If Only Men And Husbands Were Taught This Much

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Form when a girl starts growing up, she is taught to be respectful, well behaved and courteous. A girl is taught how to be hospitable, especially if she comes from a Christian family, Proverbs 31 is made her memory verse. She understands what is expected of a virtuous wife while her older and younger brothers are only taught to read their books, work hard and pass examinations.

In many families, especially my Nigerian families, the boys are served by their sisters in preparation for
When the future wives will take over and continue from where the sisters stopped. We are taught that the success or failure of any marriage depends on the wife. The woman is counselled to be submissive and very obedient to her husband who is  Head of the Family. 

The woman lives her young life imagining herself cooking, cleaning and warming both the pots and bed to keep her husband happy. If he cheats, she is blamed for pushing him into the arms of other women. If he refuses to perform his responsibilities as a father, she is advised to get a good job and help out because the children are hers too. Whenever he wears a long face outside, the woman is blamed for not working hard enough to keep her husband happy and satisfied. 

During marital counselling in Nigerian churches, the woman is taught to be submissive while the man looks on thinking of ways to make her even more submissive. He is only told to love his wife like Christ loved the church. Many times, no one remembers to give specifics to the man as to the little things a wife would expect him to do. It is expected that he knows what to do to build a strong marriage, but, naaaa, many a man has no clue and doesn't think he has a responsibility to make a marriage work. 
It is her duty to cook his meals early and make the home very comfortable.

No one seems to remember that in the days of the Bible, women didn't have to work. Their only duty was to keep their homes. In Bible days, Solomon writes The Proverbs to teach the woman how and what a virtuous woman should do, Where is the passage explaining SPECIFICS on a virtuous man/ husband?

With changing times, the woman has become so overwhelmed, it is beginning to feel like wives have become more busy than their men. The woman has to carry the unborn child, cook, clean, wash with that baby in her. She does all these and still rushes to earn an income for her family. 

My hairdresser tells me that if she had an opportunity to come back to this world, she'd rather come as a man and no more  as a woman. She says being a woman used to be fun but not anymore. As a hairdresser and wife, she rushes to work in her salon and is thinking of what to serve her husband for lunch. He is on  annual leave and is resting at home, sleeeping, reading Newspapers and sports magazines, watching Supersports and Sky News and waiting to go sit at the table at Lunch Time.

My Hairdresser is pregnant for her second child. The first is in school, she dropped him off in the morning and is calculating on how to go pick him up and get Daddy's lunch ready on time. In the morning, she gets them ready for school, gets their breakfast and lunchboxes ready, sets the table for Daddy's breakfast and because he doesn't like to eat outside, she is happy and wants to encourage him by packing lunch in a food warmer for him before rushing to have a quick shower. 

The woman most times only has time to make up properly when the kids are grown and gone. The man takes his time in the morning, scrubs every part with a foam sponge while Madam rushes her bath without even realizing it's with a formless sponge. She serves everyone excellently and has no time left for self. Many times, no one seems to notice that she who made all others comfortable is not comfortable herself.

The African/Nigerian society has put the man more on the receiving end while his wife is more on the giving end. The woman used to be a homemaker while her husband goes money hunting for the family. The woman now does all the above while money hunting along with her man. 

If only our men were taught that The head is supposed to be a servant; if only they were taught that women also deserve to be served; If only they were taught that a woman who contributes financially should be compensated at home with  cleaning, chores and errands.

Yes, a few men have taught themselves to appreciate their women by chipping in services once in a while. The majority are yet to help out with a crying baby. They babysit only when the child  is in a good mood and wearing a clean diaper.
If only men and husbands were taught as much as their woman folk, there would be more happy marriages in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
Do you think our men know enough when it comes to being great husbands?


  1. Nice post.....it gives one an info into the Nigerian culture thus it results to a more deeper understanding of such culture. Keep up the good job.

  2. I grew up in a house of girls (no brothers) so we did it all (cooking, car-washing, gardening etc) so I never understood the demarcation between how boys and girls are brought up.

