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Tithe Payment Is Overrated By Us Nigerians

Well, Aunty Eya, I want to establish here that this  post is not against us

Nollywood Actor Solomon Akiyesi Talks About His Three Marriages

When I read the comment that said Linda Ikeji had published a story about Solomon Akiyesi, I had to go see it. Well, after talking about

Re: Best Cooking Blog In Nigeria Is Wives Connection?

Thank You NairalandWho else saw this? I am  what? What Nairaland just did? With my normal habit of clicking to see  traffic

I Need Advice Please: Just Gained Admission, Two Months Pregnant

Good day aunty eya and other bloggers, thanks for this opportunity of sharing thoughts and problems. Please,I'll love to leave my identity hidden. 

I'm 24years old girl.let me start by saying I'm supposed to be a graduate by now cos I gained my first admission in 2007 but

Jollof Rice Recipe By Celise


My Husband Cannot Dress Well, How Do I Know And Get Good Clothing For A Guy?

Aunty Eya,
You are Tugbaski! Thanks so much all my people in the house. I posted what has been bothering me for years here and I got the perfect solution. 

Now, moving

Are We Compatible? I Need Help

Aunty Eya,

Abeg help me share this story, I am so confused. I rather remain anonymous as well.

I've just got into a weird situation and need help.

So there's this guy I always ran into at church and kinda admired from afar, all we exchanged

My Siblings Hate Me

Hello Aunty Eya, 
Thank you, your readers  and God almighty for all that I have learned from your blog. There is still something I know I can learn from you.
This may sound

Signs That He Is Ready For Marriage

Three stone engagement ring - in yellow gold -Diamonds (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Hi Aunty Eya,
Good afternoon, please don't publish my name or email address.
Monique's post on Divorce and the overwhelming response that has followed so far is all the inspiration I needed for this mail. It has been on my mind, but I never knew how to put it in a mail to you. I wanted to

How To Cook Quick Tasty Nigerian Chicken Stew With Pounded Tomatoes


Divorce Is Plain Selfishness

In recent times, it has become so easy for people to advise a wife to leave him. What happened to our African culture, a culture of perseverance, a culture of tolerance a culture of "Family living"? Within

How Do I Overcome This Crushy Feeling?

Dear Aunty Eya. Please I need your advise. My friend and her boyfriend had a misunderstanding, I stood in as their mediator and tried to make things work out

How To Cook Yam Porridge With Green Vegetables And Fish

Nigerian yam porridge is one of those dishes that any body can cook because it's easy. The procedure is never complicated. Once the yam is peeled and cut into the pot with water and ingredients, the job is done as all you have to do from then is just check and stir until your porridge gets thick and soft. Then you can mash if you like or serve it like this ones below.
Ingredients for cooking green vegetable yam porridge:
1 medium sized Yam1 large bunch Green amaranth (GREEN, ALEHO) or any other green vegetable3 medium sized smoked cat fish2 seasoning cubesSalt to taste1 teaspoon ground fresh pepper or more3 tablespoons Palm oilEnough water to cover the washed, cubed yam in the pot.

Steps to cooking green vegetable yam porridge:The peeled and diced yam is washed and put in a pot with the water, pepper and palm oil, covered and brought to a boilAdd the bone picked and washed dry fish, seasoning cubes and salt, stirred, check for salt and leave yam to cook and get softFrequent

Should I Leave Her Brother For Her?

Hi Aunty Eya,
How are you and lovely family? I am a number one reader of your blog and would like to ask for a favour from your bloggers. I need your's and their advice too.
My fiance proposed in September, we had our traditional marriage in January and

Can I Meet A Wonderful Nigerian Lady Here?

AnonymousApril27, 2013 at 6:46 AM Hi Ladies,  I don't mean to be barging into your privacy, but I just got this link from lindikeji blog, so I spied. I'm a bachelor, with  a positive

Nigerian Puff Puff Recipe By Ahdaisy Jayde


I Need Advise On How To Bring My Wife Back To Our Bedroom

Good day Eya,
I am a follower of your blog, I fell in love with the level of intelligence on your blog. People give advise like they are talking to family members. I agree you have intelligent bloggers on that blog and want to use this opportunity to learn from their advise.
I have been married to my beautiful wife for 7 years, we have gotten so used to each other that

Tips On How To Separate My Man From His Married Bad Friend

Hi sis Eya, I'm an addict to your blog, I open it as much as I open Linda's everyday.I enjoy the food recipes and even different issues we have to tackle.anyway I've brought mine too, please I hope this flies because it's causing me a lot of grief and hope to solve it soonest.

Please, my question goes thus,how does

Join The Free Sew-Along Exercise

I once got tired of tailor's disappointments and sometimes a bit of incompetence. I told myself that I was going to start making my dresses myself. The next step was

Should I Accept His Proposal?

Good day, Thanks for your good work. I have a story to share about my personal life and

A Long Distance Relationship

Morning aunty eya,
have been so blessed less than 24 hrs. With our blog. This is deepest mature blogs have ever seen. I need your help people I dent wnt 2 regret my life for a moment because hve been with GOD all thru my life. 

