Basmati Rice With Gravy By Deborah Bala

a serving of Basmati Rice with Gravy.
Hi ladies, i decided to get inspiration from lizzy obaze and i made my own version of basmati rice with gravy. first of
all i need to apologize as i was not able to take step by step pictures because there was no time and hubby and i were extremely hungry, however i will explain the process well.
cooking the gravy
basmati rice
green pepper 
green beans
 green peas
 peak milk( the idea to use milk came from my friend jaggy and i must say it gave the gravy another twist) 
basmati rice with greens
1. wash and season the chicken, boil it till the chicken is tender.
2. blend the pepper depending on how much of it you want.
3. put the pepper in the pot and boil it till its dry.
4. put groundnut oil and and fry the paste.
5.pour in the chicken stock and allow to boil
6.sieve the flour and mix it in a small bowl with water(let it not be too thick)
7. pour the paste into the pot gradually till the chicken stock is thicken as you want it.
8. when it has boiled well you add the peak milk.
9. mix it and allow it to cook.
10. add the vegetables that has been well chopped, and turn off the heat.

tasty basmati rice, my plate is empty
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  1. This one looks like real oyibo food. Like the ones I see in magazines. Deborah, thanks. I'll definitely try it. When I saw milk, I was skeptical but I'll try it first...and thank you again later ;-)

  2. Anonymous3/22/2013

    Peak milk i like that boldness will try it but i will definitely make a substitute with coconut milk that i'm use to JUST IN CASE OH!!!!!!!

  3. Anonymous3/22/2013

    Yummilicious lookinglicious delicious. In Chris Okotie's voice.

  4. Heheee i luv d adventure but i think i will go for coconut milk too just in case oooo.l can't fit shout

  5. Looks nice and will defo try, maybe I'll try a little with milk b4 adding d milk to d pot of gravy (if I like it). Debs when is d challenge u suggested starting?

  6. Its a most try.....just hope it comes out gud.

  7. Anonymous3/22/2013

    Nice! I will give this a try.

  8. Nice one here. I just imagine how hummy, seeing that there are no left-overs!

  9. I get pretty excited about rice also and I especially love when it has some veggies mixed in!

  10. Yummy delicious and finger clicking gravy, love to enjoy with a bowl of basmati rice.


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