Cooking Beans And Dodo, Another Method

Fried brown beans with dodo.
Dodo and beans is a Nigerian delicacy eaten by Nigerians from the south right to the North. It is very filling. For those of us struggling  to lose weight,
( I can now do 70 sit ups at one go, Lolz. These days, the rate at which I enjoy food is strange), we are advised to eat beans, eat beans and eat beans. This beans can be served with boiled yam, garri and water, boiled unripe plantain, boiled irish potatoes, fried/baked sweet potatoes, bread or plantain chips.

For those who get heart burns after eating beans, it is advisable to parboil, drain water before cooking with fresh clean water. I wash very well with cold water and cook, because I cook my beans very  very soft, no one has EVER complained of flatulence or heart burns after eating beans.
The only little hiccup comes when I serve hubby beans after 6pm. Right now even that has been taken care of because I serve it with a bottle of Gestid as a side. Once
he takes one capfull  and is OK for the rest of the night. I think beans is too heavy for dinner, yet, sometimes I serve it because of the ease of cooking. Beans is my girls' favorite. #NotAllOfThem
Heating palm  oil to fry boiled beans

  1. Water to cover the beans, you can add more if pot begins to dry up
  2. 3 cups Beans
  3. 2 cups palm oil for frying
  4. 1 small red onion
  5. 1 tablespoon ground fresh peppers (ata rodo)
  6. 3 seasoning cubes
  7. 1/2 cup ground crayfish
  8. Ripe plantains for dodo
  9. Soya oil to deep fry ripe plantains

Adding onion, pepper and seasoning
Adding ground crayfish to palm oil
Adding boiled beans to oil
The fried beans is emptied into pot with boiled beans, checked for salt, and allowed to simmer
Tasty  fried ripe plantain with  very soft beans

frying dodo while cooking beans
a serving of boiled and fried beans with ripe plantain
When boiled beans is allowed to cool, it thickens. This thickness leaves me wondering if there's some carbohydrates in beans. The next time you boil beans, drain water into a bowl and allow to cool, it thickens just like starchy water. Isn't there a possibility that beans contain a little percentage of carbohydrates?
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  1. jeanette4/09/2013

    Looking alone is not enough. I will surely buy ripe plantain tomorrow. #Definitely

  2. Anonymous4/09/2013

    Guess what I'm eating right now guessed right, Beans Porridge and fried plaintain!! Just saw ur articleand tot I shld share I cook mine which so far I believe can win awards*lol* I wash my beans, removing stones etc, then I parboil to remove chemicals. Right inside the pot that contains the parboiled beans, I add my stock, crayfish, tomato or left over stew, palm oil and water, then I boil without turning to avoid burning at the bottom.
    When the beans is almost done I add my finely cut onions, pepper. And when done, my maggi/benny/salt to taste. Fry plaintain n shikena, u have a delicious meal. I think for me the most impt ingredients are the chicken/beef stock, lots of onions and tomato that gives it a 'baked beans' feel. I knw some that add corn beef n of course shrimps, dried fish etc. And finally, I never eat beans porridge without my beloved plaintains. That is a must have. Take care.

  3. Anonymous4/09/2013

    Exactly how I prepare my beans,I usually have heart burn if I don't fry my beans,but I don't put seasoning or Maggie because it will purge me but I fry the oil with crayfish,onion,tomatoes,bonga fish and pepper and turn it into the already cooked beans.

  4. I have used this methode before, and it gives a great flavor, just don't burn the palm oil.

  5. this is the method I always use

  6. Anonymous4/10/2013

    Beans contains more cabohydrate than protein actually. The reason one is advised to eat beans is that it has an amount of protein in it too more than most food. MOVEMENT

  7. I cook my beans this way or as described by Anon 10:32am depending on my mood.
    But I usually soak my beans for atleast 5hours and maximum of 12 hours(usually over night) to reduce the effect of Phytic Acid.
    Phytic acid (or phytate when in salt form) is
    a substance found in many foods, but especially soybeans and soy products, oatmeal, corn, peanuts, kidney beans, whole wheat and rye. in the human gut, it acts as a chelater and an anti-nutrient. It reduces the absorption of valuable vitamins and minerals such as niacin, calcium, iron, magnesium, and zinc.
    Soaking, fermenting or sprouting beans,
    seeds, nuts and grains will neutralize much of
    the phytic acid. A high consumption of
    improperly prepared phytate heavy foods can
    result in mineral and niacin deficiencies.
    This is particularly true for those with low
    mineral intakes, including children and people in developing countries where grain based foods make up the majority of the diet.
    Since I learnt this, I do not cook raw beans and the funny thing is, the first day I read this I though the beans will soften and break after that long but nay! the soaking even makes it as strong as its ought to be(my opinion). Its advised to change the water atleast every hour but I only get to change mine like 2 to 3 times and then wash properly before cooking

  8. Anonymous4/10/2013

    I learn everyday on this blog. Thanks Debbie.

  9. Anonymous4/10/2013

    Yes o, beans doesn't contain 100 percent protein bur d major carbohydrate present in beans wch is also d cause of flatuence is called's a complex sugar n its effect can b reduced by parboiling beans. All members of the bean family have a high content of raffinose, a carbohydrate consisting of three sugars — glucose, fructose and galactose. It can also be found in other vegetables such as cabbage, brussels sprouts and broccoli.

  10. Hello, pls is it that u didn't fry all d beans? U only fried a lil and added it to d remaining boiled beans?

    1. Yes Bum, that's exactly what I did.

  11. Anonymous5/21/2014

    Beans contains about 10% carbohydrate

  12. Hmm. I don't soak my beans. I boil it for about 5mins, pour out the water, run cold water thru it and then put it back on fire with enough water in it to cook till it's really tender. Then I add all of my ingredients and palm oil and allow it to cook stiring every 2mins so it doesn't get burnt, and until the consistency is thick and like a pudding. I love beans with fried plantain and or boiled yam.


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