    My policy as a wife is that - as soon as I have to leave the house to work, some aspects of being a 'perfect housewife/manager have to suffer i.e. dont expect everything to be perfect.

    I honestly believe that badly behaved, un-supportive husbands are like that because their wives condone their excesses

  3. Very few truly happy marriages exist in the African continent, the woman is over ladened with the burden of making her marriage work.

    The man knows little or nothing of what to do to make your marriage work.
    A happy marriage is built on hard work by both. However sometimes, we fail to state the truth. Truth is, some men are naturally not nice. As such the hard work is one sided and not only that. Because we have naturally good people, there are also naturally bad people not nice, spoilt guys that no matter how hard a wife tries to make it have a happy ending, it's like pouring water on a duck. (water flows right back to the ground with no drop sinking in).

    Teachers, parents, counsellors and even pastors in the African society need to come to terms with the fact that in as much as there are good, nice guys who make it easy for one to create a happy marriage, there are also callous, self centered, not nice guys who make it almost impossible for a woman to create a happy marriage. They just naturally DON'T CARE.

  4. So sad but so true.. my husband even says women must be seen and not heard. . pls am sorry to digress but i would appreciate your opinions on this; is it right to put a 20 month old toddler through half day fasting? my husband says our son must fast till like 11am on good friday..i tried telling him that he is too young and doesnt even know the significance of fasting at this age, but my hubby is insisting as he always does.. is he right?? i want to know what y'all think??

    1. No nonesense Mummy3/29/2013

      You don't argue with him to avoid fights. Say yes sir! It can only work if he is close by till that 11am, any time he leaves, quietly and quickly feed your baby and leave no clues, be wise dear.

      A 1 year 8 month old toddler has no business with fasting. He doesn't even know what you are doing and sees it as punishment.
      Let me tell you how I deal with head strong stubborn husband: When I had my baby, he insisted it must be breast milk even when the child was no longer getting enough. I wanted to introduce him to cereals, my husband refused saying that breast milk is the best as if I don't know. I kept quiet to let peace reign. Whenever he is not around, I feed my baby in the kitchen with cereals.

      People started commending that our baby was gaining and looking very healthy for his age, each time someone commends our baby, my husband will say he is exclusively on breast milk that's why he grows so fast and me I will just hiss in my mind. I continued that way until one day I bluntly told him what the boy is eating and he saw that he is not wiser when it comes to babies.

      Don't starve your baby if you can't. If he won't leave the house and won't let you feed the toddler. You find a way to leave him with the hungry baby till that 11am. Just find somewhere he cannot come and dump the cry baby with you. Don't tell him you won't come back on time, tell him you will be brief and once you step out, don't come back till baby's fasting period is over. Let him manage the fasting toddler himself and see if the baby will let him say even a prayer.
      Hope my mischievous advise helps :)

    2. Anonymous3/29/2013

      Pls sister sneak and feed your child,most Nigerians practice religion and not Christianity,where was it stated in the bible that it's compulsory to fast on good fridaythe child is jst 20months old.civilization has really changed so many things,that am going to raise kids both sex equal so that relate with modern becos some parents didn't do a good job of raising ttheir sons.

    3. Anonymous3/29/2013

      Love ur replies no none sense mum and anon!

    4. Cherie3/29/2013

      Some humans are unbelievable, how can a full grown man expect a child of barely 2yrs to fast, na wa o. I have 2 kids, 4yrs and 2yrs and I will never subject them to that kind of cruely. My dear please find a way to feed your baby ok but don't argue with him because some men cannot stand to be corrected. I just can't believe this. All the best.

