Thursday, January 03, 2013

I Welcome Me Back


It's good to be home. Can't believe I clicked once and just connected, and my home page opened. God is good! I haff suffered! So, you mean, being unable to blog could be this frustrating? Try
travelling to a location where Internet connection is almost impossible and you'll understand what I am talking about. 

Christmas and New Year at the village was fun, however, my inability to blog was almost killing that fun. It took like five hours to open a page, and another five hours of "webpage not found" message. Visiting other blogs was close to impossible. For the period I was away, my Twitter page was completely inaccessible while Facebook opened just twice.  I missed blog hopping, and you too. I missed my daily dose of celebrity gossip and other great stuffs on blogs I read.

The feeling of being cut off made me protest against any further stay back home. I looked forward to my blog family. I looked forward to hopping from one blog to the other reading all I missed while away.
My only consolation was that the girls had fun and I kind of did too and even broke MY PROMISE. I will find time to explain when and how that happened.

We arrived about two hours ago and I am still unpacking. Just sneaked in this few minutes to have a taste and welcome myself back to Abuja. How are you my blog family? hope you had fun celebrating? In case you didn't, I pray you do next Christmas.

I can't wait for everybody to fall asleep and give me a quiet moment to start hopping and visiting my blog fam.
How time flies,  can't believe three weeks have passed since I left Abuja. Like joke, schools will resume next week and I will have to set the alarm again.*tiny frown* 

No time to write more right now. I need to go attend to a few things and return later in the evening. 
Welcome me back! Pleaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaese!  


  1. Welcome back to base Eya. I look forward to seeing you as usual.

  2. Welcome back!!!!!!!! Yay!!!

  3. Na so you love us? So touching. We love you too. Welcome back

    1. Thanks @ilola. I love una too much o.

  4. Aww welcome back... happy new year... should I say Merry Christmas too? lol. Welcome back to the civilized world, a world of INTERNET CONNECTION haha