I live in Lagos 26yrs old but have a very big

I Need Answers Please

Hi Aunty Eya,
Thank u for the recipes on your blog. It helps me try out new dishes and improve on the ones I already have an idea of. Also, thank you for your blog I recently fell in Love with it n feel very at home with everyone especially Adhaisy,Ace n Bentley. I follow the stories and learn a thing or two as well.
Anyways, today, I am going to b an anonymous solution seeker on your blog. I have something that has been bothering me fo a while nw and have decided to share and get opinions from others.

I got married in December 2012 after dating my hubby fo about 8months. While we were dating, I never

Jim Iyke Unscripted: Episode two - The Big Fight

Jim Iyke is dramatic, Keturah his fiancee is a drama queen. I 
guess Jim has met his match in Keturah. Last night, I couldn't have asked for a better show.
James Ikechukwu and Keturah! is that how you guys

What Can I Get My Wife That Will Make A Difference?

Hi madam Eya,
Thank God for you and for all the wonderful, beautiful people on the blog. I just discovered

When To Change Bras, Tights And Towels

Hi Aunty Eya,
I don't know what you do and how you do it but, I must say thank you. The way that people

Vote Counting And Result Sheet For Blog Comment Moderation

Yesterday, Ace Bentley opposed my comment moderation with a blog post, VOTE FOR FREE OR GATED COMMENTS.  He asked bloggers to vote for or against comment moderation on this blog. Well, for me, I promised to count the votes today. 

Unfortunately and fortunately, while

How To Cook Spaghetti With Spicy Mutton Soup


Please Help With This Dream Interpretation

Hello Aunty Eya,
Good morning, I have a little thing disturbing my mind and I know that if you put it up on your blog, I may get some help. I have been married for 12 years, I live

Step By Step Pictorials On Puff Puff Making By AyaOba

There are two puff puff recipes on this post. Pick whichever you like and use. The first is so easy and straightforward

Vote For Free Or Gated Comments

Good Day Dear Blog fam...

This is the first time I'm sending in a post for publication on this blog and all I'm asking for is not your advice but your vote.

I want aunty Eya to put it to a vote, yes... I only noticed recently that our comments are now being gated. I remember just one person advising that

How Do You Manage Early Pregnancy?

AnonymousApril 23, 2013 at 2:44 PM Anty Eya pls am sorry I can't email cos ma internet source is cuRrently bad N am stuck with ma phone that speaks so much English,I need serious Help pls pls put dis up for me, AM PREGNANT plssss ooo not for a married man ooo lol just kidding, got married early dis year N am 2 month s Gone D problem here is Every thing I mean Every thing is iRritating can't stand d smell of anything Even

12 Reasons You Need A Dishwasher

If asked to choose between a dishwasher and a washing machine, I think most Nigerian women

Re: The Nigerian Woman's Infertility, Her Husband's Childlessness?

AnonymousApril23, 2013 at 5:51 AM The trend here is women are against Jones opinion and men are for it. For me, I have seen enough things to know what obtainable in our society. No matter what people say, when

Help Save Vincent Chukwuka Nwokedi

Vincent Chukwuka Nwokedi was born September 16 1989, he finished fromZion Foundation Primary School and afterwards attended University of Benin Demonstration Secondary School (UDSS), where

How To Cook Ofada Stew, Anyone knows?

Good day Eya, please can you teach us how to make ofada stew!!!!!. Plsssss soon

Best regards

I got that mail this morning and I am also interested. I want to learn how to cook ofada stew. Can

Should I Leave With My Pregnancy Or Stay?

Brenda:  Aunty Eya, please how can I get ur contact?  I would have loved publishing ma story but there are so many people that will get to know that's why I decided against it. Please am more than in a dilemma and need help before I commit suicide.

Should I Ask When He'll Meet My Parents?

Hello Madam Eya and all blog readers n followers.

 My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 17 months now. We really love each other. However,

I Need Help With A Million Naira Business Idea

Dear Aunty Eya, Thank you for the good work you are doing on your blog.... God bless.   Aunty, please I would like you to post this email on your blog because I need input on an urgent and pressing issue.
I returned from the UK about a year ago (I studied there) I was hoping I would get

Egg plant Tomato Sauce With Goat meat Served With Yam And Plantain


10 Blog Guidelines By Moji

Hello Joy Ojay,
Well done with what you've done with the blog, I have been blessed by the various interactions so far. I first started reading your blog about 2 months ago and I like the feeling of the support system that the blog seems to offer women (married or not). I am however

The Nigerian Woman's Infertility, Her Husband's Childlessness?

Hello Madam Eya,
Good evening and thank you for a blog like this. I am a regular reader but can't leave comments because they won't publish. Sorry I have to reply the women through your mailbox. 
It is shocking the rate at which the Nigerian woman is fast becoming

I Need Help, Should I Become A Second Wife?

Good morning Aunty Eya,
I am in a big problem right now and I need help. I don't know how to put it so that people understand me. I am pregnant for a family friend and he wants the baby. Please aunty Eya beg your bloggers to

Should I Tell My Neighbour About Their Son?