    5. Hahahah,u are really a no nonsense mummy-love ur reply!
      But seriously the African Christian behaves like the pharisees-they wash the outside of the cup but the inside is dirty.Jesus said they were like white washed graves-all flashy outside but very rotten inside.Imposition of laws that has no Bible standing.smh

  5. Ironically that wasn't the case with me,coz as the first child my mum kept hammering u must be a pace setter,u must lead by example etc. So that influenced my life in no small measure.
    I learnt how to cook so early,coz then my mum do travel alot and is involved in one program or the other. And my dad by then had let go all our househelps,so I took the responsibility of taking of my siblings.
    I learnt how to prepare moi-moi at the age of ten. And gradually cooking became my hobby,I always feel happy cooking and I derive much happiness when people appreciate what av prepared.
    Washing of plate ordinarily was reserved for the lastborn,but I can't afford to allow the kitchen dat am in to be untidy,so I always endup being the one washing the plates. My immediate younger brother doesn't help issues atall,and one of my policy is instead of expending energy shouting for the chores to be done,I do them myself.
    My sisters on the other hand try to stand their ground so as not to be intimidated by the boys,and being ma dad's favourites they are always right and can do no wrong. D last time I hit a woman,was the day I hit my sis for refusing to do a chore,and my mum dislocated hand dat day.
    I wash the cars,that I wasn't allowed to drive. But I had to do it,coz I must be a pace setter.
    Coincedentally my sisters joined me in the same university,and each weekend they will always come to pick the stew and soup they will use for the week. And Iam always happy and lookex forward to their visit.
    My girlfriend then doesn't know how to cook and I told her not to worry dat when we get married,we"ll use the saturdays to cook all we need for the week.
    To me I never had the chance of enjoying that exclusive male advantage.
    I love carrying babies and am known for making babies sleep in ma hands/bossom.
    But am not regreting,coz it helped me alot, even while doing ma NYSC I cook for our lodge madeup of 3girls and 2boys. Its fun doing some of those that are considered female duties.
    I love my life,I wish to come back a boy in ma nextworld,but without boundaries.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

    1. Wow Bona! This explains a lot about you! No wonder! Biko your mum needs to be commended, she did a wonderful job. I'll try my best with my son......may God help me.

    2. Anonymous3/29/2013

      Well done bona! A lot of men out der need to learn from u!

    3. That's very heartwarming.Ur mum is just like my mum,in my house,the men know how to cook more than the women,they sweep,scrub &do everything which is traditionally left for the women in most homes.
      I pray my daughter meets such a man to marry not the ones who have the stupid mentality that a womans place is in the kitchen &must wait and foot on a man-how silly!

    4. Anonymous3/29/2013

      Bona Bona,no wonder u are on women forum.*no offense

    5. Anonymous3/31/2013

      Bona I love you for dis!!My God,ur mother is wonderful!!
      My stepmom is the worst ever!!her boys have beaten everyone in this house!!she says it everyday "women have no right",we are to serve men and am 1000% sure that her sons are goin to beat their wives wen they grow up and this is just a tip of wat I face frm that woman!!bt u can neva guess just ow twisted she is becos she's so nice/courteous to everyone even to us but the Lord knows her ways her wicked!!!she has done a lot for me n my sibling,yeah but the evil she's done?!its crazy mehn cannot even be explained!I just need to get a job and make money and move out of this house asap!!to end my long story Bona,ur blessed becos you dint only get a good mother,you also had a wonderful leader/guardian that steered you the right way!!!God bless

