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How To Buy Good White Yams

 tubers of yam
 How to tell which tuber of yam is very white and which one changes color when peeled is a challenge to most of us women. Shopping for yams is very easy when you know what you are paying for. Traders know their tricks. They sell both
very good and not so good yams almost at the same price, so that you pay so much for yams that you may end up giving away
 two different types of yam tubers
 Some yams change color once you put a knife and begin to peel their skin. Others change before the pot begins to boil. There is another type that can empty your gas cylinder before it cooks; takes so long to cook. There are some yams that have no taste at all, even with salt added. There is another group that has a little bitter taste.

Selecting yams used to be very easy for me, but, these days, yam sellers have perfected the act of mixing up the yams in such a way that you only get to discover the difference when you cook the yams.

In the first picture, the good yams are on the left. They remain white after cutting and all through the cooking. When pounded, the result is very good. They are elastic and the color of poundo is so inviting. These ones are more expensive. They are good for pounding, porridge, boiling and all. They never disappoint.

When peeling those ones, no part is thrown away because even the head is tiny and peel able.
 good yams right here, not so good left
 water yam tubers, these look plump, the skin color is darker too.

 water yams used for ekpang
The skin of the not so good yams is smooth, anyway that should not be used to differentiate because there are some good ones with smooth skin too.
In some places, those good ones are called "Ada Onitsha," and it is only honest and sincere yam sellers who will give you the real white Ada Onitsha.

These traders have a way of asking whether you need yams for chewing or pounding. My dear, your answer makes no difference. What ever your response, they still sell to you what they have in stock. It is safer not to answer their questions, but  to insist that you need white yams that do not change color.
Avoid yams with BIG ROUND HEADS. Those heads are very hard and do not cook sometimes. Their shape is somehow uneven, the big head makes the body seem slimmer.

A lot of good specie yams look even from head to bottom .
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  1. If only you know how you have helped me ehn! My sistah, I can never differiante oo! It is by luck I get white yams atimes, but mostly I end up with the other type that turns colour or is so hard after boiling sef! Hence, my family detest yam, while I liked it so much when living with my parents oo! Even my so-called customers sell to me what they ahve and pass it as better sweet white yam! If yam hungry me, I go and buy friend or roasted one from mamaput and satisfy my urge shikenah! Those food sellers really know correct yam o!
    I hope with this tips of yours, I will know the original yams ooo..ahahahaha.
    Weldone sistah.

    1. ha! see mistake oo, I meant have and fried!

    2. It's not only your family dear. I also do not like those color changing yams.

    3. New yam or old yam. Which one is sweeter. How do I know.

  2. Pls what is the difference btw ur regular yam and water yam?

    1. Give me a few minutes to post water yam pics below the yams.

    2. thanks dear, av seen it.

  3. Read your post. Was expecting a trick or two on how to differentiate the two. I must have missed it cos I still do not see how after 're-reading' it.
    As for me, before I buy, I peel off a little portion on d side of d yam. The red yams will change colour immediately. If they won't let me peel of a little, then that's proof they know it's not white.

    1. Aunt Eya, i agree with lynda I v reread ur post and i still cnt see the tip on how to differentiate :D cn u pls advise me on hw to pls. Thanks x

  4. Aunty Eya, nice blog u hav here! I saw ur advert on LIB n deciided to come take a look! Sincerely am impressed!

    I know good yam by peeling d yam small while pricing it in d market! But I will put ur tips in mind when next am shopping for yams!
    The chikoo

  5. aunty Eya. More grease to ur elbow jare, u realy dnt knw hw dis blog wil save a lot of marriages as for me cookin is my hubby and now dat I've known dis blog ehehehe u beta get ready cus na me and u til d end of time. Jst keep up d gud work. Niceluv

  6. Now U have confused me and I am reffin' to the water-yam bit. I thot Ekpang was made from cocoyam while Ikokore(a youruba/ijebu delicacy) and Ojojo (water-yam fritters) are made Water-yam. Biko, put me out of dis dilemma. Tnx!

  7. Hi Yinka, Ekpang can be made from both cocoyam and wateryam. You can call it ikokere, ekpang kwukwor or any name that is easier to remember.

  8. Though new yams cook faster, I still prefer old yams because of the sweet taste. Old yams have a kind of sugary sweet taste,

  9. i used to fall victim of all these nonsense yams too; but now,lailai.what i do anytime i want to buy my white yam is that, once they tell me the yam is white,i make sure i peel little part of the yam with my finger nail.once it opens,give it some seconds,it remain white if it's a white yam, but if not, it changes to offwhite after some seconds.