Event Reception Etiquette, A Little Bit Of EVERYTHING?

What Is Wrong With My Attitude??

I am at an event reception. It is a society wedding. There is no Nigerian dish you can think of that is not on display. Actually I didn't eat before leaving the house because
I wanted my stomach to be free of food, so I can eat well at this event. The wedding dragged long because the bride arrived late. When we got to the reception venue, we had to wait for so long again before the bride arrives. I guess she went for another touch of makeup.

The reception proper begins. My best is the Calabar cultural Troupe while Hubby says his favorite is the Atilogu dancers. We watched, danced and then came the time and moment for enjoyment proper. I couldn't believe my eyes when I  got there and saw what was on display. It is like a case of "chop and quench"  I got confused and didn't know where to start from. The gigantic chicken drumsticks beckoned on me to take them, The heavy vegetable soup with so many pieces of dry fish kept smiling at me; then I stretched my neck further and saw a vegetable laden load of fried rice with very crunchy looking shrimps. I wanted to see more, so, I walked a bit further and then see this yummy looking pot of stew with the kind of aroma that one can only get at mama put's.

Making up my mind on what to eat became a problem, so, I quickly decide to take a little of everything. By the time I'm done scooping small quantities from almost all the dishes on display, my plate was so full I had to walk back slowly and carefully to avoid spilling food on other important guests. Because of hunger, I didn't care to check if anyone was staring disapprovingly. Hope no one stared at me!
What am I?


  1. Monique4/13/2013

    @Eya, dis is so well written. I see it all the time at events in Nigeria. So damn wrong!!!

  2. Anonymous4/13/2013

    The food is there to be eaten and not to be wasted.....So chop food ooo. Some days are like that. MIRACLE

  3. HAHA... This made me hungry. Enjoy your food, jare. If people want to look, make them look

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  5. Lolz aunty Ojay u did nothing wrong jare,atleast unlike me
    looking back after d event,u'll av nothing to regret.
    Could recall how coz of one beautiful Ajebutter girl I left
    home hungry at a wedding reception. Our tables were opposite
    each other,and I happened to be facing her,they brought
    garden egg ma siblings took as much as they wanted,but I
    didn't coz she didn't take any. Time for food my siblings
    went and packed everything they wanted and I sat their staring
    at her. Ironically her siblings brought food for her,dat was
    when it dawned on me. Before I could change my mind d
    food was finished. Gettingback to my seat,she was gone. Back
    home after the wedding,no one had plan of going to the
    kitchen. I learnt my lesson dat day.
    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Anonymous4/13/2013

      LMAO!lesson of life

    2. Queen Bee4/15/2013

      Hahaha!good for u!
      Bona but u sha like girls
      @Aunty Eya,u are just being real and true to urself!
      There is something about foods at event that u just feel cheated if u don't eat it and its not like its any sweeter than the one at home o!maybe we should call that event syndrome!lolz.

    3. Bona, this really cracked me up! LOL! Na real lesson of life! We live and learn.

  6. When there's a variety of food at events I like to try a little bit of everything that catches my fancy.
    I don't like wastage so I take bits and pieces and if something tastes exceptionally good, I go back for seconds. Nothing wrong with that!

  7. Anonymous4/13/2013

    Eya, I like hw u pass the message across without hurting the guilty. U r a grt writer.
    I love dis etiquette lesson. Thanks for creating d story around urself. Wish girls will learn to eat a particular food and leave the rest for other guests too.

  8. Anonymous4/13/2013

    Gurl fwend I luv u!*kisss* I wissh I can du dat seriously!

  9. Anonymous4/13/2013

    You get long throat like me!..ahahahhaa

    and yes, people stared at you,beacuse they wish to do the same,but dem dey shy..ahaha

  10. Hahaha, actually, this story is what I saw, had to write like it happened to me. I was uncomfortable when I saw this and had to think of how to say it nicely and make us talk about etiquette at receptions. Look at the title carefully, you'd understand what I mean.

  11. U shudnt av a lil bit of everythin na,u wan kill ursef?normally I eat b4 goin4d occasion,n probably eat sumthin I avent had in a while.can't get der n b thinking only food instead of enjoying d reception.


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