    6. Chukwunonso6/26/2013

      Bona you are just my replica.What brought me to Wives Connection?Cooking Recipes.I am a sucker for cooking good great meals.It wasn't an easy trip and like they say, a m an who really knows how to cook is hard to please.So why the women are busy hoping that men should help out in the house,yes there are dozens of men out there whom you fail to recognize and you end up settling with t he spoilt never help out ones who always come flashy.I raised 4of my simblings from day one,I have a special understanding and langauge that l developed with Babies...i can talk to them,hear them through their babbling,r once l look at theml know what they are saying.Till date babies are my best friends,the moment I carry your baby,they refuse to follow their Mum,Dad or simblings...even strangers babies,l dont know why.It is different strokes for different.If folks.If I came back to this world, I will be a woman and not a man.Home keeping and raising a family is the most rewarding experiences on earth.I couldnt exchange for the best blue chip Job,I envy women that have the luxury to be with the kids and build their home.A child's soul is the most beautiful thing in existence.The whole crazy wide world cannot be compared to it.A child needs a perfect imperfect teacher who can stair him through this world and develop his mind.Cooking for my family is always the "In thing"...every body looks forward to it because I take my time and cook what they love.My Mum often feigns fever when am around so l can go into the kitchen and take over,expecially at Christmas and the festives.It funny my younger sister will be at home and I the Big brother will be in the kitchen,Killing the goat and chicken,cutting and making barbeque,pepper soup,nkwobi and all manner of food that we igbo like, and before l leave the kitchen,what l cooked may not even get to me, and do l complain,no...its fun!.I was very close to my mum in my growing years,but it became my responsibility when the elder ones let for university.From 1990 till date I have been in the kitchen and house keeping department.I had no teacher, I learnt on the Job...cooking concuction and military food as we used to call it then...but today I AM AN EXPERT,cos l spent time on it enough.My wife doesnt allow me into the kitchen or laundary room today,why?Cos everyone will know I am the one who cooked the food and wdid the laundry and she kinda gets jealous and unhappy that I am recieving praise from her exclusive department.So you see the writer is biased.My wife derives joy from doing all this things you are complaining about.Her Mum trained her from the age of 7-8 that she is going to be someones wife and be responsible for a home.It wasnt easy on her but today see the result?That is how I intend to bring up my daughters to be the best home Managers from the home front and be proud of it.You are their first teacher and mentor and children watch and copy you more than what you tell them.If you show great zest for home keeping,cooking and management,you daughters will do the same.TAKE CARE OF THE HOME,THE COOKING,THE KIDS AND THE MAN=HOME CHAMPION+GREAT MENTOR,that is a womans purpose,every other thing is secondary...no matter what you become tomorrow,you will want to get married,get pregnant,have a baby and a make a happy home.If you don't get that TRAINING and fail in that department,that is error.I derive Joy in seeing people enjoy my meal,have babies cry and refuse to leave me alone.Submit yourself to the home front and there will be no need or this Article.A MAN IS BAD OR GOOD HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RUNNING THE HOME FRONT.(PROV 14:1-HOMES ARE MADE BY THE WISDOM OF WOMEN AND DESTROYED BY THEIR FOOLISHNESS,BE WISE...)THAT IS A MUTUALLY EXCLUSIVE ISSUE

    7. Anonymous4/06/2014

      Bona, u r blessed with a super mum. I wish I can be like her. I am trying to teach my son these lessons of life. Tho he's the only boy I refuse to let him believe that life is all a out him.

    8. Anonymous4/06/2014

      Awesome... But are u saying that all destruction in homes are caused by woman's foolishness?.... I don't get ur point. I think the article is very much needed cos men like u and bona are very very very few. The % age of men that are not taught how to be a good husband is just too high.

  6. Anonymous3/29/2013

    Pls marry me Bona! No wonder! I knew there was something about u with all ur replies. I stay in abj too.

  7. I don't think this is the case anymore oh! Especially for folks living abroad. It would be pure wickedness on the side of a mother to raise her son not to cook or clean... in America? You don jam one chance... when you will starve eh nobody will tell you to go and learn how to cook.

    Eh? Can't cook and you're a man is almost as deadly if not more deadly than the way they "can't cook" and you're a girl... both of you will starve.

  8. @ Bona, our able Department President, I hail O! Now that's how a young man should be! I wish we had more men on this blog, let them come and see their mate.

    My mum made the mistake of not allowing my elder brother work. Not because he is a boy, but because he kept doing things wrongly and she felt better doing things her self. I was always doing the chores well, so I became the second mother and my younger sister remained a daughter. Now that we are all grown up, I have left the house but my brother is still at home. He has a good job and is always telling me he wants to move cos my mum is disturbing him. That's cos my mum has realized her mistake and now every time she keeps shouting at my brother to do house chores. That she doesn't want any woman (daughter in-law) to curse her for not training him right. But you dnt learn how to use your left hand in old age.