Hello Aunty Eya, please help me with advise. We live in a block of flats and last week, my driver reported to me that after dropping the kids off from school, he entered the gateman's bathroom without knocking. There he met my neighbors son who is

Where Can I Hang Out To Meet Eligible Bachelors?

Dear Aunt Eya How are you? Although I’m not married yet, there are so many things I’ve learnt not just from you but also from the comments. Please I wanna remain anonymous when you post this on your blog. My challenge is this.I’ve been single for almost a decade. I’m very ripe for marriage but I have no man. Trust me when

Pictures: How To Prepare Soybeans Powder For Infants By Peach

Aunty Eya, I'm a regular in this life- saving blog; I'm so addicted that no day passes without a visit (although I've never left any comment). Thank you for this great platform, luv u loads.
Now to the post...
Getting my 11-month old to eat can be tiring; however, she

How To Remove Cobwebs

AnonymousApril 20, 2013 at 11:25 AM Am really sorry,this is kinda outta place. However,please I need help! Does anyone know any tricks to

Please I need Advice, Should I tell?

Good morning Auty Eya, pls I have two issues I need my fellow readers and you to advice me on:
1. I have a close friend who recently started dating my husband's friend. My hub has

I Am Confused

Good afternoon aunty eya,
   I really don't know how to start writing,but I'll start somewhere,I'm gonna really bore u with a long story here,but I'll try cut it short,I need some candid advice.

 There's this guy I met roughly 2yrs ago,he lived in

How To Cook Ikokore With Green Vegetables, Serve With Goat Meat


Television In My Children's Room

Dear Eya,
I need help with Television in my children's room. Recently I removed the Tv in the kid's room to enable them focus more on their studies and this didn't go down well with their father who argues that

How To Make My Seasoned Cabbage Rolls At Home


I Was Circumcised

Dear Aunty Eya,
I'm sending you this mail because of some comments I saw on your blog. A lady does not find pleasure in her marriage and bloggers asked if she was circumcised. I want to say that circumcision does not

My Great Fiance, Now Changed Husband

Hello Aunty Eya,
How are you and fam? Aunty Eya plus I need to talk. Right now I don't know if I need

How Can I Prove To My Fiance That I'll Be There Till The Very End?

Aunty Eya good afternoon,pls post my mail. I really need answers from other bloggers. None of them knows me so they will be able to tell me the candid truth. Pls

How To Cook Less Expensive Nigerian Fried Rice


My Husband Has Refused Dad's Scholarship, What Can I Do?

Aunty eya,I really thank you for opening a blog like this where women both single and married come to share their experiences. 
Anyway,I'm a

How Do I clear dark Spots between My Thighs?

Aunty Eya, a big thanks  to you and other bloggers for their advice in my last post. Have indeed learnt a lot here. Can't believe the rate at which I visit this  blog every day. Continue the good work darlyn.

Please I have a little problem, my husband

How To Cook Yam And Spinach By Priscillia

HOW TO COOK YAM AND SPINACH. My dad taught me how to prepare this meal when I was little and although I hated it then (I hated anything vegetable then…). Now it’s one of my favorite foods. Here is the step by step method

Teach Your Son To Be Good Husband And Good Father By Victoria

Hello Eya, how are you and your family?  Please I would like you to post this on your blog I would love to get a
Feedback from other readers:
 ...If only our men were taught to be good husbands and fathers, the family unit will be a better place. I am deep in thoughts about why so many Marriages

Will You Do Anything Possible To Raise Kids For Your Husband?

Hello Aunty Eya,
Please I have a little question for you. Your answer will help me take a decision this year. I have been married for 13 years without a child. I am very fertile

How Do I Get Out Of This Relationship?

Aunty Eya, how are you doing. I appreciate the work you do on this blog it has really helped a lot of us. Pls I've kept this to myself for long but I need help now.

Av being dating this guy 4 almost a year. I know premarital sex is wrong but

How To Cook Afang Soup With Groundnut, Smoked Bush Meat, Smoked Catfish And Beef

Boil beef and dry meat with salt, 1 seasoning cube, pepper  and the onion until meat is almost tenderAdd water to cover the meat, check for salt, then add the palm oil now before you cover and let it boil for about 3 to 5 minutes.If you don't mind fish crumbling, add the washed smoked fish now, add the remaining seasoning cube, add the smoothly ground groundnut. Stir pot, cover and leave to boil for about 4 minutes or until oil, groundnut and other ingredients mix well. If soup base is thicker than you want, leave it for now until after adding vegetables. Some vegetables release juices that can make your soup watery if you are not careful with water addition. This method is same when you cook groundnut with ugu leaves, same method but you get another great taste when afang leaves are replaced with ugu vegetable. By now your soup base should taste great with aroma filling the whole neighborhood. Finally, satisfied with the taste and thickness, add your vegetables, stir very well, c…

Jim Iyke Unscripted Is Fun To Watch

Watching the Intro of Jim Iyke's show this evening was fun. I like the way Jim Iyke reasons. The way he talks about love.He made me realize that