How Can I Prove To My Fiance That I'll Be There Till The Very End?

Aunty Eya good afternoon,pls post my mail. I really need answers from other bloggers. None of them knows me so they will be able to tell me the candid truth. Pls
ma am waiting for my mail to be posted. Thank you and God bless

Dear Aunty Eya,                                                                         My dear sisters and mothers pls help me out because am a bit confused right now. I have been dating this guy for the past six years, he is every girls dream,even my frnds envy m. I have never caught him cheating though he caught me once and that was years ago,ever since then,he has been over protective and he keeps telling me that if the same thing happens again he will never forgive me(he wouldn't even let me keep male friends).

 I had this horrible dream last week and I told my mum bout she then told me that I have to be very prayerful if I want to Marry him cos along the line their is going to be a little seperation btw us. I couldn't control the saddness in my heart so he eventually knew about the dream and since then he has been Acting up,on saturday, he opened up to me that he is bothered by the issue. He is d kind of person that jumps into conclusion easily, right now,am scared he will just Wake up one day and decide I'll jilt him at the end of the day and end it first because we were still dealing with religion issue before this issue came up. 

 Am confused,I dnt know how to handle the issue again. I need ur candid advice pls. Thank you.


  1. Anonymous4/17/2013

    Sorry dear, your story is incomplete. You forgot to say what d dream was or why he thinks you will jilt him. Let me read this story again and return. I didn't quite understand it.

  2. My dear ur fiance seems my type of person,it hurts in love and hurts more in true love. as I was reading and got to the place u said he caught u cheating,I was so disappointed and annoyed. some people are very delicate and emotional when it comes to love. He's scared,am sure he was so heart broken rhe first time he caught u cheating,it pained him anf he's scared he doesn't want to experience such again.
    Don't know why the guys that are faithful always endup with the girls that breaks their heart.
    Just like u said,believe me am sure he's thinking of a second option,which includes leaving u before u jilt him. Thats the truth,av been in such situation before.
    And the solution my dear is for u to restore confidence again,like u said u both where arguing about religion,now u av to make d sacrifice,this will be a great step in restoring his confidence. let him have his way in that issue if u truely love him.
    but if u're undecided,plz let him go before u break his heart again. just like I told my ex,my God will not forgive u if u break my heart again.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  3. You are a perfect example of "the accused reporting to the police before the victim" clearly this local proverb in pidgin solves it... "No be who 1st call police they win case"

    You cheated on him, you had the dream and the religious issue might just be from your family... How I wish I know that guy I'll teach him to help himself.

    Lastly, you must be an endowed girl for you to keep a fine boy and yet cheat on him! Send me ur details asap...

    bitte schnell sein, ich brauche einen Freund

    1. So because you think she is endowed you had to shamelessly drop your mail Bentley. Use ur head she asked for advice not your contact. As for you babe,you better quite and move on cos from all indication that guy might end up shocking you more than you can imagine and don't be deceive that he hasn't cheated likewise,cos he sounds to me a smart player! and next time don't get caught cheating when you ain't smart,am sure as at then u guys weren't engaged. Pray as ur mom has advised and at your age you should know when to tell a man hush and make your point,if he wants to stay fine if not he should waka pass. Six yrs ain't joke for excuses now.

  4. Anonymous4/18/2013

    Hmmmm dis is hard o,u shudnt av told him d dream.cheating isn't d only thin dat breaks pple up,u betta go n pray bout he seems2av an un4giving spirit

  5. Cyndrella4/18/2013

    We make a lot of mistakes before we realise it but love heals all things.@ ur dream,it depends on what u dreamt dat will determine the amount of fear u instilled in that man.

    Dreams can only be well interpreted by you alone depending on what form u directed it.Well some how i fault u for telling him ur dreams which could have meant something else spiritually and u telling a 3rd party could be mis-interpreted.When you have dreams u should take it to the HOLY SPIRIT for more understanding not man.

    The Holy Spirit makes us have some unpleasant situation dat would ve happened in in the physical in our dreams,that is why when u have some dreams and u came out of it you will say "thank God it was a dream" it is the protection of God because one can not run away from KARMA.

    @ the cheating,please forgive ur sef as the man had done and concentrate on your good relationship.

    My advice is that u should both define wat u want,u can not eat ur cake and have it.Religion and believes is very key in a marriage,if both of u cannot resolve the issue and decides who will forgo his/hers then its not wort it.It is not easy to manage wen you both are married and it can lead to bad experience.

  6. Anonymous4/18/2013

    @bonario u re a gud guy,lady pls listen 2 his advice it wil help u. prayer is anoda way out

  7. Anonymous4/18/2013

    @bonario u re a gud guy,lady pls listen 2 his advice it wil help u. prayer is anoda way out


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