    I learnt from that and decided to train my kids the same. No boy, no girl except when it comes to issues of sexuality. My hub knows how to work very well. And gradually I noticed that he always does the laundry himself. He is a neat freak anyway so sometimes, when the house is not clean, he helps out. He doesn't demand for special food cos he is not a food person. He sometimes helps me out in the kitchen when I have so much to cook cos I do majority of my cooking once a month. Sincerely all these things he does makes a huge difference. We become closer everyday and we both have time to express our love without one person feeling cheated.

    The sad truth is, many men know how to work, after all how did they survive as bachelors? But they have the mindset that wife=maid. They dnt know the meaning of 'helper'. 'Helper' means, she helps out, not take over all the responsibilities! Some claim that because they paid bride price, she must perform. Those men are wicked!

    If you want to pay for a lifetime all-rounder maid, that does chores and sex, do you know how much that will cost? Ordinary cheating once in a while is expensive!!!

  9. Sometimes i wonder what pple think we r? Super woman wit extra ordinary powers? U wake up early & start tending ur home, then straight to work, come back & continue, by then u r worn out. On top u go to bed & finish up wit wifely duties by sleeping wit oga. I tried it, i thot i will die wit stress, on my own i quit my job, cos working in Lagos was another added stress. I'm now self employed, b4 i kill myself b4 my time.

  10. Anonymous3/29/2013

    Naija women nag a lot! If we marry una, wahala! If we no marry una, wahala!!

    Why don't you guys iron out some of these concerns before walking up to the altar if not for selfish reasons? We provide shelter, pay kids' fees, protect the family, do mechanic work, and whatever it takes to keep the family together but we don't make a whole lot of noise about it. If you babes marry out of true love, there will always be an understanding. How can you complain about warming the bed?? If a guy stops sleeping with his wife, she will lament even more.

    American women, most of whom end up single, end up carrying the entire load - mortgage, kid's fees, cooking and cleaning, they even do family driver work. So abeg, if you can't work with your man to raise your family, stay at home.

    Nigerian women can be one kind greedy - imagine a babe I married claiming she left the shores of Nigeria without a penny of her own and yet was interested in opening joint accounts. She makes sure to extract every penny she can for family expenses and more for her frivolous expenses and yet constantly sneaks money and gifts to her (already comfortable) folks back home. She is always always penniless but her wardrobe is constantly overflowing, she almost never wears a dress twice! Only a Naija woman can pull these kind of stunts.

    If you can't love sincerely and lean towards selflessness, abeg do not marry first and give us grief afterwards. What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

    1. @Anon, I get your point but if you will yourself the truth you will know that many women are being suffering more than they should. Se for a woman is both emotional an physical...more emotional I might say. How do you expect a woman who is drained physically and emotionally to enjoy sex? of course she will complain. Understand that women are wired differently. For men, it is more physical that emotional. That is why we hear a lot about rape cases.

      Sorry about your wife but na one chance you enter. i am sure she was like that even before you got married.

    2. Anonymous3/29/2013

      I honestly agree with you - the ones that try try very much. There are lots of non material rewards for such women.

      However when the trend is to marry "made" men, it's very easy to become enslaved before long. You can't expect a made man to do housework now, all he knows how to do is to spend money.

    3. I'm sorry. I usually like to keep my comments civil and polite but Anonymous March 29, 2013 at 9:05 AM made a very daft statement. It is such a typical insensitive Nigerian male response that I'm not really surprised. I still feel like the stupidity of what you said has to be pointed out. I apologise in advance if this comment is too long.

      First of all, we no longer live in the Stone Ages. Male/Female responsibilities are no longer strictly demarcated. Men are not the only ones who "provide". We all know cases where women step in to pay kids' school fees and NEPA bills, especially during times when the husbands' businesses aren't going too well. Many women are the secret breadwinners of their homes because the man is not as successful as he seems to the world but the woman doesn't want to overshadow or disrespect him. Many women carry financial responsibilities in their homes just like men do.

      The problem is that men don't want to also share the non-financial responsibilities in the same way many women share financial duties. THIS is the point of the article. Nobody is saying that a woman should be allowed to suck a man dry and still demand money/financial care. The article is about fairness and equality. If a woman works and contributes to carrying YOUR financial burden, it is not fair that she is miraculously expected to shoulder all the NON-FINANCIAL burdens by herself. If you pretend to be educated and READ the article, you might understand this.

