to find what works for you, if you have serious morning sickness that you find it hard to keep any thing down, even if its water, its advisable to see your doctor, have a lot of rest, if you are not working the better for you, the more rested the body is the less likely you are of having serious morning sickness,when you wake up make sure u have crackers or ginger or watever u experiment with beside you, nibble on it before you get out of bed and do surely take your sweet time getting out of bed, brush your teeth and tongue, u always surely do feel better after puking,as for me i found out that if i use the toilet before brushing my teeth, my puking wasn't as bad.
    as for irritability, that always sure, u mite find that something as simple as changing ur environment or goin for a walk/drive will help you, just a breath of air that different from your house would help you.
    if u find it difficult to drink water( water irritated the daylight out of me,even juice) put a slice or two of lemon into your cup of water,but no matter how much u hate to drink fluid make sure u drink it cos your body needs it and it also prevents constipation(pain in the lower stomach).
    if you say you find it difficult keeping anything down then in my own opinion it would be difficult to go down on your husband, the reason being that you put the penis deep in your throat which will bring up the gagging sensation, except your husband's penis doesn't go dt far, but even if it deoesn't d constant working of your throat will make the gagging sensation come, i know this cos i tried with my husband thinking that was the only way and i almost puked all over his penis,let him understand that your body is still adjusting to its new condition and except he is a nympho he will understand, a stage mite come for you where you will ask for it and he will be tired sef of giving you before you give birth.
    Eat when you feel like it or buy food, am almost due and still don't like eating, lastly you will find that using your drugs at nite just before you sleep is better cos it stays in you and you don't feel the after taste, only take drugs prescribed to you by your doctor/midwife cos our body reacts in different ways and some people are allergic to certain things. go online and read up on what your experiencing and you will see diverse ways on how to deal with it.
    sorry for the long reply

  21. Anonymous4/24/2013

    Hi original poster, it really depends on whether you have normal morning sickness or a condition called hyperemisis which is a more severe form of morning sickness. In my case, I had hyperemisis and even currently in my 5th month I still suffer especially in the evenings. If you have normal sickness, some tips to help; when you eke up in the morning before you get out of bed, eat something, be it toast, or crackers or something light. Keep it next to your bed before you go to bed at night so you can eat it first thing. Another thing that helps is drinking anything with ginger or geSting ginger biscuits. Ginger helps as a natural product to stem the nausea. If you have hyperemisis please see a doctor for medication. My doctor prescribed navidoxine which has been GREAT and which i still take now. On theorising, please ask your hubby to help out in this period. My husband ran the whole house, including cooking, laundry, the children everything when I was so ill. Intact it was when he travelled that I had to start cooking and he was surprised when he returned that I was strong enough to cook ans stand. I can't still stand for hours on end cooking but I can manage. If your hubby travels or is not inclined to cook then ask your mm, sisters or friends even to hlelp. In my case we have mobody close to us as w just relocated so hubby showed himself a real man n taking all thes responsibilities. Most importantly, if you can't ope please go see a doctor let hem give you some meds for this time. Congrats and God bless.

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