Fashion Police For Couples At The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards

Biola Alabi and Husband at The Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.
 Here At wives connection Blog, we not only cook Simple and Healthy Nigerian food, we also find time to do some "all work and no play
makes Jill a dull girl."  Who says wives/ladies  are boring? *na lie o* The Africa Magic viewers Choice awards has come and gone. The talk about it is still so much in the air. I was fortunate  to see well packaged couples pictures, courtesy:  Romance Meets Life. There are many pics. However, I picked a few for some In-House  Fashion policing. Be the judge, by your standards o.

Pick a couple, say why you like or do not like their outfit/s. By your standards, What's the couple's  score out of  100%.
MNET CEO Biola Alabi And Husband
Joke Silvia and Olu Jacobs
Zack Orji and son
IK Osakioduwa and Wife
Segun Arize and wife
Emeka and Jumai Ossai
Jay Jay Okocha and wife
See more photos at Romance Meets Life
You have the exclusive right to be the judge here at wives connection. For me, they all look fabulous. My score? 99% and above. Do you have other celebrities you'd  love to do Policing on? *Carry all join* Let's go...


  1. Mrs Dayo3/12/2013

    I love Zack Orji and son. I'd have loved to see him with wifey, anyway that's notwithstanding he has a fine boy who I guess is my Future-Son-Inlaw.

    I like that Zack is aging well and hisn dress is appropriate, his son is also responsibly dressed and good looking. What is that on his head? Where is Zack Orji's necklace??For that I score them 60/100.

  2. Anonymous3/12/2013

    Their dressing is good but the Ossais need to loose weight. I score them 75%

    Biola outshine the husband, she 95% and him 70%

    1. Anonymous3/14/2013

      you can put asunder why are you scoring them differently

  3. They all looked good,except for people like Jayjay looking like mai suya and Ik Osakioduwa's wife.
    My best dressed goes to Biola Alabi and husband.

    ~BONARIO~says so via NOKIA3310

  4. My problem is that they all did not dress well together. Either the wife looks good or the husband looks good. Only Zack and Son look good together. However I love what Mrs Ossai is wearing, Biola Alabi's husband looks very good. I rili dnt like the colour of Biola's dress. It is too busy. The print and all the lacing and trimmings are just too much. Olu Jacob and wife look ok. They cud do better though.

    Overall, Zack and Son 90%
    The Ossais 70%
    The Alabi's 70
    The Jacobs 60%
    The Arinze 50%
    IK Osa 40%
    The Okochas 30%

  5. graciara3/13/2013

    Dey all Look Good..But okocha's wife knowing She IS taller dan Him shouldn't AV Wore a very High shoe...

  6. Anonymous3/13/2013

    Olu Jacobs and his wife look very dignified and I'll give them 75%...
    And I agree with Graciara, Okocha's wife should have worn shoes with not so high heels (Though there are some men who like their women to wear heels even though they know they are not as tall as the wives). 50% for them.
    IK and his wife look nice too, though his pants look big and gathered around the balls.. 85% for them.
    Biola and her husband look good together, though her dress is tight around the tummy and makes her look pregnant in her first trimester. I'll give them 80%

  7. Anonymous3/13/2013

    They all look nice. Except okocha looking like driver excorting Oga wife.


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