      Noone is expecting a free ride. Any woman who is not prepared to work should not expect the world to be handed to her. We are talking about women being expected to give and give while men are not encouraged to return the favour. Marriage is about cooperation. I can't be 50% breadwinner and 100% domestic sex worker. Women are humans too, abeg.

      The second dumb point you made was your comparison with the West. The whole point is that Western women do not face the same kind of chauvinist pressure that African women face. For instance, it is highly unlikely that a white guy will expect his wife to cook for him everyday. Many Nigerian men expect this- even when their wives have full-time jobs. It is more likely for Western men to help change baby nappies, take the kids out for walks etc. How often do Nigerian men do that? Let's be honest. An American wife can order fast food for her home every other day when she can't be bothered to cook. How many Nigerian wives on this blog can try that with their husbands? We know that Nigerian dishes usually take much longer to cook than all these oyinbo chips and burger that they eat over there so abeg park well. A husband that expects to get home and eat pizza is different from one that expects freshly made efo and stew. Let's use common sense here.

      I'm going to stop writing now because I don't want to create a whole new blog post. If you've had bad experiences with selfish women, don't use that to lash out at women who are actually willing to contribute to a relationship and simply ask for that same respect to be returned.

    4. Anonymous4/06/2014


  11. The bible instructs the man to love his wife as Christ loved the church. many people do not understand what Christ did for the church that is why they take that instruction for granted.

    Christ died for the church. He loved the church even before they knew Him. even when they rejected His love, He was there. The Church is the body of Christ so the same way a man will not want to hurt his body, that is the way he should take care of the wife.

    is it not interesting how the wife was never instructed to love her husband? Still, many women want to die ontop their husband because of love. BUT NOOOO, nobody talks about that one. it is 'she nags a lot, she likes money, she argues a lot, she is stubborn. Did you ever hear Christ complain about His people like that? Instead He prayed for them and healed them. Christ taught the church how to relate with Him and love Him. that is how it is the responsibility of the man to teach his Wife how to love him. This he will do by living right and setting the example for her.

    When Adam sinned, God asked him directly. Being a typical man, Adam blamed his wife. that is why you hear things like "I beat her because she said some nasty things to me; I cheated because she doesnt take care of herself; I dont give her money because she has a good job; I stay out late because she nags a lot about my staying out late" Mscheeuw!!!!

    When Samuel's Children misbehaved, God did not ask the wife, in fact she was barely mentioned. But today men will blame their wives when the children misbehave. That's when you start hearing "See YOUR son?" like say na immaculate conception!

    The bible says in Prov 13:22A that.... A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children's children. Stay there and be looking at your wife's handbag. Some men even share financial responsibilities with their wives by force! Not because she decided to help out but because they feel they own her. (with the chicken change bride price they paid or did not pay in some cases)

    Men, in case you do not know this, God will ask you about the wife and children he gave you. so put yo sh*t together and stop blaming the woman!
    Go and study the bible about the dynamics of family and see that the man has so much more responsibility that the woman. So MAN UP! It's not about claiming head and looking for who is submissive or not!

    Study from Adam to Noah to Abraham to Issac to Jacob to Joseph to Samuel to David to Solomon to Zachariah, to Joseph (father of Jesus) to the teachings of Paul and the revelation of John. When you're done ask yourself if you are on the right path.

    1. U're so right o. Women don suffer,chai!

  12. Anonymous3/29/2013

    Interesting post and comments :D

  13. A very good post I must say.The african mentality is so so bad!I always thank God for my hubby.He does stuff for me most people wouldn't believe.We both take care of our baby,he helps with laundry,cleaning and he cooks when he sees I'm too tired,even though his work is more demanding than mine.I know how lucky I am cos I have six married sisters,and dr stories makes me shiver!I don't know why some women take church counseling serious;all dy do is emphasize how u must be submissive,while dy make d men feel more cocky.I've always disliked dr ways,God help me.

