Pictorials: Chocolate And Strawberry Ice Cream By Ahdaisy Jayde

Mixing strawberry Ice cream.
This ice cream making process and the pictorials have so simplified it. With this, anybody can make ice cream at home.
Ahdaisy just made my ice cream post look like
a child's play. I have to do a repeat oooo *covers face* This is so yummiliciously good. I can taste it already. The process and the finished product won't stop inviting me to lick my screen. 
Ingredients For Strawberry Ice cream
Ingredients for Strawberry ice cream.
2 Eggs
1/2 cup of Icing Sugar
1 tin Evaporated Milk
1 teaspoon of Strawberry Flavour
1 teaspoon of Pink food coloring

Mixing part of a food processor used for mixing ice cream
I used the mixing part of my food processor but you can use a hand whisk, blender or a cake mixer.

Combine the eggs, milk, flavor and coloring together. Mix very well. Then add the sugar little by little till everything is mixed and smooth. Pour into a plastic bowl and freeze. Do not open until after 6 hours. Since it was my first attempt, I was always checking it every 30 mins...
Mixing strawberry Ice cream in a food processor
Straw berry Ice cream
Measuring icing sugar for ice cream
Cracking eggs to separate the yolk from egg white
Strawberry Ice cream in a bowl
Ingredients For Chocolate Ice cream

Ingredients for chocolate ice cream
Same as above but with;

2 or 3 tablespoons of unsweetened Cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon of coffee

Same process as above. After blending all the liquid ingredients, add the cocoa and coffee then continue mixing. You can brew the coffee before adding but I wasn't sure if the extra water will not affect the mixture. I think it wouldn't have.
Pour into a food-grade plastic bowl and freeze.

Freeze overnight if you want it very solid 

Simply yummylicious.
Ahdaisy is the blogger behind Diary Of A Pleasant Heart

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  1. Anonymous3/28/2013

    Eya, pls hw dd u get dat pink color??? Wat dd u use??? Thanks u re a darly...

    1. It's not me darl, this is Ahdaisy's HARD WORK. I only posted to the blog. Just wait, she'd soon be here to answer you.

    2. She used pink food colouring.

    3. She used pink food colouring.

    4. Ok, its food colour. It is sold where they sell things for baking. This is different from icing colour.

  2. Anonymous3/28/2013

    very nice like Eya's. I used a blender because whisking took more effort..ehehhe.

  3. Nice one Ahdaisy

  4. Thanks Ahdaisey! Am based In PH, does anyone know where i can get the unsweetened cocoa powder pls?

    Please Eya, do you know where the Moringa Tea is sold in PH?

    1. Ask people that sell baking items. I already had this at home cos I bake and it comes in a plastic container and you only need little. Pls tell me when you find the Moringa tea, I am PH based also.

    2. There's a baking shop called "Double Rose" on Old Aba road (that's the road through first Artillery...Best Bite is at the junction). The shop is on the left of the road, a few buildings from Woji Junction.

      Alternatively, you can check Park and Shop (Opposite Garrison) I have bought Cocoa Powder there a couple of times but I am not sure if they stock unsweetened cocoa powder.

      Hope this helps.

      @Ahdaisy there's a lady I know that sells Moringa in all its forms. Let me know if you need her contact.

      I have also bought at one time from Palomino Fitness Center (Gym)...that's in GRA.

  5. Anonymous3/28/2013

    Nice Job Ahdaisy,I reside in PH,n ma mom sells Moringa...but hw do I send my contact 2u.Ama T

    1. Where in Ph? Thanks. Sade above also wants it.

    2. pls am interested. Ahdaisy, pls has she responded?

  6. Nice one Ahdaisy,I trust our able course rep to deliver.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  7. Nice one Adhaisy. U did a nice job here and u also made it so easy to learn with this detailed pictorials. Kudos.

  8. Anonymous3/29/2013

    Good job AJ, ds is def yummilicious.

  9. Good job,I feel like having a bowl o.

  10. creamberry3/29/2013

    This is really nice Ahdaisy,buh I don't have a food processor.can I whisk too?+dairy of a pleasant heart is a blessed name.

    1. Anonymous3/30/2013

      Thanks Creamberry, you can whisk, yes.

  11. Shayor3/30/2013

    Welldone Course rep, if ice creams r dis easy to make, ow come ppl (like me)still waste money. I'm trying dis out soon!

  12. plss will d yolk be removed? Then do u add ur coffe n chocolate before freezing at all

  13. Anonymous3/31/2013

    Yes Chi, don't add the yolk. Add the coffee or chocs before freezing

  14. Tans 4 ur wonderful contributions more grace to ur elbow.

  15. Anonymous10/07/2013

    thanks so much for recipes

  16. Anonymous10/28/2013

    Just seeing this post. really going to try it out this weekend . tns Ahdaisy

  17. Anonymous4/17/2014

    Nice post.thums up.pls which flavor D̶̲̥̅̊i̶̲̥̅̊d̶̲̥̅̊ you use for the chocolate ice cream?


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