  14. Anonymous3/29/2013

    Adaeze, u surely alws on point. Not all Nigerian women are greedy after all I'm one. Back to d issue on ground. When a man knows how to do all what a woman should do, sometimes, it calls 4 trouble. My husband basically is a homemaker, a painter, a mechanic, a carpenter jst to mention but a few. He cooks well and even better than I do, he washes his car himself, cleans d house when I'm away; baby sits; washes and many others I cnt mention here. The danger is that he's a perfectionist to the core. He doesn't tolerate mistakes and believes he's alws right. I've had to live my life trying to avoid mistakes and striving to please him. It's not cool when a man knows too well.. Marianne

    1. My husband is like yours but slightly (a very little) more tolerant.lol. When I leave a place dirty, he gets physically upset! Even ignores me becos of it. So there are two sides to the coin but babe, our own is better o! At least you know that when you do your work well, you will both be happy. U shud see where my husband is complaining about 'feeling' sand on the tiled floor. He went and bought a vacuum cleaner. Better for both of us!

  15. cherie, anonymous, no nonsense mum... thanks for your advice and support. hubby left home to run errands for his people, which he never tires of doing and left a standing order to make sure the baby fast..i said ok.. as soon as my baby woke up, i bathe him and fed him his breakfast..the way he rushed everything left me wondering how i could actually not feed him till 12pm and hubby is not back , still running errands...i hope you all have a nice easter, and to you too , aunt eya.

    1. Anonymous3/29/2013

      Pls pretend as if you kid is still fasting.God will help you.

    2. Anonymous3/29/2013

      See how u would have suffered baby's cry all alone?
      Don't nag about the errands dear, mine is running errands on a good Friday that shd be spent with family. Who cares? Having a good time with TV and kids.

  16. @anonymous:3.39pm, thank you my sister..oh, i have no intention of nagging about the errands. i am spending time with my son watching TV and i am happy just doing that. Thank you!!!

  17. My hubby grew up with five other brothers, so they had no choice but did all the chores and understood house-keeping well. It followed him no doubt and who says I didn't enjoy it? Lol!

  18. Anonymous5/17/2013

    Hi all, i am a silent follower on this blog. I enjoy this blog so much. I have referred the women in my life (my wife, my sister, my mum-in-law, one of my sisters -in-law) and a few friends to this blog.My biological mum is late-I have been educated, entertained, heart-broken and equally encouraged by stuff i read here. The contributions are also great.

    That aside, i see that the origin of most of the problems discussed here boils back to Parenting- Bad Parenting, Peer pressures, watered -down sermons and teachings from our religious and educational institutions, collective I - don't care attitudes of our societies among many others. God has placed the task of raising godly nations in the hands of parents, particularly the fathers; mothers are not left out of course.

    “For Abraham will become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth will be blessed through him.I have singled him out so that he will direct his sons and their families to keep the way of the LORD and do what is right and just”. Then I will do for him all that I have promised”. NLT Gen 18:18-19

    How Do You Help Your Child or Children OVERCOME The Challenges of Our Decaying World? In the face of various issues such as RAPE, FORGERY, EXAM MALPRACTISES, FORNICATION, LESBIANISM, HOMOSEXUALITY, CULTISM, ROBBERY, JOBLESSNESS, CHOICE OF MARRIAGE PARTNER, CAREER, RAISING A GODLY FAMILY etc You should do more than just ALLOW your children or wards “FIND THEIR WAY THROUGH THE DARK”. If you leave this world today, can you beat your chest in confidence that you have taught YOUR CHILDREN OR EVEN YOUR GRAND CHILDREN ALL The Lessons of life that will let them EXCEL IN LIFE; I mean if you are no longer around?


    I am so sure you will thank God for today when you came in contact with The Parents’ Companion Book written by ‘Dimeji Olawuyi – dimlawuyi@gmail.com 08033854279

    For Single Ladies,My book " 50 Golden Ways To Discover The Man of Your Choice For Marriage, Exit Spinsterhood And Become Happily Married is a great one. I have it as A PDF and i can send to your mail box for download after your payment of N1,000. Thanks


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